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  • Hunting

    Naturefund buys an orchards near the eagle owl nest, to secure the hunting grounds of the Eagle owls, as well as Habitat for numerous other rare species. The OWL was in Central Europe due to persecution and the strong use of pesticides almost eradicated. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Marc Lore. Intensive protective measures resulted in the 1980s however, that his stocks slowly recovered. The largest European OWL breeds in the vicinity of Limburg. Here Naturefund buys an orchards near the eagle owl nest together with the Hessian society of Ornithology and nature protection currently, to secure the hunting grounds of the Eagle owls, as well as Habitat for numerous other rare species.

    Naturefund searches now 100 godfathers and godmothers to complete the purchase of the meadow and makes a very special gift: owls for Christmas! There are not only natural paradises in distant lands, also at our doorstep there are habitats that need protection. Orchards are doing not so spectacular as tropical rain forest, and yet they are unique in their diversity. These orchards Limburg is dotted with ancient, gnarled fruit trees, including a Goldparmane, a type of Apple from the 17 century. The semi-dry turf around the old trees is an Eldordo for butterflies in the summer. But the surroundings is the shadow of the Eagle owls, when he silently slides with his mighty swing in search of prey across the meadow at night.

    Together with the Hessische Gesellschaft fur Ornithologie und Naturschutz (HGON) Naturefund wants to buy this area and secure it permanently for the nature. Now in November, the fruit trees are now in the Winteruhe, but care and protection measures are continued. The semi-dry turf was mowed to a third, because the remaining grass and herb seeds are important for many species of birds that long can feed on the seeds in the winter. The mowing estate was piled up in two places, and mixed with branches.

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  • Temporary Hunting Ban In Italy

    Look outside the box required – Mu? Naidu, 12 September 2012. In the region of Piedmont, the hunting was fu? r suspended one year. Get all the facts and insights with kellee marlow san francisco, another great source of information. The plaintiff was among the League of fu? r the Elimination of hunting and the Foundation of Pro Natura. As Gru? nde are not legally regulated hunting seasons and technical mistakes in the Administration is ben. As a result, no protection of the animal population exist.

    Has the hunting controversy been brewing for la? prolonged. After in the FRU? hjahr a referendum fu? r the abolition of hunting failed, have followed the hunting opponents now the judicial path. The regional Bauernverba? beaches fu? rchten by a mo? lactation hunting ban large loss of fu? r agriculture. In particular rising Wildscha? the construction in the wine are in the region to befu? rchten, as, for example, by wild boars the Anbaufla? chen concerns? are damaged. What impact a hunting ban on the nature and biodiversity, but also fu? r the taxpayer of an entire region has, is reflected in the canton of Geneva of Switzerland.

    In 1974, the Stimmbu have? Hendrix decided that no private man more allowed to hunt. Since then, he does Canton of the luxury, the hunting by 13 permanent Wildhu? ter k.6? hren to be. Yes? annually costs in the State budget are gescha on around 400,000 euros? tzt. Verba? nde as the U.S. request also in Germany a strong restrictions? restriction of hunting – up to a general ban. That this claim fu? r nature and species conservation fatal and financially burden wa? re, shows the Swiss example. In national and regional policy form the so-called Naturschutzverba? nde but an influential lobby, increasingly go to the parties. Policy and O? public are required, with expertise and implementation – sen with the hunting and the associated nature and conservation to appreciate? employ. This you? sharpening media, as well as politicians not by Scheinargu-ta components? twits leave, but mu? must the conversation? ch with wildlife biologists, land users and verba? nd of la? rural area are looking for. It remains to be seen whether the ruling in other instances confirm? is actuated. Netu? natural hunting self-defeating? supports the reporting around the hunting and the la? rural area with interview partners and Themenvorschla? gen.

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  • Aquariums

    New aquariums are a killer for fish / by Jessica Enslein not rarely the shock hits the initial aquarist shortly after setting up his new basin ice cold: for some unknown reason, the fish with the belly swim upwards, so that everything is tip top and clean out, lacks any hint of problems. Which is often to blame for this so called nitrite peak, a phenomenon especially day or even weeks after establishing occurs in newly established aquariums and where the concentration of nitrite (NO2) in the water pllotzlich so high values assumes that it can be deadly fish for, use this connection only up to a certain concentration. About the red blood pigment is stifle blocked fish hemoglobin. It is essentially that the bacterial balance in the new basin, has not yet properly played a. You, the naturally occurring in the basin ammonia via the intermediate is nitrite mined to relatively harmless nitrate. Ammonia is included in the excrement of the fish or is created by reducing by Food residue on the floor. Two varieties of bacteria are involved in the degradation.

    First, bacteria of the genus Nitrosomonas oxidize the ammonia to nitrite. This is the second type of bacteria, which are nominal Nitrobacter, further oxidized to nitrate ungifigen. In older aquariums that is no problem at all, because there are enough bacteria from two genera. An aquarium newly set up, so must both cultures once develop and accumulate. The Nitrosomonas are faster when the thing than that, so the former already diligent nitrite produce, while not enough bacteria have Nitrobacter, which further process the nitrite. The result: The dreaded nitrite peak, making can kill fish in the nu occur within a short time a surge of nitrite concentration.

    It is therefore necessary to once a while run a brand new Aquarium without fish and then carefully insert the desired fish piece by piece so that the natural bacterial balance has enough time. to adjust. To employ all the fish immediately and at once after establishing leads even in large aquariums with security to that of most goodbye. Jessica Enslein

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