Vince DelMonte

  • Wherever you are, someone the new secret you is promising to achieve the abdominal muscles of steel. Some of these so-called Secrets have some truth, while others, not so much. Decipher which is the correct method is very important for achieving his goal. The area where you should focus your effort for a perfect definition is the diet. The old saying likes it or not,: the abdominal muscles are defined in the kitchen this saying is one of the great truths of the bodybuilding industry. If your diet is poor, your stomach will demonstrate it. Well, that is what you should do with your diet now? First, eat the proper amount of protein.

    Protein is key to the development of muscle tissue. And it also gives you a greater feeling of satiety which give carbohydrates, for example. Protein is more expensive than other macro nutrients that the body burns more calories processing protein than processed carbohydrates and fats. Second, don’t be afraid of mono unsaturated fats and poly unsaturated as the olive oil, the oil from fish, nuts, such as peanuts, peanut butter or avocado. It is true that fats increase your calories while you hold it in a ration of approximately 20 / 30% of your meal, these fats can be your ally in its goal of achieving some well-defined abdominal. What you must take into account is that the fat remains stable its level of insulin, while if it raises the level of insulin, you will gain weight. Moreover, fat intake to keep you with a feeling of satiety for longer, much more than protein or carbohydrates. Even more interesting is the fact that some high fat diets get you those abdominals faster steel, since the organism learns to rapidly metabolize fat into energy.

    So, add fat to your diet, obviously, carefully. Finally, in terms of carbohydrate, to achieve those ABS of steel, try to consume their carbohydrate after training. Why? The reason is the Next: because after training is when the body is going to need those carbs. So it will absorb them quickly and they will not be converted into fat. Also helps muscle recovery and repair, therefore, this means less time in the gym. If your goal is to have ABS of steel fast, remember to include in your daily meal, 1 to 2 cups of beans, or raw vegetables, and thus control insulin levels, improve the absorption of proteins and fill your body with the so long-awaited vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and minerals. So, carefully examine your diet, if you want to achieve those ABS of steel in the coming months. This is the great secret.