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  • Counter Strike

    Weapons for Counter-Strike 1.6 If you make any changes to contact me at Weapons cs divided into the following types (description will be made in this order): 1. Handguns 2. Shotguns 3. Sub-machine guns 4. Geno Smith oftentimes addresses this issue. Rifles 5.

    Machine guns Pistols: They play a very important role in counter-strike 1.6 They have three advantages over other types of weapons. 1) It kills when hit in the head from the first time, even if the opponent is in a helmet and has 100% health and armor. 2) No returns. 3) Great accuracy. Therefore, when using a gun is always recommended not to shoot a show in Hollywood films, aiming at his head, and move left, right not to shoot down the sight. usp .45 Cost: $ 500 Type: Pistol Max ammo: 12 59 reserve bullets 47. Time to recharge: 2.74 Maximum number of shots per second: 6.12 * usp .45 with Silencer Time for recharge: 2.74 Maximum number of shots per second: 5.89 Damage in contact with a distance of 10 meters (60 feet): Headshots – 112 hp (40 hp) Hit in the head (with helmet) – 56 hp (20 hp) Contact with the body – 28 hp (10 hp) Contact with body (with a bulletproof jacket ) – 14 hp (5 hp) Hit in the leg – 20 hp (7 hp) This gun is at each player's team of counter-terrorists in startup. Tips for using USP: With a silencer is more accurate and quiet, then without a muffler does more damage.

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  • Program Budgeting Estimates

    Any construction project will not be realized without calculation, preparation of acts and statements, and payments. As part of budget documentation plan for income and expenditure of resources and funds needed to implementation of the facility. The accuracy of all estimated payments directly affects profit. As a consequence, the development of construction documents affect the willingness of companies, investors invest in project money. To automate the process of drawing up construction documents, various estimates program. To date, the recognized market leader in the programs is estimated smeta.ru.

    It contains all the required standards for the preparation of estimates and contracting documentation and enables you to prepare and validate a set of estimates. With its simple and intuitive interface, while at the same time, the program is a powerful and functional automation. Using this program allows you to save time and reduce labor costs developers estimates. Using the program does not require smeta.ru long training or any special skills, which gives the ability to apply it as a professional cost estimate of the case, as well as beginners to experts. For the preparation of construction documents with the help of this program users simply enter the rates and volumes estimated by the project works, all other calculations will produce the program.

    Unwavering leadership program smeta.ru among other software products has won the estimated his thanks to the following property: the possibility to use it as a different building, and installation companies – from the design office to the customer's company, and for costing the various types of work. In addition, the program has a flexible structure and possible adjustment, which applies to companies with different number of employees. The program is the possibility of renewal normativovindeksov conversion and other information and the possibility of simultaneous costing several estimators. Smeta.ru program allows you to import estimates from other software systems and exchange data with accounting. Thanks to this date, the program smeta.ru most common estimate of the program in the Russian Federation.

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