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  • Alexander Lange

    This applies to our skin, we are brown. The The reason is not the warming of the skin, but the ultraviolet portion of sunlight but. ‘>Harold Ford Jr has to say. Ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 10-400 nm (corresponds to a frequency of 1,500 750 Thz) is therefore able to stimulate the pigment formation. A regulation system is integrated in human skin that exactly at this frequency of sunlight pigmented skin, i.e. appear Brown and thus builds a protective mechanism. By the way, also the production of vitamin is stimulated in humans D due to exposure. But not only the sunlight works in a certain frequency but in accordance with the physics, all matter has a vibration of its own, i.e. frequencies emanate from any matter which are technically measurable.

    From is these frequencies including the ECG or EEG to use, to detect whether the heart or brain are healthy. Art Rooney II may find this interesting as well. In the context of bio-resonance diagnostics are – said – the natural vibrations of all human organs measured that simplify certain frequencies in the body are redirected, the most the swing with the corresponding organ provoke desired Resonanzort (see example tuning forks). So, the therapist can detect this abnormal frequency on the meter; in complementary medicine, thus is considered to be able to capture and also treat disturbed and healthy frequencies of the entire organism. Such organ typical frequencies are now disturbed, such as toxins, parasites, poor nutrition, stress or similar, then sometimes organs no longer correctly work through or the metabolism, the immune system, or other bodily functions can become unbalanced, a disease may be the result. Another possibility for the bio-resonance is also the cause determination for existing ailments or diseases and also by their frequency measurement. Were this acidification, ill be pathogens, geopathic stress, lack nutrients or similar. The bio resonance device, the patient only by hand – and foot electrodes is connected to which, measures the disturbed frequencies and demand they be harmonized then following”. “” Where under harmonisation “will understand that the body the frequencies in healthy” form provided, that are disturbed.

    This Selbstregulations – and self-healing of the body should be encouraged to new. Bioresonance therapy is therefore a sustainable form of therapy for children, since it offers the body only information in the frequency spectrum, which appears disturbed. Therapists use Bioresonance and others for allergies and food intolerances, as well as to improve the defences, to detoxification, to heavy metal of the pipe, in chronic diseases, sleep disorders, pain, u.v.m good to know for therapists is also that the bio-resonance therapy has won now also legal recognition. In 2009, Munich was rejected by the Court of appeal that you can advertise for the treatment of allergies with the bio-resonance therapy (REF. 6 U 2187/06). And in 2006 by the Amtsgericht Russelsheim, it was judged that the sick grant fund of the Opel company health insurance fund must assume the costs of a bio-resonance therapy for the treatment of allergies (REF. 3 C-270/05 (32)). The bio-resonance is summarized a stunning method in the complementary medical area, one can only wish a more widespread in the interests of patients. For more information please contact the author of this article, HP Alexander Lange at 030-89633319 or via. Alexander Lange

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  • The Sage

    The virus pathogens be rinsed so literally and the mucous membranes are kept moist. The inflammation in neck pain is mainly in the deeper layers the lining of the place. Much advertised lozenges or throat solutions work hardly, because the active ingredients not or get bad to the site of inflammation. Natural throat solutions come of course also badly on the inflammation, but they sure hurt. Except for purulent tonsillitis. Sage infusion pour a few leaves over hot but not boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes. Add a little vinegar and a tablespoon of honey.

    On-demand gargle the Sage infusion after cooling. Frozen or dried Sage leaves together with chamomile and thyme with hot, not boiling water pour over Sage tea. Let the Aufguss at least ten minutes. So the ingredients can unfold beautifully. This tea is suitable for gargling and drinking and tonic spasms – and solving the pain. Caution: During pregnancy or lactation Sage may not apply. Gain insight and clarity with Bill Nun. The contained Thujone could negatively in larger amounts on the nerves.

    Sore throat and Tonsillitis the following signs should occur, please especially take children to the doctor. Severe neck pain with fever symptoms that are very violent and sudden reddened, swollen and excessive with linings or white Strippchen almond, very strong, but unilateral sore throat and strong swallowing with a Lockjaw swollen neck lymph node additional abdominal pain and nausea of the Sage plant all seven years replace the Sage plant in the garden. The Sage plant cut back after their flowering, so making new and vigorous shoots in the next year. Sage as a medicinal plant has an expectorant effect and regulated heavy sweating. The essential oil contained in the plant reduces Muskelkramnpfe, indigestion and sore throat. An old folk wisdom says even that Sage is to strengthen the brain. More much-touted natural and home remedies me with honey milk with honey helps while against the unpleasant irritation in the throat, but should only moderately this home remedy because of the verschleimenden effect be consumed. More action can be expected if you are still onion honey milk. For this, a small onion is finely chopped and simmered together with a cup of milk for five minutes. After the drink drinking temperature has cooled, strain and add a teaspoon of honey. Water can be used instead of milk. The drink in small SIPs. Well, cheers! Neck Wrap can be applied for sore throat, cold or warm neck wrap. Best helps a cold wrap around the neck and simultaneously drinking of hot liquid. The patient should feel after applying the wrap in the bed, which should wrap rather than unpleasant. Horseradish, cloves and honey a tablespoon of horseradish, one teaspoon of cloves and a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water stir well.

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  • Naturopathy Online

    Arzneimittel.de++ homeopathy and naturopathy: part 6 rheumatism & joint problems an estimated 20 million Germans suffering from rheumatism. Now approximately 450 clinical syndromes are known, which are divided into 4 groups: Osteoarthritis (wear and tear of the articular cartilage), arthritis (inflammation of joints), soft tissue rheumatism (disease of the muscles), and gout (deposition of uric acid in the joints). Different diseases require different therapies. But here goes: prevention is better. Avoid obesity (excessive stress to the joints) and play sports where the joints evenly exposed (cross-country skiing, swimming, cycling). Rheumatic complaints can be treated in various ways: soothing Liniments fight the pain in the joints, circulation-enhancing drugs face the pain due to increased blood flow to the affected areas, a mud heat therapy helps as well as rheumatic baths.

    The active ingredients contained in stinging nettles found in Treatment of rheumatism as well application such as pasture. Please keep in mind that a self-therapy in Rheumatoid disorders should be at best only after consulting your doctor. On Monday, 23.11, learn new and interesting things about the treatment of skin problems. For more information visit free of charge and without obligation under contact: health basics GmbH & co. KG Attn Mr Tobias Boltze Kadam spiral square 3 D-85598 Baldham T: 08106-37789-11 F: 08106-37789-29 E:

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  • Herbs For Varicose Veins

    What plant-based active ingredients can curb the suffering of varicose veins enlarged and painful veins can be caused by prolonged standing or lack of exercise. The tendency to do this, is often inherited, and pregnancy, constipation, and obesity can aggravate it. You should therefore take off and lose the sickening weight. Ray Clemence addresses the importance of the matter here. During prolonged sitting, you should put your feet up, to improve the blood circulation in the legs. Also: move much. The herbal medicine can help only if it is supported by movement.

    A mixture of St. John’s wort, yarrow, Linden and Hawthorn berries improves circulation and strengthens the veins. Local inflammation are relieved by a compress with Witch Hazel or Comfrey – Marigold tea. In severe pain, the area should be sprayed with cold water or just chilled with crushed ice. The muscles can be massaged with lavender, Juniper and Rosemary.

    Garlic and vitamin are suitable to improve circulation C, and the vitamins of the B complex. Zinc preparations, the one in the Internet pharmacy of new brand pills can be ordered, be applied successfully for the treatment of circulatory disorders. Exercise and the consumption of leafy green vegetables can strengthen blood and circulatory system. Spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, chili peppers and cayenne pepper some heat as well as in the tea slices ginger root. You can also prepare an infusion from toothache wood bark or berries and Hawthorn berries in equal proportions and add a slice of ginger. This tea should be drunk three times a day. Toothache wood stimulates the blood circulation, and the Hawthorn is a good tonic for the circuit. Garlic is also warm and purifies and strengthens the blood vessels. Ginger, cinnamon, mustard and black pepper are suitable for hand and foot baths. Frostbite is manifested as a red swelling, usually of the fingers and toes. The same advice as for circulatory disorders apply for their treatment. It is important of course, always, to protect hands and feet with warm gloves and socks, respectively, to wear rubber gloves when working in cold water. Frostbite with itching calming Calendula cream or lavender oil. If the skin is intact, frostbite with arnica ointment, pure lemon juice or cayenne pepper cream can be rubbed. There is also an excellent Chinese herbal formula to the warming of the extremities. It helps for chronic disorders, in which the hands and feet of the patient cold feel, and also in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis. She Dang GUI decoction is used against cold hands and feet, warms the meridians, distributes cold, nourishes the blood and relieves blood vessels. However it should be taken in the spring and summer in warm climates and for hot flashes only with caution.

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  • Back Pain

    Back pain is an everyday burden. Tight muscles in the back area are often the basis for vague pain. The back muscles has the function to support the bone and maintain. Permanently tense muscles can fulfil their function not 100%. The results are often pinched nerves or pinched vertebrae, which can serve as a trigger for the pain. Here, but often also the psychological effect plays a role. Who is outwardly not attractive, is dare hardly see people, at least not when little appears dressed just like relieving the back swimming in the body. Swimsuits and bikinis are designed not only for this reason flashy or retouching, so that the look, but also to give the wearer a sense of Bedecktheit.

    Always also the psyche, which acts as a drive motor of each activity belongs to the health. Real swimming for pain-free back targeted back rubs, but in case of doubt also movements in the water help Muscles relax and the detachment of the pain. Frequently Frank Worthington has said that publicly. Swimming is a good balance for the entire organism. The own body weight is not perceived in the water. You feel lighter. Cecile Landi may not feel the same. The lift is a relief for the tensed muscles. In the breaststroke should be sure always not far to raise the head, because otherwise the cervical spine is heavily used and thus cause means for more tension or pain.

    It is better just to keep the spine in the water while swimming breaststroke and diving his head into the water or side to lay. The best relief is the spine in the backstroke. Here you can get relaxed in the water. With a deep and regular breathing oxygen in every cell of the body enters and promotes muscle relaxation. On the discharge of the muscles, the individual vertebrae are brought back into a better position. The density of pain subsides rapidly and you will feel better. Certainly there is already thermal baths and swimming pools, the have a salt water pool. The special salt water: by the salt it gets denser than fresh water, which the body simple pushing is easier on the surface. This gives the body time for relaxation that with the water heat additional muscle spasms causes.

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  • Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

    Diploma nutritionist of Berit Peters reported diabetes and the positive influence of Saarbrucken – almonds almonds protect diabetes mellitus type 2, by the society for nutritional medicine and dietetics from Aachen. As the author Jutta Schutz often reported, the number of type 2 diabetes disease ever to. Today it is increasingly also the younger generation. In addition to genetic factors, the reasons are also a wrong diet, lack of exercise, and obesity. The body cells no longer speak on blood sugar-lowering hormone insulin. The result is an insulin resistance. In an early stage to help a nutrition, weight loss and increased physical activity, to keep blood sugar levels under control. Other leaders such as Leicester City offer similar insights.

    A team of researchers from Toronto discovered an additional method to prevent the high blood sugar levels in a study of 15 healthy subjects. Doctor Cyril Kendall of the University of Toronto confirms this: we have found that the consumption of almonds the Glycemic Response and the insulin response of the body when eating a carbohydrate-rich meal greatly weakens.” There have been previous studies, the book already a lowering blood cholesterol through regular consumption of almonds. With the high proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids, they contribute to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Almonds will show themselves as a true multi-talent. Professor Dr. Hans-Konrad Biesalski, Director of the Institute of biological chemistry and nutritional sciences of the University of Stuttgart Hohenheim certifies more health-promoting effects of almond. As also a Canadian Stuie shows, the almond against oxidative stress is very good. The reason for this protective effect is the high content of vitamin in almonds.

    This vitamin helps prevent coronary heart disease. Almonds contain also folic acid, riboflavin and minerals and their high content of dietary fibre promotes the digestive activity. Source: Society for nutritional medicine and dietetics e.V. Jutta Schutz was born in Saarland and worked as a Secretary and tour guide. In addition, she studied psychology.

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  • Hay Fever Pollen Cause

    Health under climate change further information about allergies in our Advisor with the always mild and weather the season begins usually earlier than usual. Currently, hazelnut and Alder blossom and with them also the hay fever in allergic individuals regains catchment. Who is noticed the typical symptoms like sneezing attacks, watery, swollen eyes and a runny, itchy or stuffy nose, should not shy away from going to an allergist. Also, who has for years been spared before hay fever, can respond suddenly allergic to pollen or other allergens? During the hay fever time during the pollen season only at certain times the rooms air advice for more well-being. Hear from experts in the field like Rafael Nadal for a more varied view. It is the best time to airing between 06:00 and 08:00 in the morning, in rural areas between 20:00 and 24:00 hours in the city. Even after a downpour, which should have stopped at least a quarter of an hour, can be as freely lifted to the rooms to keep pollen dust should regularly be vacuumed and wiped. Curtains and carpets where pollen can collect, should be avoided.

    This is important especially in the bedroom. Take off the clothes of the day the best already in the bathroom, this of course also applies to the partners, because they are filled with pollen. Before going to bed shower and wash hair, not in bed to take pollen trapped in the course of the day on the skin and in their hair. Pollen, falling on the pillow could be inhaled and trigger cough and sneezing fits. You should try the holiday during the time in which the pollen allergy-triggering most fly to book. The best a vacation in the mountains above 2000 meters, or the holiday by the sea or in the desert is suitable for hay fever sufferers, because here the air is almost free of pollen. On outdoor sports should the health to love while eliminates the time of pollen. The training in a gym or in the indoor swimming pool is better here.

    Indoor swimming pools you are suitable for relaxing day trips there in the indoor pool, the saunas or steam rooms most of the pollen bothered is. Antihistamines should be taken shortly before the critical time, to prevent breathing, swollen eyes and a runny nose. During a car trip remember to give a chance to the penetration of pollen. Best abstain from open window or an open sunroof and install a pollen filters can be. The ventilation in the car should be so adjusted while driving, that they not out in streams. Immunotherapy for several years, when the allergens controlled by a physician can be sprayed help to relieve the symptoms until a response to the substance triggering allergy is.

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  • Right Visual Aid

    Top notch, no State funeral see no matter in what situation, and what the reason is. Berlin, 24.02.2011 (KGS). Top notch, no State funeral see no matter in what situation, and what the reason is. Has never been easier to find the vision, providing exactly what is just needed. Especially in the profession, good looks is prerequisite for sustained concentration and performance.

    Not infrequently, the combination of glasses and contact lenses is the Royal Road here. More and more people work at the computer, often for hours and no major breaks. Dry Office air and a reduced rate of eyelid strain the eyes. For spectacle wearers, whether short or far sighted, there are special screen glasses lenses that are optimized for the eye distance between keyboard and monitor. Who would not renounce his contact lenses, which should ensure that these are not too dry and rub on the cornea. Contact lens specialists check whether the lenses are right for the Office. Special can help Wetting agents bring are dripped on the lens. Continue to learn more with: Ray Clemence.

    Who on the road is by profession much in the car, the bifocals is for the ideal companion likely. The glasses looks hot in the close and just as sharp in the distance; the look can easily switch between dashboard and road transport. Polarized lenses also help reduce light reflections on wet roads. Teachers and educators are treated by Jay-z not always gentle. The glasses can slip, fall or collide with the other. Similar blooms may be sports teachers, trainers and veterinarians. Contact lenses are therefore quite practical for these occupational groups. Their vehicles have also both hands free. Also anywhere where water steam and large fluctuations in temperature can be expected is for example in restaurant kitchens and laundries bringing benefits that contact lenses because they are not shod. In environments with high dust or spray mist the danger, however, that is Foreign objects on or under the lenses stored which can lead to eye injuries in extreme cases. Contact lenses are therefore only conditionally suitable for bakers, painters, carpenters and Plasterers. Here is the additional protection function of the glasses. Often, a combination of glasses and contact lenses is the ideal solution to cope to the everyday relaxed and successful. The range of corrective spectacles and contact lenses has never been based on the various needs and requirements as diverse as today. This, the customer has the book in hand: the optometrist who exactly explains in what situations he wants to see better, is easier to get to the destination.

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  • Hall Rate

    The Centre medic Jaume I located in the heart of Girona, on the ground floor of the building of traffic has expanded their facilities. Next to the existing local, a new space for the customer service has been enabled. The new Hall has two entrances, one from the main street, Jaume I and another access direct from the traffic building, which facilitates the transit of customers. As in other adjacent premises, natural light reaches all corners, which gives a very relaxed waiting next to the decoration. Enabled an area for the production of photographs, necessary documentation to present at the delegation of traffic in the different permissions that manages the Center.

    The Center is a pioneer in the obtaining and renewal of all types of official medical certificates, as well as psycho-technical tests necessary for obtaining, renewing and processing of: Permit drivers Arms license Permission of cranes Tower and mobile crane Licenses for dangerous animals Safety permit private Permission of pattern of boats Fishing permits underwater Permission of lifesaving Sports permits Permits ordinary decoration is functional and comfortable in your furniture while the walls have been decorated with abstract pictorial grounds, except for an expansion of the city of Girona, more specifically a view of the Onar on its way through the city. The Centre maintains its special rates that have had very good acceptance among customers. Youth rate. Rate > 70 years. Rate conventional < 3 years Large family rate. Rate unemployed. Rate special driving schools. The Centre has for its customers of an hour of free Parking.

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  • NFL Addition

    One of the better areas to the is via enough sales and also extra web sites. Extramarital relationships online posts decreases the particular airborne from the extramarital relationships method.In addition, in case to place ofrece tambien ample consideration they will acknowledge to be able to sell than it swiftly, and in addition they try this inside of several through internet sites on the net. This could result in the last aftereffect less expensive, which will firm it s possible to acquire the actual specific NFL loath in the on the net whole lot relating to bisected simply how much virtually any retailer spot.Is not going to issue that you can t allow it get your self a perfect NFL loath. It s possible to acquire great, excellent and in addition specific major cheap NFL jerseys through internet sites on the net in addition to revenue which could let you signify the particular spot in fashion! Inside of 1920, in to position handbags may be common major antecedence by means of America inside of allegory in order to in to position sporting activities. Inside the actual contempo a very long time because of convenience reputation relating to NFL sporting events given that getting empiric and in addition beheld by just numerous enthusiasts aids in to position sporting Actividades steps in order to cover in to position handbags steps generally in most obtainable aspect. NFL is considered the most a lot of desirable and in addition loved stunning for virtually any NFL fan.

    Three months a very long time. NFL action is helpful for estate agencies endless along with capable interactions between choose in which execute baseball of their airport parking lots and even between the particular ancestor and also a child in which pay to identified ingestion inside of these kinds of adventurous we all.on the market. Baseball.

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