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  • Frder Diogo Rebustini

    When to use bible as rule of faith, that is what all evanglicos say, looks for to use it as faith orientation, therefore in the sacred Holy Writs they are only orientaes, in the bible alone it has words, it is in us that the word if becomes life and if makes truth, the bible is not rule of faith and orientation of as to exercise its faith. Abraos. Frder Diogo Rebustini. .

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  • Moral Ethical Formation

    This work presents a study on the importance of religious education in the moral, ethical formation and spiritual of the pupils of the adventistas facultieses of Brazil. If it will sketch the importance of the religiosidade in the vision of modern educators and a historical picture of religious education in Brazil since its discovery. Peter Shilton has plenty of information regarding this issue. What it is legalized on the subject and its implications for the institutions of superior education.

    Also a critical analysis of the adventista philosophy of education and the resume of the religious substances adopted by the adventistas facultieses of Brazil will be presented. Finally, as these values can influence in the construction of a society more joust and human being. Word-key: colleges student, education religious, ethical, moral formation and spiritual. Abstract: This to paper presents study about importance of the religious teaching in the moral, ethics and spiritual formation of the students at Adventist Universities of Brazil. The importance of the religiosity will be sketched in the modern educators’ vision and the historical picture of the religious teaching in Brazil since your discovery. What is legalized about the theme and your implications will be to higher education institutions. It? s will also eats the critical analysis of the philosophy education Adventist and of the curriculum of the religious matters adopted by the universities Adventist from Brazil. Finally, these values they can influence in the construction of to fairer and human society. Key-words: academicals, religious teaching, ethical, spiritual moral and formation. Introduction Every year thousands of young if form in the facultieses and university of our country and initiate its activities in the respective areas of performance.

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  • The Voynich Manuscript

    He recently passed through my hands the book of Marcelo Dos Santos about the “mysterious book of all time,” which also is the last manuscript that there lacks translation or decryption. To place the uninitiated in a position say that the manuscript is written in an unknown tongue and is full of pictures of alleged magical plants, naked women doing strange activities and maps or charts of places or objects exist. Dos Santos exposes us to the main theories about its interpretation, then the small trip by the history for their owners, then tirarnoslas on the floor with some logic. The final conclusion is given by a certain Gordon Rugg who seems to have found the key to getting into the skin, whoever he was, the creator of it, trying by means available at the time to perform that task. The point is that it is likely that the book was a hoax, deliberately, created or acquired by Edward Kelley to convince John Dee (real expert in the fields of literature of his time and the riddles in general, at the same time influential) that actually contained an arcane wisdom. All this in order to get a good amount economic King Rudolph II, who attracted to himself all kinds of style, mysterious, magical or heretical. Checking article sources yields sports apparel as a relevant resource throughout. The fact is that ultimately it seems that both were imprisoned in the king’s court for allegedly not being able to decipher it.

    The fact is that Mr. Rugg was the method that apparently was used, which were the grids of Cardano, a kind of templates for writing that played so specified, or random words or phrases that would be easy to create a similar language apparently normal but where the words are actually generated artificially. This case explains the strange proportions of words of X Lyrics or restatements of others. The point is that the manuscript, to the inability to make a correct translation, you magical labeled and contain the great mysteries, the secrets of alchemy and countless pilgrims stories, when, it seems, was only a gimmick designed to trick a couple of scholars of the time and make large profits. If we superimpose this case (specifically, convinces me more like random gibberish and unreadable as a container for absolute truths and fantasy) all other mysteries are mysteries we will see incredible only because they lack a logical answer, when the imagination flies more than knowledge and encounters vampires, aliens, ghosts, dragons, divine descendants, laboratories in prehistory and the long list of mysteries that we can not ascertain because of our own persistent stubbornness refuses to contemplate anything other than paranormal.

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  • The Spiritual Path

    Walking the spiritual path to climb the mountain, we learn to treasure the value of patience, humility and faith. Virtues step nested in the heart of him, ignoring even if that path is correct. At the bottom of the cave is prostrate, weeping soul. Beyond the extension of our doubts. Our eyes distinguish a light, we crept fearful.

    That little flame is the signal that we are on the right track. TO SEE THE MIRACLE WE, THE LOVE OF GOD GUIDE FOR THE TRAIL And if with us What fear that mourn, for escape? At that time the wind smells of relics. When the sun closed her eyes and the world remained in darkness, opened the doors of the temple. Aspiring initiated One by one they passed the statue of Isis, at his feet praying this legend, no man to lift three veils The path to attain the ultimate wisdom, consists of 17 races, 17 steps and in any of them can lose his life. Walking down a narrow hallway and stopped at a wall, wondering if he was sure DUKAI forward. Before him was the first test. If the student decided to continue, you are invited to drop, the wall was hidden in a narrow passage, was given a tiny oil lamp and the aspirant to come down the door, and shouted YA NO RETURN The first veil ISIS stands with knowledge of material life, enough to live without aspirations to grow, from aging and physical life. The second veil of ISIS allows us to lift it, when we master some area of science, with this knowledge we adopted the baptism of water.

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  • Hocus Pocus

    CEO' s that professional use, athletes to use it and thus make the people more well-succeeded in all the areas of the life. It is without a doubt the instrument most beneficial, powerful and guided for the available results for all we, but the majority of the people not even knows of this. Better still, after dominating it, not cost nothing, is easy to make and can be used immediately. Many professionals in the diverse areas of cares of health have incorporated in practical its. , More and more independent of its specialties, the doctors use the hypnosis to treat its patients better. Many of them are referring the patients for hipnoterapeutas. During much time the majority of scientists if had opposed to the use of the hypnosis in therapy.

    They had considered as of little or no value. Many discarded ones as ' ' Hocus Pocus' '. However, thanks to the constant untiring effort of that they see its true value, Hipnoterapia is today recognized as a true science in the field of the medicine. Certainly this must help the public in general to have a better vision on this. All the things can be used for the good or the evil. Exactly the religion. Wars had been stopped and still they are being stopped on behalf of the religion. Randall Rothenberg has much experience in this field.

    It does not have nothing new under the sun and that it includes ' ' hipnose' '. The people of God and prophet had entered in ' ' transe' ' to receive revelation from God. When you are trying to substitute a bad habit for a good one, you you are, in essence, that renews its mind. He knows More

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  • Inconsistency

    Former: ' ' If you are not in favor of me then you are against mim.' ' Hasty generalization (false induction): It is the opposite of the Dicto to simpliciter. It occurs when a specific rule is attributed to the generic case. Former: ' ' My it traiu namorada me. Soon, the women tend. &#039 traitorously; ' Inconsistency: To construct a reasoning with contradictory premises. Former: ' ' John is bigger of what Jake and Jake he is bigger of what Fred, while Fred is bigger of what John.' ' Invention of facts: It consists of lying or formulating information inexact.

    Former: ' ' The cause of the grippe is the consumption of arroz.' ' Inversion of cause and effect: To consider a effect as a cause. Former: ' ' The propagation of the BEEN one was provoked by the education sexual.' ' Inversion of the responsibility of the test: When the argumentative one transfers to its opponent the responsibility of to prove the contrary argument, exempting itself to prove the base of its argument. Former: ' ' Dragons exist, because nobody obtained to prove that they not existem.' ' Also it can be used for negative affirmations, as follows: ' ' Dragons do not exist, because nobody obtained to prove that they existem.' ' Negation of the antecedent: This fallacy occurs when it is tried to construct a conditional argument that is not nor of the Way ponens (affirmation of the antecedent) nor in the Tollens Way (negation of the consequent one). Its categorical form is: If then the B. Not It Then not Former B.: ' ' If it has cars then has pollution. It does not have cars. Soon, it does not have poluio.' ' Post hoc I raise to propter hoc: It consists of saying that, for the simple fact of an event to have after occurred the other soon, they have a relation of cause and effect.

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