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  • Holy Writs Reading

    b) In as the period, it is verified construction of forms of differentiation between the graphical signals that if reveal for the gradual control of the variations, as much on the quantitative axle (the citizen establishes different amounts of grafias to represent different words), as under the qualitative axle (the citizen varies the repertoire and the position of the grafias to get written different). These variations carried through in this period correspond to the phase daily pay-silbica, being that one of the characteristics of the writing is the correspondence of the amount of graphical signals to the size of the object and not still, to the sounds of speak. c) In the third period, it is verified fonetizao of the writing for the attention that the citizen starts to give to the sonorous properties of the significant ones, that is, of – to the discovery of that the parts of the writing (letters) can correspond to others as many parts of the word. In this period the person arrives to differentiate the Holy Writs, relating them with the sonorous guideline of speaks. In the universe of the reading and the writing we can in accordance with dive in the multiple meanings and values our culture and vision of world. To read can mean since attributing directions, in one ampler meaning, until the simple decoding, we can say of world reading, registering some cultural productions, valley to stand out that it has some types of writing, that will go to depend on the social group, of its historical and cultural context. Therefore reading and writing they are keys to enter in other worlds: Reals, imaginary, possible and impossible. The effective domain of the reading and the writing of varieties of text is a requirement of the current education of reading and writing that englobe in the three components of the alfabetismo: scientific (periodical, magazine, dictionary, encyclopedia) literary (fabula, stories, poems), practical (letter, ticket and prescription).

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  • The Future Of The Words

    The Future of the Words The writings of the writer possess the true essence of the life, lived intensely, with risks and repleta of love. The certainty that the end soon would arrive became the minimum risks, and its consequncias of small account. However, thoughts in future were not common, because while still alive it did not exist future to be lived. The plans that had always appeared had been sent by perhaps of the Reason; that one same that its return lead everything, the same one that it was shaped under its feet, body and reach of its hands. The souvenirs of the past had appeared today not for simple perhaps, but for necessity to be continued alive. The maturity of the emotions, feelings, frustrations, pains, wounded and mainly the discovery of the love, had become fortified the hand that will lead the thoughts that the mind shiningly possesss. The importance of today continues in the life, however a future exists the words. Why the words want to arrive at the future.

    To be seen for eyes, sounded to the ears and felt in the souls of others. Provoking one I shake in the structure, I that an interlacement of words lived in those lives, that had finished being displayed only for fragmentos, giving that perhaps provoked a nonsense, a reading errnea, or worse, did not obtain to reach the accurate message of its importncias. The pretensions of the writer arrive at the desire of in an only generation, to be born some children, that is, through the fifty and two a thousand six hundred and thirty and four words written in Life Mine will leave some estrias truth soul. Being written one to one with the importance that they deserve reached for that they had meant the life lived and for acquiring respect for that it will lead the words. In the end, the workmanship most complete will be one Great Romance To be fortified by love, leads if to become proper Literature. Wanting its name, its life its Eus in rooms of university and the world. Becoming the direction of the phrase of its loved father absolute truth: everything that to desire can obtain

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  • National Education

    But the school and its teaching picture, as viabilizador agent of the education, has made changes in the preparation of critical citizens that integrates the pertaining to school education to the familiar education? However, it does not advance to want that it moves there it are, if we do not change the methods of education, allowing that they continue as they are. The adolescence concepts had changed, the education methods have that also to be changed, therefore it does not advance to desire the changes and to continue giving equal lessons to the ones of old, that is, with tests, reprovaes or punishment for not decorating in timeto relieve. The basic education (infantile education, basic education and average education) is the way to assure to all the pupils indispensable the common formation for the exercise of the citizenship and to supply the half ones to them to progress in the work and posterior studies. From then on, the LDB Law of the Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education 9,394/96, makes with that average education, comes with the proposal to revolutionize the knowledge, to diminish the inaqualities and to form new citizens, with more conscience of its rights and obligations. In addition, for the propagation of the National Curricular Parameters of Average Ensino PCNEM says that, now, Average Ensino, as an educational system for the life, will have proper identity, with autonomy, combining itself it the work and to the new technologies, with the objective to decrease the individualism and to grow the work in team, that is, to form new individuals for a new social context, diminishing the inaqualities economic politics and. Good, the speech is new, but the problems are the same ones, however, according to attributions of the LDB and the PCNEM, expect that the education decides the social problems, an internal inheritance, of a country seated in different economic and social bases, that now a speech of equalities in the perspective nails to construct a citizenship process, pautada in depreciation of the productive work in favor of the educative works.

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  • Standardized

    He is resulted raised of an evaluation. The inquiry moment is that one where it develops a research and that this could continuously be searched by sounding test, interview, atitudinal or mannering comment and developed others in the educative process. Being this the part most important for the psicopedaggico, therefore searchs to discover the causes of educational failure in the life of educating, this search of the problematic one is what it calls of diagnosis. this as objective to know the pupil and its difficulty and reached success. Et affirms (Oliveira. al., 2008, P. 334): A disgnostic evaluation can and must be made at any point that the professor or the school to detect serious problems of learning, motivation, exploitation or others.

    As in the medical diagnosis, we make consultation, preventive regularly and also emergency consultations. She is not necessary to have an illness to look a diagnosis, to the times is enough to one fort suspicion. In this conception the intention of the evaluation psicopedaggico is to help the educator to know its pupil, what they like, its habits, preference, learning and other situations that can hinder the progress it pupil, thus making a selection of the life educating it. ' ' An evaluation if constructs in the attainment and interaction of good number of significant information that we can get of the child, its familiar dynamics and escola' '. Oliveira, 2008, P. 49. Having as intention to provide a base to the pupil with cognitiva support. In this avaliativa form he demands certain instruments that serve solely for the disgnostic evaluation, being that each one of these instruments serves to detect a type of situation, as: Standardized evaluation? This type verifies the rhythm and the level of knowledge of language domain and others. Interview? the interview can be made with the pupil, professor and former-professor, person who orientates, parents and family.

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  • Mount Gaucho

    To kill the hunger, also we went to the bush to catar wild fruits. My brothers if amused while they went up in these trees. To be if grasping in lianas while they looked for fruits was the maximum. They were young boys, were in age of if amusing with these things. I was growing, following the fight of my family. Thanks to God, we evolve very. We extend our house, we had a good farming and we always continue very joined.

    My life followed moving In 1899, to the 25 years, I was married Palavro Joo and I was to live in the Mount Gaucho. I had 9 children: 3 girls and 6 boys. Of my infancy until the time where I had my children, my life improved very. My husband already did not work in agriculture; it could mount a warehouse next to our house, a much more light and income-producing work. My children all had directed themselves well and constructed its families. But the changes continued to surprise me.

    The fact that forget I cannot me, morally marcante, happened for return of mine 40 years, when I was the Caxias of the South to make purchases. Although in the distance between the Mount Gacho and Caxias of the South not to be so great thus, the cultural contrasts were visible. I remember that, while was taking a walk, observing the vitrinas, badly I could disfarar my astonishment. I was corada, without reaction, when seeing in the show window of the Magnabosco store a panty, that at that time we said pants. Even though for the size, we could not call them in the diminutive one. The size of the feminine close parts was similar to the one of a bermuda shorts of today. With the cloth of that panty, currently, it would give to make 20 parts more than, without a doubt none. In house, we did not dare to leave them at sight not even in the varal. It frightened me to the scene. ' ' Benedeto! ' ' , I said baixinho. Shame imagines, that! What that made displayed in the street? I swore that the end of the world if approached. Much frightened, when arriving in house, I counted for one of my granddaughters, whom until today the fact falls in the outburst of laughter recounting. Really, my life was marked by changes. Now, I stop and think. If at that time I knew that today the world would be of this skill, without modesty some, with untied values to the wind, perhaps I I would have conformed with what vi. If the transformation of the world had been marked only for the size of the close part, today, I would not be frightened. What it leaves more me sad is that values, good superior to this, had been if dissolving. I know that ' ' popa' ' that I was, that gave value to the family, to the work and to all to the divine creations never will be born in the generations of today, not even in my great-great-granddaughters. * Text of Ktia R. Maffei Dos Reis, writing on the basis of the deposition of Carmen Orlandin Maffei, granddaughter of Henriqueta Santini Palavro, narrator-personage of these literary memories.

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  • Greek Values

    It creates from a reflection on concepts already formulated and searched for other thinkers and theoreticians initially had preceded who it. Test of this is the systematization of the education of values, them had always existed, but they had only been recognized as science in century XX, as it affirms Spider Even so (1996, P. 118) recognition of the universe is so old the capacity of that the man has to think regarding its action, only in century XIX the theory appears of the values or axiollogy (of the Greek axios that means value) as it disciplines philosophical specifies that it approaches in systemize way this thematic one. The theoreticians agree that the new ideas appear from reworks of previous ideas. Therefore we could not discourse regarding the education of values without making a brief historical story of the education in general way, being distinguished is clearly the aspect of the education of values. The education this compromising to ethical values.

    To educate is not only to inform, to transmit knowledge, but also to integrate educating in a culture with particular characteristics, as the language, the traditions, the beliefs and the styles of life of a society. (FAGUNDES, 2001, P. 17) When carrying through the historical survey, of the sprouting of all the educational process since the first civilizations, one observes the evolutions that each social group, in the scope of the education developed to take care of the effective necessities of the time, had been uncovered the most varied educational forms that had been being improved throughout the centuries in accord with the changes politics, economic, religious and moral that each civilization suffered and most impressive from these discoveries it was to perceive the influence that some peoples had on the customs, the culture and the form of education of others, in result of territorial invasions, conflicts and domnios common politicians, situations the time.

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  • Estonia Christians

    Combines multiple independent streams, churches and sects (Lutheran, Calvinist, Anglican, Methodists, Baptists, Adventists, etc.). For Protestantism, characterized by the absence of a principled opposition to the clergy the laity, the failure of a complex church hierarchy, simplified worship, lack of monasticism, celibacy, and in Protestantism, there is no cult of the Virgin, saints, angels, icons, and the number reduced to two sacraments (baptism and communion). The main source of faith – Scripture. Protestantism is distributed mainly in the U.S., Britain, Germany, Scandinavia and Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, Latvia, Estonia. Thus, Protestant – is Christians who belong to one of several independent Christian churches. They are Christians, and along with Catholics and Orthodox share the fundamental principles of Christianity.

    For example, all of them accept the Nicene Creed, adopted by the Council of the Church in the first 325, and Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed, adopted by the Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD (see box). They all believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in His divine nature and the future coming. All three trends are taking the Bible as the Word of God and agree that repentance and faith needed to have eternal life. However, the views of Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants differ on some issues. Protestant above all value the authority of the Bible. Orthodox and Catholics also value their traditions more highly and believe that only the leaders of these churches can interpret the Bible true. Despite their differences, all Christians agree with the prayer of Christ recorded in the Gospel of John (17:20-21): "Not to pray for these alone, but for those who believe in Me through their word, all may be one …

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  • French School of Geography

    French school of Geography and Racionalista Geography. Difference between the main ideas and analysis the contribution of both. The French School of geography had two important names that they had contributed for its sprouting, lise Reclus and woollen Vidal Blache, being this last founding proper o of the School. France, for being at the time, a strong economic country and searching, also, a great force in the politics, needed to present the development of a new different geography of the German School, thus it enters in prominence the figures of Reclus and La Blache. Reclus if detached for being a person politics and to search reforms social favoring the classrooms inferior, presenting aspects of freedom in such a way for the society how much for Geography as science and condemned the process of expansion of the settling. Its ideas had had more recognition from the publication of its main workmanships: The Land, New Universal Geography and the Man and the Land.

    It always gave to importance the description and illustration cartographic and of this form he was next to its public, its studies if it based on the evolution of the humanity, carrying through research and analizando the terrestrial surface. For the author, the society was divided in social classrooms, the dominated ones, that they inhaled to life improvements and the dominant ones, that did not want to lose the control of the power and the wealth. For it, the solution of this problem was in the scientific development and the progress. It always ran behind great subjects of the time as, the process of settling and the degradation of the environment from the expansion of the capitalism. Although to have very been important for French geography, the person impotante of the French School of Geography was not Reclus, and yes woollen Vidal Blache. There Blache and its ideas were more involved with the reality economic politics and.

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  • Mathematical School

    When creating these analogies, become producing of languages, creators of conventions, enabling themselves to submit the rules and to give explicaes’ ‘ (BRASIL/MEC/SEF, 1997, P. 35). The games are tools that cannot be brought the descontextualizado classroom of form they cannot is disentailed of the content to be repassed, to be efficient the professor must have well elabarados domain of the activity and objectives, therefore, in case that contrary, it will be object of frustration in such a way for it how much for the pupil. This tool, assists in the teach-learning process as School is demonstrated in the Notebook of the TV: PCN in the Mathematical School 1, in which it is considered to a classroom of 1 Series (1 Semester) an activity of numerical ordinance: bingo. So that the exchange of information ocorrresse the pupils had been organized in pairs, thus one could is giving has supported the other at moments of doubts, providing to both the construction of the knowledge. One of the dialogues told for teacher, who calls the attention, she happens enters when he is ‘ ‘ cantado’ ‘ number 53, the pupil uses the knowledge of its reality to assist the correct marking, it informs its friend who the number of its house is 50, and questions it that it is not this number whom they look, when making a new comparison, with the number of the house of its friend who in the case is 57 the pupil can conclude that the first position in all the cases always remained the same one and was enough to substitute the second position that would find the number desired, that is, the association between already known and the new. As nor all the pupils had not obtained to have a reasoning that made possible the relation between the atidade proposal and its daily one, the teacher perceived the round necessity of the work with number.

    As she disciplines it to Gomes of Mathematics finishes if becoming a monster in the minds them pupils, had the educators to practice insistently metodogogias who make it difficult the process education learning of educating in the subjects the numbers and operations in the initial series. for Blumenthal, the failure occurs badly because the innovations brought for the mathematical educators are badly interpret and/or used in classroom. If for education, in general way, do not exist ready formulas why to believe that with it disciplines of mathematics would be different? The mathematics is an operation of addition, therefore it joins, congregates and adds it the diverse ones to know.

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