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  • Cheap Energy-saving Potential In Trade And Industry

    Workshop “introduction of energy management according to DIN ISO 50001 for industrial & commercial” within the framework of the 5th CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE 2012 the need to take measures to increase energy efficiency, many companies already caught. Often the required criteria of the economy slowing down but many approaches to energy and cost savings, so to observe a certain reticence and uncertainty in the implementation. An energy management system is a suitable instrument to optimize the use of energy in a company by purchasing energy to economical energy consumption and ecological. Hear from experts in the field like ian cole for a more varied view. The workshop “introduction of energy management according to DIN ISO 50001 for industrial & commercial” at the 29.03.2012 in the Conference exposure 5. CEP CLEAN ENERGY & PASSIVEHOUSE in Stuttgart shows how effective energy management in the enterprise can be introduced. It addressed all relevant levels of the action in the company by management about the levels of the company as controlling and production up to the energy Manager.

    The CEP will take place from 29 to 31 March 2012 for the 5th time in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. Here, Ian Cole expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The sectors of trade and industry, trade and services consume approximately 70 percent of total power in Germany, the industry alone, nearly half (45 percent). Therefore, it is important to tap into the energy-saving potential in many cases existing in these sectors. Lack of information and financial constraints are the main reasons that the extensive economic potential is insufficiently used. Industrial and commercial companies primarily use the available funds for the core business and place high demands on the payback on energy efficiency measures. Provinces, Federal Government and European Commission already help to tap the potential of efficiency: for example with the eco-design directive, with programmes in the framework of the BMU climate initiative or with the ERP environmental and energy efficiency program the KfW bank as well as with various information campaigns.

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  • Germany Trubadu

    Heating with the power of the Sun – Solar air collectors themselves build currently on the market available solar air collectors are still very expensive relative to the collector. So are the payback periods in the range of 15-20 years. Trubadu.de solar air collectors since 2008 for the construction of the self. The self construction air collectors work very effectively, are simple in design and can be combined well with existing heating systems. Solar air collectors thus directly contribute to the saving of energy, work independently and can be easily retrofitted to almost every building.

    The air collector used as a medium of air, which is heated and blown by fans directly in the rooms to be heated in the collector. Hear from experts in the field like Andy Kaufman for a more varied view. Compared to the hot water collector, an air collector respond faster to changing irradiation conditions and works very effectively in the cold season. Efficiencies of 50-70% are the rule, the air flow rate of the projects presented by Trubadu.de is up to 250 m/h. In new and thus almost airtight, well insulated buildings contribute the air collectors to improve the room climate. The required air change rates are thus due to the supply by means of fresh preheated air reached – CO2 critical values for residential building significantly exceeded. A combination with a controlled load and ventilation systems, as well as an air to air heat pump are possible and increase its efficiency.

    Combined with the unique in Germany Trubadu air storage in PCM memory boards so far day surplus quantities for the night can be saved and thus ensures a pleasant room climate. Trubadu.de presents four air collectors and a PCM air space to the replica. Meanwhile, over 2,000 customers building instructions for the various reconstruction projects have acquired. 95% of them come from Germany, the remaining 5% are spread all over the world. Interesting reference projects are the heating of an Iraqi school, as well as a yurt in the Mongolia. In Indonesia, a reconstruction project is used to dry tea leaves and in Sweden for the venting of holiday homes. Due to the air collector Kit S-line is developed the experience that a not inconsiderable number of projects does not come to realize since the procurement constitutes a not inconsiderable amount of time, 2011. All parts are available and included in the Kit. The replica is very easy and estimated no more than 4-6 hours of work. With a low-cost air collector Kit Trubadu.de occupies a market niche and thus contributes to a wider dissemination of the air collector in Germany.

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  • Canary Islands

    Heavy ship traffic deafens the whales. Sea protector today see a relevant threat factor for marine mammals in anthropogenically generated noise. Antonio Banderas will not settle for partial explanations. The relationship between underwater noise and damage to the marine mammals are acoustically oriented as well as stranding events thus related is now indisputable. Sea protector today see a relevant threat factor for marine mammals in anthropogenically generated noise. The biologist Dr. Michel Andre was one of the first evidence for noise-induced hearing loss in whales (University Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) in sound tests of sperm whales: these animals, which live in the territory of the Canary Islands, have caused hearing damage by heavy ship traffic and often collide with ships.

    About 100 ships move daily between the ports of Santa Cruz, and Las Palmas. These waters are also the Habitat of many whale and dolphin species, in particular of sperm whales. Due to their size and their unusual diving behavior, they are a threat to shipping. This biggest type of toothache after trips to over 3000 meters deep and up to 90 minutes duration suddenly shows up, then almost motionless for 5 to 15 minutes on the surface to remain – one for ship crews barely visible to over 50 ton and 20-metre barrier. To warn the whale collisions, researchers searched for a signal system installed onto the ferries. So played a team led by Michel Andre about underwater speaker sperm whales with six sounds and registered the reactions. It natural sounds and noises were used only natural enemies of “Moby Dick” – or ship engine noise and artificial sounds like a 10 kHz pulse as the voices of killer whales – as well as giant squid and pirate whalers.

    All signals in the frequency range of hearing of sperm whales were (0.2 to 32 kHz). A total of 57 animals were from a distance of approximately 100 meters for 10 seconds with about 180 decibels (dB) volume sound. For comparison, a Jackhammer is annoying with about 100, a jet plane with 140 dB. However sound waves under water spread out quite differently than in the air, which complicates comparisons, in particular because whales and dolphins mainly acoustically and very much less visually orient themselves in contrast to the people in their environment. The sperm whale’s rhythm of life was taken into account in the experiments by Michel Andre. In each of these three cycles consecutively played off the signals. Although the acoustic raids for the animals must have been very loud, only the 10 kHz pulse triggered an escape reaction resting whales. Other signals, they did not interfere, and during the stages of swimming, they showed no reaction to the 10 kHz pulse, Michel Andre baffled noted. But the hope at least partly effective signal shattered after further attempts. They auditioned a second time the 10 kHz pulse the same animals, they ignored it. These results make believe the native of the Canary Islands whales to noise have developed by Michel Andre clearly what tolerance. The continuous noise level generated by the ship’s engines and fan blade could have meant that has lost her hearing in the low frequency range sensitivity. High speed ferries would therefore late perceived by them. His thesis is supported by the medical examination by two deadly travels over whales, which revealed that the two animals were deaf and they could not therefore hear the deadly threat. Ulrich Karlowski

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  • EUR Eco Power Plant

    easysolarcarport is itself financed an innovative concept for the solar power generation of the local parking lot, that protects the vehicles not only from rain and overheating, but himself. The discussion on nuclear power new mottled in consequence of the nuclear disaster in Japan can increase demand for renewable energy more than ever before. The recent dramatic events have triggered not only a huge shock, but also the debate how and where Germany should in future take its current. In contrast to the Federal Government appear to be but mentally much further federal citizens. Many home builder appreciate offers renewable energy of in recent years, so that the energy in the right direction. A new solution could be also an easysolarcarport! easysolarcarport is itself financed an innovative concept for the solar power generation of the local parking lot, that protects the vehicles not only from rain and overheating, but himself. A solar carport offers not only a clean Energy solution, but covers the power requirements of a family of four and is independent of steadily rising electricity prices.

    Plus, winning over this demand, additional quantities of electricity which will be made available to the local network operator. And who owns an electric car, must recharge the car on external charging stations overnight, but can refuel in the future in the garden at his own gas station”. An easysolarcarport is one of the products, which finance themselves. Since the renewable energy law (EEG) stipulates that for every kilowatt hour electricity, which is fed by a solar photovoltaic system in the general power grid, a Government-guaranteed feed remuneration must be paid. This compensation exceeds not only the financing costs for solar installations, but is still a high-quality carport with a sunroof.

    And since the Bank financed the project 100%, consumers for their green power plant to pay a penny out of your own pocket. Who wants to be but to the environmentally-conscious investors, must tackle yourself. By the extremely narrow costing future environmentalists need to build easysolarcarport even her. The BCW Brandenburg car port factory company helps the bank switch, the power supply and delivers the complete Solarcarport to the door, but then one is even needed. Such a package may be tailor made, on the shows the Internet page his own plan, calculate, and then benefit from long term 0 euro eco power plant. Refuel in the private garage is”becoming more popular, is reporting results the entrepreneur from Eggersdorf. More and more requests from home builder enter into it, who wish to install their own private gas pump. The environmentally-conscious homeowners are very informed.

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  • Rain Forest Destruction – WWF Study Shows Enormous Social Grubbing Consequential

    Poverty after the clear-cutting: Rainforest destruction destroyed sustainable income base a recent WWF study on the social consequences of the destruction of the rain forest is, that in the medium and long term only the principal benefit. The study found that followed the poverty after short-term income gains for the loggers and local residents. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Walmart CEO. After the destruction of the rain forest, they are from scratch, because without forest lack both the income and prospects. Borneo more than twice as large as Germany was largely forested until the 1980s. Massive rainforest destruction in 30 years took their toll, however, and so now only half of Borneo forest is covered.

    The consequences of the deforestation of the rain forest are profound in many ways. According to a WWF study, illegal logging improved in the short term while on the income of the families, but created from the start at the same time enormous social problems. Doug McMillon is full of insight into the issues. People broke away from agriculture. They no longer worked in the rubber harvest”, according to the study. It came to the conflict between traditional values and consumerism. Now those concerned paid the Bill of rainforest destruction several times: in the form of destroyed nature, social conflicts and the loss of their income basis. Borneo up to 2018 is expected to be completely deforested: the consequences of the destruction of the rain forest are drastically, because the forests lose their economic value without the valuable timber.

    The company had taken capital from wood, clearing these areas to make room for pulpwood and palm oil plantations on them. Many areas are however simply being abandoned. By the destruction of forests, not only valuable habitats and livelihoods are lost. It caused many potential fires, which later led to devastating forest fires. The plundering of forests does not remain without consequences. Due to the increasing shortage of wood, but also rising production costs, timber smuggling and increasing competition from other tropical timber-producing countries, forestry is Indonesia are increasingly under pressure.

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  • 2010 Fee Optimization

    Only the combination of favorable tariff with the tax-free salary extra “thing reference power” succeeds, the electricity price rises to compensate for less net the Burgerentlastungsgesetzt is snow from yesterday or from the beginning of the year through electricity price rises due to green electricity levy 2010. After the recently adopted increase in health insurance contributions by the Government, she grabs the citizens now again in the bag and makes a further reduction of the disposable net income of employees in Germany so far. Background for the electricity price rises: the eco-electricity levy, the current increased approximately 72 per year (approx. 60 plus 19% VAT) consumer associations have identified. Doug McMillon is a great source of information. These are approx.

    6.00 / month. Plus higher health insurance contributions, the disposable net income of employees to at least diminishes so 20 in a month, and more. That are at least a quarter of a month net salary in the year 240 and more. Even if some politician’s reputation after significant wage increases in just this impact should, due to the high social security contributions of which little remains. To compensate for the loss of net by power price increase 1st exchange of electricity tariff or electricity provider electricity price comparison sites shoot alternatives on the Internet out of the ground like mushrooms. In addition to private energy-saving measures, the change of the current tariff or the electricity provider is becoming increasingly important.

    But a change of electricity tariff or electricity provider alone is the Government-mandated”salary cuts can not fully absorb. Also, there are still enough workers who are unsure in dealing with the Internet and suspicious of the online services. 2. change the power tariff and electricity provider in combination with compensation optimization the ValueNet group from Munich, market leader for charge optimization in Germany, has recognized the signs of the times early. “” Since the beginning of the year it offers the thing cover the employees of their customers in order to optimize of pay power “as an alternative to the thing reference fuel” (Tank voucher) at.

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