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  • Same Gift

    If we are talking about clothes for riding, I will say a few words about this gift. Of course, you can ride in the most ordinary sports clothes, but it's inconvenient. For example, jodhpurs – Breeches – sewn so that the inner side of legs do not have any seam that might rub the foot, and knees are special badges that had no time to wipe breeches of the seat. Jacket or vest tailored so as not to interfere with movement and at the same time, tight-fitting shape, giving the coach the ability to control posture rider. No doubt, and convenient, and a good gift. But it is better not to choose "By eye" and, together with those to whom it was intended. Knowledge of the size there is not enough: the clothes should be very precise to sit on the figure. If you would like to know more then you should visit Pittsburgh Steelers. Of course, which came not by the size clothes in any store without a problem to exchange, but it is – extra trouble, you agree? But the most useful items of clothing a rider – a protective helmet.

    And ignore them in a mass roughly the same way as motorists – safety belts. A person who is engaged in sports (especially jumping) the helmet is likely to have: without it, the competition was not allowed. In many educational groups are now without a helmet on a horse, too, do not put a (hopefully soon so will be everywhere), and those who do not have their own, are available for hire. Convenient option, but … not the most hygienic. So the hat – a great gift horsemen! And without trying to buy is simpler: the commercially available models of adjustable size. Such a gift without the words will show your attention and care about the person.

    Well, now it's thing: where did all this take? Indeed, in pet stores are no products for horses, and in sports shops – for the riders. Equestrian sporting goods (and for a man and his four-legged friend) usually sold only in specialty stores that are now in almost all cities. Well, if the range does not suit you, there are Internet resources where you can order goods from the vending delivery almost anywhere in the world. By the way, if You need not "big" gift and souvenir – for example, co-worker on March 8, – in every shop has a large selection of "horse" gifts. We just have to figure out how to teach. Well, the last one. Do not be surprised if, after such gift you will begin to actively tout the stable and offer a ride on horseback! 🙂

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  • The Detergent

    Reproduction gourami: Fishes of the family guramievye are among the most hardy and popular aquarium fish. Conditions of detention and breeding are very similar in different species of gourami. Gourami relatively undemanding and therefore well suited for most aquariums. They live well in the neighborhood of a non-aggressive fish similar in size. It is worth noting that the gourami males as territorial cichlids fish.

    And so I advise to keep in an aquarium no more than one male gourami: (except perhaps an aquarium large, then it is possible to increase the number of males that will allow them to occupy themselves for a certain area). The optimum temperature for the content of most species is 25-27 C. More information is housed here: Michael Phelps. Water is neutral or slightly acidic and relatively mild. Gourami are very diverse and unpretentious food. Their diet may include a vegetable, and animal feed, it can also be combined feed. Desirable in a variety of food at feeding gourami. Gourami prefer bright lighting. Females from males in adulthood are well distinguished by sharpened spinal fin in males and rounded in samok.

    gourami: All types of gourami in reproduction are building a nest of foam on the surface of the water. It is desirable that the water level was not high and did not exceed 15 cm by the male in the building nests in nerestovik put small floating plants such as duckweed or Ricci. In addition to Ricci in the aquarium must be present and plants floating in the water column, such as eg Ceratophyllum, effects of the detergent for the shelter of the females in the period male courtship and after spawning.

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  • Japanese Chickens

    In a modern animal the longest tail: the tiger, lizard or a peacock? Not at all, was the most long-tailed animals on earth is … a normal chicken. Unusual to see chickens can only obscure Japanese village Cate, which is located about twenty kilometers from the city of Kochi on the island of Shikoku. 270 years ago this breed brought villager Ridzae MOS Takeiti. In those days, local feudal lords sought to surround himself with lush retinue and squires. By the same author: olympics. Flagpoles copies squires during solemn processions were decorated with long feathers. Cultivation of long-tailed chickens was in this small village tradition, which persisted from one generation to generation.

    The biggest long tail differs chicken light purple rock, which belongs to the “record” – 7 meters 30 centimeters. But in any case, the village is full of chickens Kate, tail length of which exceeds 3 meters. If you think about the opposite, then rub the Chihuahua – the real world of the Lilliputians in dogs. Most of them weigh less than one kilogram. Chihuahua have delicate fur of coffee, and sometimes white. They are very affectionate and playful, but despite its small size, dauntlessly pounce on any enemy. However, they are attractive not only for its size. In Mexico, a city of the same name Chihuahua.

    Why this similarity of names? Archaeologists have discovered which is the oldest Mexican pyramids, among other figures are often found pictures of dogs, very similar to the Chihuahua. One might think that the ancient people of Mexico – the Aztecs – believed these dogs were sacred. In the XVII century, they were taken by the Spanish in Europe.

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  • Principles Of Dog Training

    From a very general perspective, the dog training process is simple: you have to reward the behaviors that you want, and rebuke or ignore them that don’t want to. How can reward and properly reprimand your dog behaviors? First you have to know something about the theories of learning. Classical conditioning of Pavlov’s classical conditioning establishes that an animal can learn to associate a signal of its environment with a thing or pleasant situation. In other words: you can teach your dog to associate a sound or a gesture with a reward. Other leaders such as Samuel “Sam” Mikulak offer similar insights. Imagine you have several small bits of meat in your hand and your dog is near. If your dog can smell or see the meat, probably will stay attentive to your hand that it will wait to receive some food.

    Also salivara and secrete digestive enzymes, although this can not see. Then you say to eat and give your dog a bit of meat. You repeat this process several times. Later, you walk your dog without having food in your hand, and you say to eat. Your dog reacts as if you were to give a bit of meat. It has associated order to eat with the meal. Your dog has been conditioned to order to eat.

    Operant conditioning operant conditioning of Skinner establishes that an animal will tend to repeat those behaviors that have pleasurable consequences. In other words: you have to reward the behavior you want to teach your dog. Imagine that you are having lunch and your dog touches your knee with your front leg. As this seems funny, give him a bit of chicken. Your dog’s behaviour has been rewarded, so it is likely that you touch again with the leg. If that sequence is repeated several times, your dog will you play with the leg everytime you feel to the table. Your dog will have been conditioned to touch you with the leg while you are eating.

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