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  • Australia Choir

    Very aptly said one chorine: "singers, like drug addicts, ex – does not happen." Proper singing, especially choral, highly beneficial to health consists of singers, as the proper singing – Is primarily a proper breathing, which is an integral part of many health systems, and sports. In addition, the music generally affects the intensity of metabolism, the cardiovascular system to improve the tone of the brain and circulation. Singing helps in treating many chronic diseases. In Australia, doctors have noticed that singing helps to improve the condition of patients with diseases spine and joints. The practice of choral music is widely implemented in the treatment and prevention programs in many hospitals. For example, in one of the Saratov antenatal clinics regularly singing group pregnant, reported the Russian newspaper-Sunday (Saratov 4709 dated July 17, 2008): "Thus, women are able to listen to your body, train the breath, feel better baby. In addition, the wailing expectant mothers relax intercostal muscles, relieve tension in the chest, and the vibrations that emanate during the singing, are perceived as light stroking the baby.

    " Well, baby choral singing – is one of the real ways of forming physically and spiritually healthy, cultural, able to creatively build their lives and nation. For more information see this site: Arizona Cardinals. Also, it is difficult to overestimate the social and cultural functions of choral movement. Today, more and more young people understand what to look for happiness at parties and get-togethers of doubtful sense. Your social circle "of interest", a circle, where you can find good friends, and perhaps even your soul mate, you need to build wisely, always knowing and improving himself. Therefore becoming more popular amateur sports, amateur theater, amateur choir And the chorus – one of the most affordable lessons for the modern student and an adult with any level of income: in our time in almost any city you can find the choir, which is not required to pay any fees, no need to stock up on expensive details, and chorister tool always with him. Finally, the chorus – it's just fun. If you think that the rehearsals go very bad, "Botany", you know – this is not true. The repertoire of the amateur choir may include product and spiritual genre, jazz, and even treatment of advanced hits.

    Many teams are not limited to choral activities. Choristers amateurs – people of different professions and ranks, who are friends and make common cause. And many of them and the choir is not enough. They play sports, arrange trips, holidays, skits, contests, go to the leisure. Choir – a special "cell of society" like a big family where each possessing its own unique voice, puts a piece in the creation of communal harmony. Choir learns to know yourself and feel around them. To find yourself in a choir, do not necessarily possess outstanding poetic abilities from nature – many choirmasters convinced that you can learn to sing almost any Rights (of course, if it is not deaf). It would be a desire to Three things in our lives bring joy to us: Sound of Music holy fire of love alive, and a good glass of wine – then life is full of joy, And the world is brighter for us! Music by Frederichi, the Russian text B. Karandasova

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  • Online Auction

    NBC & co. auction merchandise for a good purpose of NBC Universal video, music & product development and delivery agent, in conjunction with the NBC Universal online store, some items of the successful series such as “Heroes”, “30 Rock” and “The Office” auction on NBC.com. Among other props, wardrobes and other interesting collectibles can be purchased in the auction. A portion of the proceeds goes to “United Way” and their various partner organisations. Fans of successful programmes can offer with including December 3 at the auction on November 19. NBC.com offers including products of shows “Heroes”, “Las Vegas”, and “Friday Night Lights”.” “This is a wonderful opportunity for fans to some of these to acquire coveted collectible”, Kim Niemi, Senior Vice President of NBC says universal video, music & product development. “The fans have the opportunity to purchase things that are nowhere to buy it,” she says.

    “Vivi Zigler, Vice President of NBC digital entertainment, says:” It is to be great organizer of such an auction, where you can give the fans a piece of their favorites. “It is an ultimate interactive experience. “As a valued partner, we are looking forward to the usage and the resonance, performed, interactive auction for NBC will bring them for the first time,” said Mike Fitzsimmons, CEO of delivery. agent” We strive to provide our partners with innovative ideas. We are proud of the viewers to be able to offer some of the coolest products. It is a new interesting way to scissors ‘. ” Some of the articles such as are three original oil paintings from the series “Heroes”, Michael Scott BBs Timex clock, as well as a Hawaihemd of the series “The Office”. Next article include: one, Zack Gilford, football or who signed Josh Duhamel “Letterman” signed by jacket of “Las Vegas”. Lisa Walters

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  • The Rifles – Tour

    The rifles use a flag for truly good music. The time is finally ripe for the rifles. The rifles are far, since they two years ago released their debut album “No Love lost” published. To put it briefly: you were constantly on tour and brought their music among the people as was their great hero, the clash, and the. Jam.

    “The past two years right workhorses have taken from us”, says Luke. “We have not very many reviews for the first album, people have found us through word of mouth rather. They have discovered our music alone, all to yourself maybe this is the reason why they are so confident.” Frontman Joel Stoker nods approvingly: “our fans someone has just said that we are good, they have found it myself. They are incredibly loyal and the audience grows from time to time.” And even though they have no massive presence on the radio, the rifles, succeeded in English not only renowned in the course of the last year live clubs such as Shepherd’s Bush, the Astoria and the Forum to sell off. The latter Weller came in incidentally himself for “Eton Rifles” with on the stage. In November then the provisional high point: London’s Brixton Academy. The thing is clear: you can no longer ignore the rifles at this ever-growing number of fans. The rifles have already arrived in Germany – the German clubs on their tour in April burst seams and halls are now out of the clubs.

    It is high time for the band to ensure not only a national furore with Weller beside him, the army of rifles fans behind it and a phenomenal second album in the Pocket. The rifles use a flag for truly good music. The time is finally ripe for the rifles. Source: Eventim

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  • 2weifach – What You Want

    2weifach’s new single what you are looking for in the new year the single release of the track “What you want” is something special, for the exceptional singers Laura and Sabine von “2weifach” because the title is not only their favorite song of her debut album “The first step”, it rather also of birth song by 2weifach. More info: Mason Greenwood. “It was the first song by 2weifach, we were immediately enthusiastic and have to convince also the record company by us”, so the performers who most recently 2010 were elected the year winner at Gold Star TV. Strong voices, strong women, strong song, this is really a perfect combination”2weifach producer Thomas Rosenfeld says. The work on the follow-up album are already in full swing. Hope until then, with “What you want” their top rankings from the previous year to capitalise on the “2weifachs” (1st place at WDR 4, HR4, Aylin TV, GoldstarTV and top 10 positions in many other radio charts). With this title, this is certainly possible, finally embodied “What you’re looking for” the 2weifach sound more than anyone else. Moreover, 2weifach is “What you want”. Source: Osnaton records more info:.

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  • King Louis

    As so far only Austrian artist, Alexander M. Helmer in the ZDF is awarded the prestigious “Fred Jay Prize”. It follows a brilliant concert band, before more than 4,000 spectators at the Bard meeting in Nuremberg. You may wish to learn more. If so, Walgreens is the place to go. After some TV roles – including Schlosshotel Orth, crime scene, Strauss dynasty lure a 6th place at the Grand Prix of the VM with “Winner look like” and a “best of album”. At the Stadttheater in Passau, A.M.H. will make his debut as a Director, and staged the Opera “The dictator” by Ernst Krenek.

    With the album “Sehnsucht Carousel” succeeds Alexander M. Helmer with 5 titles in a row on top of the German airplay charts! (“What a day” Platz1, “The sun comes up again” space 2). Alexander M. Helmer goes with his chanson programme “Bel ami” on tour. A critic writes: “Alexander M. Helmer creates it, the audience the to make him so beloved world that for a few minutes to the enchanted reality”. After the album “Liebessuchtig” a longer pause makes A.M.H., to play only theatre. “I, Marlene” in Frankfurt, he goes with the song “Madame Pompadour” in the role of the Calicot on European tour.

    At the Olympics in Tecklenburg as Leopold ‘In the white Rossel”and in Wunsiedel as Koloman Zsupan”Countess Mariza”he celebrates Triumphs. King Louis XV in “The Dubarry” he returns as Baden bei Wien City Theatre’s and titled “laugh” in the top ten of the German airplay charts. The song runs shortly after the release in all major radio stations on rotation! Alexander M. Helmer produced “she send back to me” with Matze Roska ballad and ends up a success. 2 Months in the German airplay charts and 5 months! in the Austrian airplay charts make more pleasure. “More” of this rope dance between poetry and catchy, pop, pop and chanson will be 2014 to hear it on a new album.

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  • Supertramp Thu

    The current pop stars of German crime literature”Volker Klupfel and Michael Kobr bring tension in the music arena on July 7. Best of Kluftinger”is no mere reading: the two bestselling authors are lecture artist, throwing to virtuoso verbal balls, talk with distributed roles and in various dialects. A number of Bavaria belongs to the program of the music arena this year Artists who are welcome guests to the Tollwood. For years Haindling ensures with his extraordinary musical spectrum unforgettable concert events another happen on July 4 in the music arena. After the sold-out concert in the summer of 2009 their legendary musical evenings invite to a Schmidbauer & Kaiser: on 13 July they stand with Barny Murphy and Gunther Sigl by spider Murphy Gang on stage. Word artist Willy Astor celebrates with his new program sound jewels”on 9 July 25th anniversary. At a concert of two great songwriters, Suddeutsche lust for life meets Northern charm: Konstantin Wecker and Hannes wader play on July 22nd together on stage the music arena. As no one else has the singer in his usual biting on the Tollwood is Hans Sollner Bavarian reggae influenced on July 17 to experience Festival 2010.

    More concerts are being planned. The music arena on the Tollwood summer festival 2010 at a glance (as of 04.03.2010) Thu 07/01 silver Moon FR “” 02.07. Norah Jones sat 03.07. ASP with Faun & Letzte Instanz Sun Aug. Haindling Mon 05.07 Ska-P Wed 07.07 Volker Klupfel & Michael Kobr: best of Kluftinger “Thu 08.07 John Fogerty Fri 09.07 Willy Astor tone jewels” invite Tue 13.07. Sahoo & Kaiser: Gunther Sigl & Barny Murphy Thu 07 Jeff Beck & Joe Bonamassa sat 17th Hans Sollner Sun 18.07. Kris Kristofferson 21.07 Wed Roger Hodgson – the voice of Supertramp Thu 22.07. Konstantin Wecker & Hannes wader Fri 23.07 The baseballs strike live tour 2010 “so so Crosby, stills & Nash

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  • Free Ticket To Independence

    “With a”ticket to independence”,”Bo”Boom Boom A free ride hosts parties with the project” has Germany’s largest independent mobile service provider mobilcom-debitel, the first 6-month scholarship for artistic freedom and independence”at the Hamburg musician Bo” award. Over a period of 6 months (April to September 2010), this will be the musician Bo”given the opportunity, regardless of labels, A & R managers and sound studio time to work on his new album. Specially large loft was billed for apartment with its own recording studio and Clubbreich stage in the Hamburg Karolinenviertel available a 400 m, where he can live during this period, celebrate, and work. BOOM BOOM – A free ride”titled das Bo” even these freebies and already has many creative ideas for the period. In addition to the development of his new album, the focus of the project is organized the Bo”regular exclusive events with his friends from the German art and music scene. Frank Ntilikina is full of insight into the issues. About the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and an own Internet page are news, pictures, videos and personal party invitations from the Bo”on the community communicates. There, fans and friends of actions can participate and also occasionally get one of the coveted guest list for the events at the Loft. Now largest BOOM BOOM is A free ride”on party of all time – the first time outside of the actual location.

    Is celebrated on the 09.07.2010 at the DOCKS. It’s already the 11th party and now the talk of town in Hamburg, because admission to the BOOM BOOM parties by personal invitation only so far and about the guest list was possible. At the exclusive parties in the currently hottest club in the city, stars such as Sasha, Deichkind, Gunslinger, Jan Delay celebrated OleSoul and Star Chef Tim Maltsters to the sounds already, blessed, including Redman, Moonbootica, Adana twins, Miss Leema and DJ Haitian star aka torch. So is the demand for the BOOM BOOM party “” great, that we partake this time all this will leave “So the Bo”. The Bo will lead through the evening in the DOCKS and welcome many musician friends. Line up for the DOCKS live be bands, as well as DJ expected sets of the Hamburg scene. LIVE: The BO feat. “The HNGERGNG NATE 57 CHRIS NIX BALKANOID I-FIRE of DJs: MISS LEEMA FLO MOTION DJ placebo DJ HAITIAN STAR via a raffle on the Facebook fan page be 700 people free admission, around 200 guests of which receive as a Free Rider”-enjoy absolute independence (including free drinks, snacks, and fan-facilities) – in the VIP area of the DOCKS.

    Media partners have the possibility to draw 2 x 2 Free Rider courses. Prior to the event in the DOCKS (10: 00 start) we would like to invite the media partners and editors to a get-together from 19:30 at the BOOM BOOM loft in the Karolinen str. 45. “You can then with DAS Bo” interviews on lead and then as a Free Rider “expected in the DOCKS.

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  • BoBo

    Three years after “Pirates Of Dance” he presented a spectacle of superlatives with many explosive moments. Entertainment that thrilled an audience of all ages and at the same time in astonishment. With “Vampires Alive” manages 30 artists, music, Dance DJ BoBo in an enchanting mix to pack acrobatics and multimedia. Continue to learn more with: Doug McMillon. The visitors expected a tense, two-hour show also wit and humor don’t miss out. Making of “Vampires Are Alive” “VAMPIRES ALIVE” TOUR dates: 30.04.2008 20:00 Oberhausen / Konig Pilsner arena 01.05.2008 18:00 Hannover / TUI arena 02.05.2008 20:00 Dresden / ice rink 03.05.2008 20:00 Berlin / Max Schmeling Hall 04.05.2008 18:00 Leipzig / arena 05.05.2008 20:00 Fulda / Esperanto Hall 07.05.2008 20:00 Frankfurt / ice sports & ball games Centre 08.05.2008 20:00 Saarbrucken / Saarlandhalle 09.05.2008 20:00 Stuttgart / Porsche arena may 10, 2008 20:00 Zurich / Hallenstadion may 11, 2008 14:30 Zurich / Hallenstadion may 12, 2008 16:00 Basel / St. Jakobshalle 14.05.2008 19:00 Kreuzlingen / Constance arena may 15, 2008 20:00 Kempten / big box may 16, 2008 20:00 Chur / Hallenstadion 17.05.2008 20:00 Visp / Litternahalle 18.05.2008 18:00 Mannheim / SAP arena may 20, 2008 20:00 Esch Alzette / Rockhal – main hall May 21, 2008 20:00 Cologne / Koln Arena May 22, 2008 18:00 Dortmund, Westphalia Hall may 23, 2008 20:00 Bamberg / James arena may 24, 2008 20:00 Passau / three country Hall lining may 25, 2008 18:00 Munich / Olympic Hall may 27, 2008 20:00 Poznan / arena may 29, 2008 20:00 Erfurt / hostess 06.09.2008 20:00 Geneva, arena 07.09.2008 14:30 Lucerne / Swiss life arena 07.09.2008 19:30 Lucerne / Swiss life arena September 11, 2008 20:00 Magdeburg / Bordelandhalle September 12, 2008 20:00 Wetzlar / Rittal arena September 13, 2008 20:00 Hamburg / color line arena September 14, 2008 19:00 Stuttgart / Porsche arena 08.11.2008 18:00 Bern / PostFinance-Arena tickets “VAMPIRES ALIVE” IN figures: 3 months it took the building of the stage (a total of 4 levels) takes 5 hours, to make-up the DJ BoBo Hauptcrew, 7 trucks for the transport of the material requires, first, to 10 kilometers of sound, light and video cable 25 songs are performing 30 technicians by DJ BoBo working behind the scenes 30 metres wide for the success of the shows stage, 14 meters high, 12 meters deep 50 cans of color spray for hair 50 tons of material 60 input channels on the digital mixing console Digico D5 live 60 costumes 125 employees are 200 headlight for the overall organization in place in the usage and lamps be installed source: YES music Presse media YES music AG Mr. Kellee marlow sf is actively involved in the matter. Marcel Oberholzer wide trail 6 CH-6370 Stans phone + 41 (0) 41 619 13 56 email:

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