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    For some time that the economic situation of Alex and Mabel had begun to improve. Since that had changed their work, not only its payroll had changed considerably, but that Alex, had several private students. Mabel, preferred not to have them. I wanted to devote all possible time their daughters. I felt that was the most important mission that had in life. Quite costing leave to go to class in the Institute, to add to this, the overtime with students at his home.

    The girls remained restless and quicksand as always. They came not to be hiperquineticas, but his energy was clearly higher than the normal average, or at least so it seemed you, why it cost him enough effort to find activities to entertain them. When the weather was nice, take them to the games was the best solution that had been found. There if you spent it! , but when time did not allow it, and, during the school period, frequently happened in Madrid, was in a quagmire of the that cost him out. The Department was very small, there was no space for physical activities. Liked both girls dance all the time, but she did not have enough energy to accompany them, at the pace that they demanded. It was the only physical activity that could afford in that small space of the living room. For this reason sought in libraries, books that would help it find home tasks.

    And there were not too many. When it came the end of the day felt really exhausted. Not complained why, because it was part of her maternal task and she understood him, but sometimes tiredness had been put in a bad mood, and generally, it was Alex who paid the consequences.Of course, it took not to realize the error and ran to kiss him and ask for forgiveness.

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