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  • Perhaps

    After all of accounts you is not mentally ill, but it believes yes in the love, because the love is the only form to make of the world a better world, therefore it is uncontrollable, if it creates of course in the human heart and it does not have imposition that it can control it. You with certainty have the capacity to trust fully and to risk its time and patience for one ' ' coisa' ' that to less he cannot if wants to touch, to know true the sensible one and mainly to hide. Of where came this its love that as much divulges? How you obtained to get the ability to love with as much certainty another being as you that is not of its exactly blood? Where you learned to love somebody you are of house? A man who if gets passionate for a woman (or vice turns) can with evidence feel the lips if drying together with the external part of the mouth, the trembling hands, a scare inigualvel to the others, the pupil dilatando, a total focada attention and finally its brain ordering a chemical reaction to the heart and feeling to go off with a force and rapidity is of the common one Soon, after feeling the heart thus you are certain that she is loving! He is not really? … If you would like to know more then you should visit olympics. Of this time in another situation: You are walking alone for the street to go to fulfill some of its obligations when to give impulsivity appears an armed assailant perigosssimo and, immediately it can with evidence feel the lips if drying together with the external part of the mouth, the trembling hands, a scare inigualvel to the others, the pupil dilatando, a focada attention and finally its brain ordering a chemical reaction to its heart and you feels to go off with a force and rapidity is of the common one. You are gotten passionate by the assailant? Then why he felt the same thing? How you now can differentiate what love and what she is not? He leaves to guess me: You learned thus! Hmmm Perhaps (at this accurate moment) it must have reasoned and perceived that its intelligent attitude not to bind to the television and until that one its trustworthy literature with its smart and not mentally ill personality alienating finished by itself you when elapsing of the time influenced and you to be trado, trado for its proper pretty love As in all custom histories. Congratulations loving you that it gets the certainty that always is earning! You also are subconsciously alone..

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  • Cycling For Health

    More and more people are crossing to the bicycles like transport means. The question is What bicycle is better for you? Or you are a boy or an adult, are many types of ready bicycles for his use. The first type of bicycle is the one of dirt. This is huge, obvious for the cyclists who walk in the dirt, but also for the small children who as soon as they are learning on the cycling. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak has much to offer in this field. Generally they do not have gears, and some require to pedalear backwards to restrain. They are very basic bicycles that can be used for from a place to another one easily. Once the children grow or any adult, there are basically two main types of bicycles. They are the mountain bicycles with great tires, or a bicycle of highway with thin tires.

    If you want moverte fast by the city, is recommendable the highway bicycle. These things fly, and are done for the pavement. Nevertheless, if you want to walk in bicycle outside the pavement or prefer one more a more robust bicycle, mountain bicycles are the best option. Any bicycle that you choose will make more healthful, in addition he will be but cheap since the bicycles do not require any type of fuel. During the difficult times of the economy that we are having at this moment, you must find the forms to reduce costs. What better way of not only saving money, but also to be a healthful person the more? It looks for the type of bicycle that is adapted for you and later to buy one following the budget. Original author and source of the article.

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  • The Aged In Society

    . We can analyze the question of the old one as the question of the child, both need to be respected as complete, independent and worthy beings of if locating. The difference consists where the child you direct through the education, of the love and above all with the truth. The child also teaches, is enough to have humildade to observe it, to listen to it and to share its ideas, expectations, hopes, to hear its intuitions and to understand the playful way that it sees the world. Its discoveries since the first year of life, also become through the objects surround that it, source of manipulation for the recognition of the way where they are inserted. The child must be attended and to always have the right to express itself through speaks, cries of it, gestures and other manifestations. It fits to its responsible ones, the dialogue and not repressions that lead the physical violncias, moral or emotional. In the social context, the aged one also needs autonomy to expose itself, to walk and to participate actively of historical construction of the nation and to have its recognized experiences in the formation of a critical context, where the history of the humanity is repleta of remnants that are not incased for the respect absence to that they are not in the ideal age.

    The two parcels that form the society; old children and, contribute actively for assertive decisions in the familiar seio and in the same lcus, they seem dissociadas and culturally distant and alone if they join when children and grandmothers if hug and meetings think about what one represents for another one. The function of the old one in the society is more than to be grandfather, grandmother, it represents an experienced, full being of light that can also hug all the creatures who search answers and force to continue. I do not intend to exaltar the old one, but to wake up it to hear its intuition, to evaluate its critical, to open the heart and to allow that the child who walks to its side, can also be part of its reflections, of its conjuncts and above all, to walk of given hands. The young that also is grandsons, needs to value its velhinhos and all the velhinhos of the terrestrial sphere, as well as its parents, at last are all a hierarchic scale who in this chain of values contribute for a better world, where the creature human being can have the vision of respect and love to the next one that it is the Divine principle.

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