Month May

  • Cinnamon Apple

    1 teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, yogurt a content of fat, 50 ml of skimmed milk, cinnamon, the liquid sweetener. Mix all in Blender. Strawberry mousse. 1 package gelatin strawberry, strawberries, 12 and yogurt Strawberry. Pour into a bowl and beat. cream of yogurt. A yogurt fruit and egg white (of snow). Mix everything together and add sweetener to taste.

    Strawberry shake. 100 g of strawberries, 1-fat natural yogurt. Mix everything in a blender and add sweetener to taste. Cinnamon Apple. 150 g of Apple, cinnamon and dust. Peel the Apple and place in a saucepan with water (a cup) with a cinnamon stick and bring to a boil.

    Remove and let cool in the refrigerator. To serve, add the cinnamon and sweetener to taste. Home desserts light itself which can make low versions life calorie desserts. Simply substitute the sugar with sweetener, versions of fat by your, jams of such light, the margarine with olive oil and fat saturated without ingredients high in calories (dried fruit, butter, cream, cream cheese, cream of the industry). The eggs can be reduced in most of the desserts, and are also softer. The best baked desserts fried. Some ideas: sorbet meringue. Refreshing, light, delicious and digestive system. Ingredients: 1 litre of skimmed milk, 3 egg whites, 250 g of type of sweetener Canderel, lemon peel, cinnamon in branch and powder. Preparation: Boil the milk with the peel of lemon, cinnamon, and a sweetener 200 g for 5 min. Remove from the heat. Meanwhile, until the snow with a few drops of lemon egg whites, add 50 g of sweetener and little by little cold milk is poured through a strainer. Store in the freezer. To serve, sprinkle with cinnamon. gelatin Macedonia. A dessert of vitamins, low in calories and easy to digest. Ingredients: 1 envelope gelatin, 1 Tangerine, strawberry, 4 or 5, 1 kiwi, mango, papaya, average, or median, lemon juice and orange juice, mint leaves.

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  • Artist

    The art in general that it brings deeper feelings must be watered as sedentas plants that only causticam to the sun and thus they can bring fruits more lasting candies and in the soul of the human being. The art has a divine linking, directly leaves the heart of the artist the spectator. It in itself does not need many apparatuses and yes only an artist of opened heart, so that it can loan it its body and thus it to be able to manipulate it and to get life. An art requires only one canal of escape, of revelation, to be able to materialize itself and to play the role of it being set on fire to whom, as the artist, is also in peace I obtain exactly to enjoy of a present the holy ghost, am it in any manifestation, either painting, ilusionismo, circus, music, poetry, scenic, or exactly when an adult if twists all and makes faces and mouths only for the smile of a baby who observes to it intently. why not? If We can say that to take joy, ternura, satisfaction, among others good sensations can bring a welfare to other people is art, then of similar form it can be concluded that to live well, to always send joy, ternura for other people also is an art, where the artist is of opened heart to communicate itself with other human beings, then art is to live well obtains exactly and with the others. Therefore, when saying that to live well it is art and it is also a weapon against the rind that the human being that does not have without retouchings, searching to evolve, any perspective, he tends to construct exactly in return of itself, isolating itself of the world and the good sensations that the life offers and seems to be of so ephemeral form, if not to water, mainly if the said artist, exactly being of opened heart, will not be persistent when seeing its canal the holy ghost (art) to find many obstacles. The artist before everything has that to be persistent and to always think about using its open heart to only sow the joy for where to pass, therefore these things will come back toward it, searching to disclose everything what it has of more intrinsic in the art, collaborating so that life in the world exists. The artist is the collaborating greater to prevent the bankruptcy of the human being in the world.

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  • Muscle Pumps

    Here we are with them and get started. In the first we exercise the leg muscles pumps – squats. If your weight is less than 80 kg, the squat 10 times in 5 sets (sets), a break between sets (sets) not more than 2 minutes. The second exercise is the deadlift, but we still perform without rod or dumbbells, and just lean forward – 10 slopes for 5 sets (sets). What do we give these exercises? First of all, we give the load on some of the most powerful and large mass of muscles in our body, so these exercises will improve our vitality, increase our stamina for physical activities, training the large muscles, we spend a lot of energy, and thus burn more calories. And, besides stimulating the leg muscles, we thus encourage increased own hormones, and thus stimulate the processes of recovery in all muscle groups.

    Remember what body inflated with runners at close range, although in their training, most of the time they attach the legs! INFORMATION FOR WOMEN – do not be afraid to do these exercises. Often, the women heard this question – and from these exercises, my legs do not swing like a football player? NO! To increase muscle volume as necessary at least two factors – muscle load and proper nutrition. At the initial stage of this, the load is designed to ensure that prepare the body for active loads, while those not exercise that would cause a strong hypertrophy of your muscles.

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