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  • Radio Cadena

    See Formula: (512 * 0.9) / 24 = 512 = 19 Listeners bandwidth available 24 = Width dedicated bandwidth to each listener. The cost of a home or business implementation costs can vary widely depending on how one thinks implement the solution for internet radio channel. In the event that radio on the Internet starts with a capacity of more than 60 simultaneous listeners would have to incur higher costs due to the type of internet access which we have and we must also consider that to be true station is available even in difficult situations, take a redundant connectivity strategy, ie hiring another line of Internet access with another provider if one of the two fails, this is a great way to ensure your audience the reliability and continuity of your radio channel. On the other hand the suitability of a server room that meets all required technical conditions can increase the budget significantly, and all this without mentioning the software licenses which must be paid not only for once but must be renewed by usually each year and can be many if we include software as the operating system, software, music server software, antivirus if it is implemented on Microsoft platforms and additional software as an equalizer or mix console, backup software, etc. The costs in human capital can also bring our budget to really high numbers. The costs of implementing software using free If you are men given to the great challenges and definitely what motivates you to create the station at home or in the workplace and maybe you decide that you should not consider many things mentioned above, you can adventurers to implement your solution RadioCadena the network using the advantages of free software, and significantly reduce implementation and maintenance costs of not having to pay for licenses or to begin to operate, or by running. If you would like to know more about Christopher Knights, then click here.

    For this type of solution the most important requirement resides in intangible capital, knowledge was not so difficult to obtain with current status of computerized documentation on the Internet. It is enough to you to have a good machine equipped with an operating system based on two programs that will serve to launch the music server, the icescast2 and ices2. Among the options is this that offers more guarantees for less by having the backing of the GNU which aims to protect the user of the product, not the product and the manufacturing company as such. The costs of implementing business solutions using third solution is to hire an outside service that offered all the physical and logical package tailored to our measure. There are many providers of this type of service you would save a lot of money to start if you do not meet all the requirements both physical and logical. The costs are based on the number of users and the quality of transmission, such as basic package consists of quality 128kbs transmission similar to that of a cd and ability to withstand 50 simultaneous listeners at 12.64 a month. This type of solution may be the most desirable among all if you do not have a measure of the amount of listeners you expect to receive and if you are looking for rapid deployment and implementation of the streaming server, I recommend opting for a foreign commercial solution while having a clear idea of what are the real needs and fits the site and equipment so that equal or exceed the conditions a provider of this kind of service you can offer.

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