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  • Dog Training Tips

    These people have the determination to train their dogs and are therefore unable to overcome the difficulties that arise in the process. Please note that for a high-level training have to be convinced that you will achieve success. You must determination to achieve your goals. 3. Start at the beginning. The training of dogs, as in other disciplines, there are charlatans who claim they do not need to do basic things, and can skip the initial stages because they are superior to others. Phrases like "I do not work on basic obedience.

    I just do advanced training" are typical of these pseudoadiestradores and show their ignorance of the overall process of training. If you want to reach advanced levels of training have to start from the beginning, even if you just want to teach a few tricks to fool your dog. What will you do all the exercises for advanced training if you have not even succeeded in establishing a mechanism for basic communication with your dog? 4. Take one step at a time. (As opposed to Larry David). The duration of dog training has become an important criterion in today's society, so accustomed quick and easy solutions.

    That's why many trainers and training schools offer "magic solutions" in programs two weeks. That's like trying to train engineers in two months. Do not fool yourself. Although time is an important factor, you have to prioritize the quality of training over its lifetime. To properly train your dog you have to move slowly, without requiring your dog to understand everything at once.

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