Day 8:18 pm

  • Athletic Resorts

    In the spring of 2009 a turn of 180 degrees in the sport policy of the Athletic one occurred. The delegated advisor of the club, Miguel Angel Gil Marin, and the sport director of then, Jesus Garci’a Pitarch, traveled to Brazil to negotiate an agreement with Traffic, the more powerful agency of soccer players of the country and that works with a investment fund, with different percentage from participation in you pass them of its portfolio of players, something very common in South America. The idea was to clock on and off for equipment B – Liga de Professional Ftbol studied the possibility of organizing a championship closed, formed by branchs, imitating the model from international England to sub 15 and sub 17 with the Canarinha with a condition: the club and the company would distribute 50% of the rights of property of the young promises. Then, when the soccer players secured the nationality after a period of two to three years of stay in Spain – the time half necessary to obtain it and to stop being extracommunity, they would be sold revalued in the market..

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  • Darrell Amstrong

    The coffee has gotten to become the consumed drink in the world more, is part of million lives in its tasks of every day. From awaking in the morning and taking a good cup from coffee to preparing coffee or for an arduous day of work or study, the coffee accompanies the life by the people. So much in warm climates as cold, and practically all the continents of the planet is used. ITS USE IN the SPORT occurs an important use him to the coffee in the sport, because it is a totally natural product, is not considered doping. He is legal in all the sport disciplines, as example I mention an ex- player of the NBA that in a stage of their race used to leave to the field from the bank and when they asked to him like made to be able to enter the party concentrate with the party already begun the player of name Darrell Amstrong ” the best way to go ready to the field is to take a little coffee and to stretch the legs, the coffee helps to enter wide-awake concentrate and partido”.

    As any normal person the athletes can be served a cup as coffee and be gone to his matutinal training. As it is indicated in the article, the coffee is part of the life of million people or for some is essential and for others it is a drink to enjoy from time to time. One of the new forms of preparation of the coffee is in the famous capsules nespresso that are served in the machines nespresso. The result is the same or better than to use an express coffee as traditional form but he is much more simple, fast and cheap. USE OF the COFFEE FOR the WORK OR STUDY the drink more used or to be able to work until behind schedule or being concentrate while it studies is the coffee, this due to its tonificante effect. Aid to maintain the concentration and to stay wide-awake.

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