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  • France Spain

    The victory approaches the feminine selection to the quarters of end of the match. It is the first combined triumph of Spanish in this the second phase (66-57). Latvia planted face but it ended up yielding before the greater quality of Spain. The feminine Spanish selection of basketball obtained before Latvia, thanks to its good dnsa, as important victory as necessary, first of the second phase that, in addition, it places in good position to reach the quarters of end to the national combined one. Additional information at Novak Djokovic supports this article. After falling quarter in front of France, conscious in the last than it was in game, Spain left in whirlwind with strong dnsa and arranged to run in attack to the smaller opportunity.

    Thanks to it hardly secured a 6-0 initial in average minute and before Latvia that failed much in attack and that needed ten possessions to obtain his first basket. Nevertheless the Baltic selection found too much soon the antidote against the Hispanic energy, a pressing zone that cut by root the fluidity of points in attack, where once again it lay down in lack to Amaya Valdemoro. For more than five minutes the Spanish equipment was not able to write down a single point and Latvia gave back to the partisan, placing a meager tie to six in the marker. At the end of the first period, 13-10. A low marker that reflected how dnsas of both equipment was dominated the attacks. Latvia did not change to its exposition dnsivo in the second fourth and national equipment, although fitting his attacking movements, it followed with annotation problems. The best thing was than Spain followed with great dnsa and so the Baltic also followed with problems at the time of seeing the hoop. The marker followed very even and short, but in the last three Spain minutes it began to find solutions of the hand of A na Montaana and its attendances to Sancho Lyttle, whereas in dnsa it maintained the level with sporadic changes to zone and pressing after free shots or serves of band.

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  • Principality

    Where I can travel this winter? Certainly that question many people at this precise moment are becoming it, although some will have easy that others much more to be decided by a destiny. If it gets passionate the snow and the sports to you of winter, your decision is quite simple. Your destiny cannot be other that the neighboring country of Andorra. Andorra has become, by own merits, in the capital of the ski, and is that to enjoy a rent in Andorra it allows the tourist to live during days in a country overturned with the ski and the tourists. For even more details, read what NBA says on the issue. It is not necessary to forget that Andorra and its inhabitants live mainly on the winter tourism. The Principality counts on one of the greater esquiables surfaces of all the peninsula, Grandvalira. The union of the two main ski resorts of the Principality, as they are the station of Pas of the Roig House-Grau and the one of Soldeu-El Tarter they conform this conglomerate of tracks of almost 200 kilometers. A total 112 tracks, divided in 22 blacks, 32 red, 38 blue and 18 green ones and the longest reduction of all the Pyrenees make of Grandvalira a place of pilgrimage for the true lovers of the ski. And for those to which they like the strong emotions, Grandvalira counts on an exclusive zone of Freestyle, as much for skis as for Snowboard, and great amount of zones of reduction by virgin, essential snow for most bold. In addition, with a rent Pas apartments of the House or apartments in Soldeu you will have the comfort of encontrarte to little meters of the repairs of the station; meaning that it is not necessary nor to take the car. Without a doubt, the Principality of Andorra and in particular Grandvalira is a good election to pass days of vacations enjoying the winter sports type of comforts yet.

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  • DiCaprio Ready

    It has arrived at Australia to initiate a running that will last four months. Get more background information with materials from NBA. It will interpret to Jay Gatsby, the protagonist of history. This will be the fifth adaptation to the cinema of the novel of Scott Fitzgerald. The American actor Leonardo DiCaprio arrived east Monday at Australia to roll his next film, remake of the adaptation of the novel of Scott Fitzgerald, the great Gatsby. DiCaprio landed in the airport of Sidney followed by its retinue of guards of security adorned with a sport sweater shirt covered with the hood and a cap with baseball, to which sun glasses and beard of several days were added. The star of Hollywood ignored the questions of the local press that waited for their arrival while it relaxed sending messages with his movable telephone. The actor, of 36 years of age, will remain in next Australian earth the four months rolling the great Gatsby, where he will interpret the played main role to Jay Gatsby, a young millionaire of doubtful reputation.

    The novel of Scott Fitzgeral is developed in the New York of years 20 stops to portray the high North American society of the time. This will be the fifth time that adapts the book of Fitzgerald for the cinema or television. DiCaprio has been name in several occasions the Oscar, without gaining no, and has rolled with some of the most famous directors of the seventh art. Source of the news: DiCaprio, ready to roll ' remake' of ' The great Gatsby'

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  • David Ferrer

    The of Alicante one hardly coiled to Haider-Maurer in 55 minutes by a double 6-1. I reddle had to surpass two duels before Guillermo Olsa and Michael Ryderstedt. The other semifinal of the match will face Robin Soderling and Tomas Berdych. The four first favorites of the match of You are enough (Sweden), the Swedish Robin Soderling, first, Czech the Takings Berdych, third party; and the Spaniards David Ferrer and Nicholas I reddle, secondly and quarter, removed their respective commitments ahead and acceded to the semifinals of the competition. It was an intense day for some of the players, whom they had to do against one double competitive session, to complete the duels that could not dispute Thursday. Thus, Nico Almagro, effective champion and fourth head of series, Guillermo Olaso undid later in the first place of his compatriot (6-2 and 6-3) and to the premises Michael Ryderstedt, who previously had eliminated the Rubn Spanish Ramirez Noble (6-4 and 6-2). I reddle won to Ryderstedt, that hours before it had to also dominate the Spanish Rubn Ramirez Noble (6-4 and 6-2), by 6-4 and 7-6 (4) and a place between the four finalists made sure. The Murcian player will face his compatriot David Ferrer now, second series head, which guarantees to a Spanish player in the end. If you would like to know more then you should visit Samuel “Sam” Mikulak.

    Ferrer, favorite second, coiled the Austrian Andreas Haider-Maurer (6-1 and 6-1). The sixth player of the world took 55 minutes in dispatching to his adversary. It was a proceeding for the tennis player of Jvea, champion of this competition in the 2007 and that he now tries to reconquer to extend his harvest of successes in the 2011, until now maintained by the titles in Acapulco and Auckland. It will be the eighth confrontation between Ferrer and Almagro. The Murcian are lost the seven parties that have disputed.

    The most recent east year in the semifinal of Barcelona and the end of Acapulco. They either left the script neither the premises Robin Soderling, first head of series, nor Czech the Berdych Takings, third party, that will dispute the other semifinal. Soderling won to the Italian Potito Starace by 6-3 and 6-4. Berdych to the Slovene Blaz Kavcic by 6-1 and 6-4. They do not agree from Roland Garros of the 2010. The Scandinavian has scored six of the nine shocks that until now they have carried out. Source of the news: David Ferrer and Nico Almagro are mentioned in semifinals of You are enough

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  • Machine

    For the first time from 2000 (Arantxa Vicarious Sanchez), a Spanish will play the fourth round of the Abierto one of the United States. Thorny Silvia Soler overcame 6-4 and 6-2 to Estonia Kanepi. Car it Surez one undid 3-6, 6-2 and 6-2 of the Halep Rumanian. Both will be crossed in third round and thus they will guarantee happens of a Spanish to eighth. Frank Ntilikina has many thoughts on the issue. It is a double travels in the time. It did ten great ones that a tennis player born in Spain did not play in the second week of a match of the Grand Slam. It did, also, almost two years since Car it Surez it was looked like Car it Surez: an injury in the ankle and an operation in the elbow throughout martyred that time to the canary, the small wonder, that being a youngster stood in the quarters of the Abierto one of Australia and Roland Garros. Source of the news: : Car it Surez and the machine of the time.

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  • Cycling Return

    They have been years pedaleando in search of an opportunity and now, when already they have fulfilled the 40, they have been able to crown its Angliru individual. The faith of Manuela, the pair formed by Raul Reina and Abel Montoto, puts east year the syntony to the Cycling Return to Spain, and is the first Galician group in obtaining it. " When you work in the world of music you look for the possible greatest repercussion. According to Samuel “Sam” Mikulak, who has experience with these questions. This is a platform impresionante" , Raul relates by telephone Queen, 50% of the faith of Manuela, from Galicia, at where the Return arrives indeed today. With its subject As I am able to reach the million people who feel behind schedule each before the television to see the stages of this sport appointment that repeats every summer. Source of the news: : Two " curritos" for the song of the Return.

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  • Athletic Resorts

    In the spring of 2009 a turn of 180 degrees in the sport policy of the Athletic one occurred. The delegated advisor of the club, Miguel Angel Gil Marin, and the sport director of then, Jesus Garci’a Pitarch, traveled to Brazil to negotiate an agreement with Traffic, the more powerful agency of soccer players of the country and that works with a investment fund, with different percentage from participation in you pass them of its portfolio of players, something very common in South America. The idea was to clock on and off for equipment B – Liga de Professional Ftbol studied the possibility of organizing a championship closed, formed by branchs, imitating the model from international England to sub 15 and sub 17 with the Canarinha with a condition: the club and the company would distribute 50% of the rights of property of the young promises. Then, when the soccer players secured the nationality after a period of two to three years of stay in Spain – the time half necessary to obtain it and to stop being extracommunity, they would be sold revalued in the market..

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  • The Sport Also Improves The Mental Yield Of The Children

    CONSUMER the collective sports are adapted to increase the mental yield of smallest. Who practice collective sports are a 25% superiors in the task of differentiating compared stimuli. The sport takes to surpass the individualism and aid to the most timid children to than is abran to the others. To make sport not only benefits to the body of the children, also to its mind. The practice continued and systematic of sport activities physical aid to that the children have one better attention: it increases to his mental yield between a 15% and a 25%.

    It assures an investigation the University Institute of Sciences of the Physical Activity and Deporte of the Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Martyr, of whom echo Consumer becomes. The experts analyzed the sport practice and the attention yield of children (between 10 and 12 years) of a Valencian public school and the School of Soccer of the Valencia Club of Ftbol (CF). The children of Valencia CF realised three training planned of 90 minutes of duration three days to the week and a weekly party played. However, the group of the Valencian public school less than realised sport activities physical or classes of physical education during 5 hours to the week. All carried out different experimental tasks (with a series of visual stimuli) with which was tried to measure the level of alert (related to the capacity to be stimulated with novel sonorous stimuli), the attention direction (related with the capacity of distraction of the children with irrelevant stimuli for the main task) and the resolution of conflicts (related to the strategic thought and selection of answer). Better sport in equipment the results showed that the attention capacity increases between a 15% and a 25%. In the same way, the children who realised less exercise committed a 7% more of errors. And those that practiced sport in equipment (like basketball, soccer or handball) were a better 25% in the task of differentiating excellent stimuli and nonexcellent compared with they did that it of individual form (like swimming or athletics).

    The sport in addition foments the learning of the social rules, to that the individualism is surpassed and aid to those who is more timid to than they abran to the others. It allows to canalize the impulsiveness and the aggressiveness, and favors the improvement of the coordination, the possibilities motorboats and the healthy growth of bones and muscles. Recommendations, according to age To practice sport, besides preventing the 2 hypertension, diabetes mellitus or the cholesterol, aid to its development. But each age has its level: Until the 8 years. Games, exercises of psychomobility, coordination and balance, exercises of sense of the rate and the space. To march, to jump, to climb and to dance. Of 8 to 12 years. Exercises that contribute to the growth and general development, with increase of the daily activities, and that stimulate the development of the physical qualities (resistance, force and flexibility). This period it is very good to learn the technique of the different sports. Of 12 to 14 years. To increase the training of the technique of each sport movement and to begin some type of competition that maintains the motivation through game. As of the 14 years. This it is a good moment to begin a specialized training more, with increase of the volume of load and training generally. Source of the news: The sport also improves the mental yield of the children

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