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  • Training Plan

    Ideally, you train 2-3 times a week according to this plan. You fill your training plan now: for a total body workout, all muscle groups are trained in one day. Build a therefore exercises for legs, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, stomach and back. Usually be tempted large muscle groups such as the leg muscles with several exercises. Choose the weight so that you the prescribed number of repetitions (approx. 10-12 repetitions per exercise) can comfortably afford. This is too easy, so you can increase the weight of each unit by up to 10%. At the beginning of the training, completing 5 abdominal exercises.

    Make sure that you each plan an exercises for the various regions of the abdomen (upper straight stomach muscles, just lower abdominal muscles, oblique abdominal muscles, etc.). The abdominal exercises are completed at the beginning of the circuit training, because here are still the full power reserves available to the body. Absovliert you the exercises, however, only at the end of a training session, increases the risk it weakens that the exercises or even completely fall away. The abdominal exercises are completed in a row without a break. This guarantees a maximum stimulation of the abdominal muscles and promotes the Sixpack. After the abdominal exercises, the exercises are 6-14 made. After each exercise you should be no longer than 30 seconds break yourself.

    The exercises in the training plan to apply, on a leg exercise (E.g. squats), followed by a chest exercise (such as the bench press). Completed the exercises 6-14, insert a break of 2-3 minutes. Then repeat the exercises 6-14. Success complete package be accompanied by four pre-built training plans the Sixpack success training program tailored exactly to the six-pack. You can start immediately with this finished training plan. The exercises are chosen so that you both in the gym and at home can complete your workout.

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  • Healthy Through Life

    Run the daily life of many people against physical tension and negative mood a stressful job that determine family and other obligations, and leaving little room for sporting activities. Due to the missing movement feels often tired and unbalanced. It is terribly important to do something good for themselves and their health regularly. A perfect sport, is walking outdoors in the fresh air to make the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind. Educate yourself with thoughts from Doug McMillon. Jogging is not only good for health and fitness, but also spirit and soul.

    Most people know that: hours and hours sitting at the desk, monotony, little fresh air and little time for relaxation. The consequences are often up to depression back and neck tension, headaches and General tension and irritability. To the prevention and combating of pesky, physical tension that additionally complicate the daily life, the workout is ideal. The constant stress of abdominal and Back muscles while jogging can work in conjunction with supportive strength or gymnastic training here true wonders! Running is also perfectly integrated into everyday life. Whether at dawn or at dusk, even a short distance, something long, alone or with a running partner, quickly or in the leisurely pace: running can be operated individually depending on the shape and temporal flexibility of each. In addition to all the well-known positive effects of running on the physical Constitution and health in General has, jogging is an effective mood raiser. Many doctors recommend that patients with depression, and so the gloomy thoughts running sports”. Through sport exists in the body namely the production of certain neurotransmitters and endorphins, which help compensate for stress and otherwise provide for good mood.

    Jogging is not just for endurance professionals and marathon runner, but is also perfect for beginners, because movement speed and the ideal Length of the course can find out each individually for themselves. With the JogStyle of Omron Healthcare, anyone can easily detect speed, Cadence and distance running. With this handy tool, one also has the own calories and fat consumption in mind. Now just as compensation to the stressful everyday life or to reduce his weight in addition to a conscious diet: jog revitalizes mind and body. The JogStyle is the ideal training companion and leads amateur joggers like running pro active and healthy life.

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  • Harvard School

    what you should consider when supplementation with protein protein shakes are often used to improve the results of weight lifting and other types of athletic training, but they can be healthy even for non athletes. In contrast to many sports nutrition supplements, protein shakes are made natural foods, so that they are not only useful for a recovery after a workout, but also beneficial for general health. Protein shakes can be healthy because they are rich in protein, that is a nutrient, which is important for general good health. Protein also supplies amino acids that your body needs to build tissue and produces enzymes that carry out a wide range of important functions. A typical protein shake contains 24 grams of protein, including 48 percent of the daily recommended intake. Benefits of protein consumption of protein shakes can be a simple and effective way to increase your protein intake, what can have many health benefits according to. The consumption of more than the proposed daily intake of protein can help to promote muscle growth, by an insulin like growth hormone is released.

    In addition, a study by researchers at was released of public health Harvard School which shows that a prioritizing of protein in a diet can lead to an improved sense of satiety and a higher weight and fat loss. Randall Rothenberg brings even more insight to the discussion. A few risks with a high protein intake can be associated Theo Dust health concerns even though protein is an essential nutrient, which the body needs to function properly, no matter whether it comes from protein shakes or food. The consumption of foods that have a high percentage of protein, may jeopardise the health of the kidneys and the liver, especially if you already have problems with these institutions. However, most researchers say that the consumption by up to 25 percent of calories, which come from protein, not can lead to kidney damage. Carbohydrate content of protein shakes are low in carbohydrates, with 3 g per portion and the primary source of energy in your body, so that a protein shake is maybe not the healthiest option for a meal before a strenuous exercise.

    However, a protein shake can be a healthy part of a reduced carbohydrate diet. Fat of protein shakes are low in fat, with a total 1 g fat per serving and 0.5 g saturated fatty acids. Too much saturated fat may increase the risk of heart disease, so the low content of saturated fatty acids, protein shakes in this regard is healthy for the heart. However, dietary fat is essential for good health, making the consumption of protein shakes, which avoid these dietary fats, would be unhealthy. The recommended daily intake of dietary fat is between 50 and 70 g per day, with the most input from multiple and easy unsaturated fats should come.

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  • Body Weight

    Are protein-containing foods: nuts, low-fat cottage cheese, tuna, egg, cottage cheese, Turkey Breast, etc. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak: the source for more info. Just after the workout Sporler should eat protein. Food supplements be recommended, such as for example shakes with whey protein. Carbohydrates, the so-called fuel are part number two of a proper diet”of the body. During digestion, carbohydrates converted into glucose, which enters the bloodstream. Thus arises the blood sugar levels.

    Carbohydrates are so important, so that the muscles are preserved. The relationship between carbohydrates, protein and fat should look the following way: 50% carbohydrates 30% protein, 20% fat long time was bold as fattening foods number one. However, nutrition experts found out that there are good and bad fats. The good ones are called unsaturated fatty acids, which occur for example in olive or canola oil. The essential fatty acids are Polyunsaturated fatty acids, so Omega-3 and Omega-6. The Omega-3 fatty acids are the best that can be found in fish, flaxseed or canola oil. The daily requirement is 1.5 to 2 grams. The basic components of a balanced food should be eaten at the right time.

    Soon a daily schedule looks the following way: protein should be taken to spread over the whole day carbohydrates especially for breakfast and after training and fat in turn distributed over the whole day, but not immediately before or within 2 hours after your workout. 3 liters of water per day are recommended for very active athletes. A muscle or six pack training is of course even more effective when you have counselor professional step for step, one explain exactly what to do and greatly improves the training success.

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  • Maximum Kreagenic Weider

    The krea-genic PTK are the new version of maximum krea-genic krea-genic 000 caps + PTK 000 caps is the further development of maximum krea-genic and thus the newest addition in terms of creatine from the home of Weider global nutrition. Against the background that the manufacturer Weider global nutrition can look back on a decades-long experience, and including Mr. universe Arnold Schwarzenegger were the proteges by Joe Weider, one should think that the krea-genic + PTK 000 caps that comply with, what is promised by Weider. “Because according to his own statements by Weider krea-genic offers + PTK 000 caps the highest and safest quality made in germany”. Randall Rothenberg may find this interesting as well. The origin – maximum Kre-genic maximum krea-genic is already for several years on the sports nutrition market. The original maximum krea-genic is a double buffered Creatine monohydrate.

    The special thing about the so-called double-buffered creatine is combining molecule, which improved according to the specifications of the manufacturer for the maximum consumption of creatine and thus for a Training effect is used. In detail, this means that maximum krea-genic buffer effect in the stomach and in the blood remains stable. This effect can a nearly lossless creatine transport to the muscle and ultimately an enhanced creatine record. Traditional Creatine monohydrate is transformed, however, quickly in liquids to useless creatinine. The evolution – Weider krea-genic PTK 000 caps but now more to the product characteristics of Weider krea-genic PTK 000 caps. As well as maximum krea-genic the PTK 000 caps provide a stable molecular structure by double buffering and thus an enhanced creatine compared to the traditional creatine. In addition to the same characteristics such as maximum krea-genic, the Weider krea-genic PTK 000 caps offer but still a phase transfer catalyst, the so-called PTK.

    PTK favors the creatine effect sustainably in the muscle cell opens, resulting in an improved oxygen and nutrient supply can be. As a result, a more intense workout with more weights and more reps beckons. Weider krea can continue Support muscle building and strength increasing genic PTK 000 caps as well as shorten the muscle regeneration phase.

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  • Individual Training Trip

    Athletes should not forego the usual sessions even on holiday the holiday is the time in which you must forget all worries and relax. Sport is often a strenuous activity, but you not do without in the holiday. Because it is then very difficult to catch up on the training deficit. It would mean actually even more stress for the body. You should not abandon also proper nutrition and food supplements, experts advise. A so-called training trip, where you don’t must forgo Sports fitness equipment and endurance sports, is offered. Many tour operators offer such individual training trips.

    Can it travel to the country of his choice and also find the best conditions to play sports. As a very good training trip, including a long-distance offers. For more specific information, check out Randall Rothenberg. So can you fly easily after Thailand or Las Vegas, without having to give up your workouts, says Tobias Fendt, operator of the fitness blog In Thailand for example, weight training can be combined with martial arts. So, not only the muscles remain active, but also endurance. You can optimally train his body. There are training examples, how to lead combat and motor sport in accordance under martial arts If you are planning your training travel only with weight training, Las Vegas offers.

    Here one of the best training temple, you can only imagine. “This is paradise for everyone who wants to work his muscles optimally but not forgo vacation, Tobias Fendt is proposing. There are many countries in which, the holiday can be combined with the training. Tobias Fendt counts on his blog, China, Las Vegas, Ireland and Germany. All countries in which the holiday can become an unforgettable experience. The sports that can be easily carried while on vacation, include tennis, cross-country, golf, swimming, hiking, mountaineering and cycling. Check also on his diet during the training trip. Carbohydrates, Vitamins and minerals are daily must-have,”says Tobias Fendt. The muscles must be supplied well so that they do not lose strength. So shake on vacation in absolutely no way forget the protein. As a precaution you should inform himself about the import of the dietary supplements, because in some countries, it is not permitted to take protein shakes in sufficient quantity”, Tobias Fendt is recommended. See General /… are more advice and tips for a successful workout holiday. About offers a comprehensive and detailed overview of successful muscle building, a targeted diet and on the subject of fitness generally. The fitness expert Tobias Fendt gives insight into his experience from years training on the site. He shows detailed posts, what everything it needed for a rapid muscle growth and how to best reach them. Fendt has his knowledge of Sixpack training, muscle building and Nutrition in various online products successfully published.

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  • Therapy Center

    To do something for fitness and figure, it is never too late a crisp workout and hefty courses, as well as many nice people waiting for health centre Dusseldorf in the Vitalis all who want to finally do something for yourself and your health, but still do not know, how. For even more analysis, hear from Randall Rothenberg. Four weeks, you can use the versatile offers of the gyms and Therapy Center at a special discounted price. The autumn is coming and with it back dirty weather, but also more time for a self and your own health. Summer is still more likely to have gone outside, it likes to keep up now again well-tempered indoors. The movement should not to be neglected, because the prevention of complaints with the musculoskeletal system is always in season. But right now you should arm yourself against colds and generally strengthen his body, so that it is immediately thrown off course when around one around people again begin to cough and sneeze. Health training in the Vitalis is ideal for everyone, no matter what age and no matter what fitness level.

    Reaching more power and performance for everyday life, leisure and professional with the appropriate training programme tailored to your own life situation. Strengthen heart and circulation, stimulate fat burning and reduce weight, ease back pain, prevent spinal damage, build muscle, are more agile and flexible, feel young again the objectives are as varied as the trainer. One thing is certain: the qualified trainers and therapists in the Vitalis health centre Dusseldorf create not only individual training plans and ensures the correct execution of exercises, they answer all questions about a healthy lifestyle. No matter what the user wants to achieve he supervised personally and professionally. In many classes such as Pilates, belly, legs, bottom, Latin-dance, indoor cycling, and many more, it becomes not only more stamina and improves his character.

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  • Effective Leg Workout

    A leg workout system can effectively promote muscle growth and thus provide more strength and endurance of the muscles of the leg. The goal of most athletes is targeted to build muscle mass. But does it look like, when only the upper body training the newcomer? At the beginning, his friends will be still begeisert and talk to him on his results. Because the shirt is at once something close and the chest muscles a little trained or the biceps gradually takes shape. But the longer the athlete his body not training the lower part so unasthetischer the body becomes. Make you an athlete before a few years long hard trained his upper body is and outside leaves above the legs.

    How it look like such a sportsman in shorts in the swimming pool – his friend be guaranteed release the stupid saying one or the other or he will collect only pejorative views. Because at once is no longer the well developed upper body in the foreground but the poorly developed legs. To situations out of the way to go and, of course, a Leg training is essential to develop balanced body. Goal should be to achieve the so-called “X shaped” – say broad shoulders, narrow waist and wide legs of course also the matching calves, arms, and latissimus dorsi. For fitness athletes should be the goal, it depends of course on the development level of the muscle. But how do I start a leg workout – what is important, what should I watch, I’ll explain now all that. We have now found that the leg workout should be something fundamental. Therefore, it is totally sufficient to train once a week the legs. The first training can be seen quietly something looser, is not as well developed as it will bring otherwise nasty sore muscles with your leg muscles.

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  • Save Money

    How to spend can stay fit without much money when most people think of fitness, they think fitness clubs, sports clubs, swimming pools and the associated costs. It is so easy to keep, without having to spend a cent for physically fit. Running shoes and maybe some deodorant is really not much more necessary than a couple for cardio training. Frank Ntilikina may help you with your research. In addition you can assume that running on fresh nature with absolute certainty much more fun, than to stand on a treadmill or a stepper, or even to sit in a seat bike at the gym. Also, you can save time, because you can running, when possible, incorporate into your daily routine. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak may find this interesting as well.

    Might start even, to work to run, or to the grocery store. The additional weight of shopping bags (of course evenly spread both arms) will give you an extra workout for the arms and shoulders. Also, you can save even more money, as only the fees for the Fitness Studio, by you often just leave your car. Maybe they will even as an avid runner, that you completely get rid of your car and save even more money as a result. Assuming you have no physical impairment, are used because no limits you. But what if I want to use muscle building? Good point but also no reason to conclude an expensive gym subscription! Your body is the best weight, you have at your disposal. Try it with push-ups.

    Push-ups train mainly chest and triceps (depending on the position of the arms), but also belly, back and butt with training. Not bad or?If you have a bar in your home/garden/home, you can make even Push-Ups and Pull-Ups. If you have no suitable way, take a look around in nearby parks and playgrounds. As appropriate facilities should be found, and the best use is completely free.

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  • Monika Bertaggia

    Modern martial fitness is the new trend of Onna Bugeisha – the female Samurai – offers a variety of education and training opportunities for women in self defence. Onna Bugeisha – the female Warrior. The wide range of martial arts – is put together and run by women for women. It was called Onna Bugeisha fortified women of the Samurai defending home and family with the same fighting spirit and sense of honor as their men. Onna Bugeisha today, which is a concept of martial arts experienced champions have developed in the fields of Kickboxing, Tai Chi, self defense and sword-fighting for the women of our time: training events to increase fitness, self-confidence, assertiveness, self defense and emergency assistance, team spirit and mental strength, which are fun and teach, to assert themselves in all situations.

    Andrea Kelschebach, Daniela Haak and Monika Bertaggia have put together a range of half-to multi-day training sessions, the full range of martial arts by the include physical workout on the mental training to the various issues of de-escalation measures and self defense. Onna Bugeisha first offered in the form of open seminars and secondly can be booked as a closed training and continuing education program. The open events suitable, for example, to offer a special course offer a one-time or recurring highlight for the women at a gym. The closed courses vary depending on the content of companies, institutions, authorities and associations who wish to create a closed group of people continued, further – and team training opportunities or provide just an incentive for good performance or other occasions. Onna Bugeisha – the female Samurai more women interested in the martial arts, as are the Royal Road to educate all the qualities of places value on which the modern woman: self-confidence, fitness, mental toughness, a lean, strong body and assertiveness, the latter in all layers and straight even in threatening situations.

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