Russian Water

  • Proper use brings many benefits, ignorant – depresses the nervous system, irritates the digestive tract, which increases the risk of ulcer disease. Green tea. Oxidation in the range 3-12%. Dry – in color from dark green to light green light. Infusion – yellow or slightly green aroma reminiscent of dried herbs, tart flavor, low-quality bitter. Black tea. Oxidation to 80%.

    In the U.S., India and Sri Lanka, known as red. In Russia and the EU – in black. The leaves are sold in whole, crushed and granular form. The last – it's dust after crushing cheap varieties. Dry – black or dark brown. Infusion – from ruby to amber. To read more click here: Doug McMillon. Tart, sometimes astringent taste.

    White tea. Oxidation to 12%. Made from tea buds unblown (TIPS) and the young sun-dried and dried leaves. The latter are not twisted, so, like a flower blooming in boiling water. Brewed color like green, maybe a little darker. Taste slightly sweet, floral aroma. Brewing any tea should be taken into consideration. In the freshly boiled water, more oxygen than boiled again. If tap water is heavily chlorinated, it is better let spaced not less hours. Then pour into the kettle. Tea, brewed into portions, tasty diluted with boiling water. The foam formed immediately after pouring, says the reaction with oxygen – this is good. The lower the oxidation of tea, so it is beneficial to health. In larger quantities than stimulating and diuretic effect any good, an injury. Green tea contains antioxidants. Quickly getting into the bloodstream, they reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, the likelihood of cancer, osteoporosis, dementia.