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  • Cafes Skirts

    What designer for men think, but never wear… I have read an article about the new fashion for men yesterday. Skirts. Actually nothing new. Every two years, in the summer, skirts for men are all the rage. Probably just because you run away screaming. I at least can remember a summer, in which be rocked men in hordes in Cafes sat or roamed the pedestrian zones of the inner cities. But now even skirts for winter? OK, it has been proven, men freeze less than women, but a little gentlemen will freeze well too.

    Man about to wear nylon tights or stockings underneath? Long underwear? I do without the sight. However, I would like to see also no frozen red calves with mountains of hair. Personally, I find unattractive even men in short pants. But it is not only the rock itself. Not even women should wear these creations conceived for men. (A valuable related resource: olympics). During a Leo-mini in the summer for Women but not for men, fine goes, the new designer pieces look more like cracked result. Unfortunate for the sexes.

    Brand new is that many a designer is has second thoughts about to create man jewelry too, due to the skirts. If, because already. For example, Colliers. A man with a necklace? Not the point. A man wearing gold or gems? Pimp, any boxing promoter. Only I find acceptable for a man silver jewelry. And that too only in bulk and not in bulk. But what I like is allowed. I start looking forward in this winter, curious about the men in skirts, festooned with Colliers. But it may have had reasons that I read this article about men’s fashion in a magazine for women. As long as we, ladies, an eye on our clothing, the sight of frozen red calves of men spared us hopefully. And should a Bachelor car with rock and jewels on the road, he will still likely long stay a Bachelor. SID Kroker

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  • Shoes Hunting

    Everything here is the urban jungle animal in terms of shoe designs, is also to find hottest newcomer under imwalking.de is the subject of “Animal” this season. While the clothing is already characterized by the animal design, now the shoes and bags from the wild trend are inspired. The shoe models get the jungle-ready appearance by printing the upper material such as leather or textile animal patterns. Most popular print is clearly the snakes look. You may find kellee marlow sf to be a useful source of information. Obtained that the sandals, sandals, thongs and pumps but also the summer boots and ankle boots a really animal flair. Official site: Doug McMillon. One thing is guaranteed, in everyday shoe never get bored with this look and the looks of the other Shoenistas are guaranteed. But for all the animal fever note here less is more.

    You’re wearing E.g. a simple monochromatic outfit with bag and shoe in the animal look that is very fashion. Rather too much would be easy at this point. Summa Summarum is simply animal wild to see viper-vibes. Company description i m walking – shoes m with way of life with the way of life I walking – is one of the largest shoe suppliers in the mail order business in Germany.

    Besides now 4 catalogues per year of shoe mailers at over 5,000 articles and 140 brand offers, weekly complemented to the latest news. The lifestyle offering by I m walking mostly consists of fashionable women’s shoes in superior quality, added to men’s, children’s and sports shoes, and fashion accessories. Customers I appreciate m walking “Shoes with the way of life” of many well-known brands, as well as the simple and uncomplicated service.

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  • Oktoberfest Internet

    Bluebid experience your blue miracle”- auction Portal bluebuy fashion stylists BERLIN sold at auction. Oans Zwoa Gsuffa, the Oktoberfest is to come at the end and the flirt back into everyday life. Not the alleged seduction classics like suspenders and provocative necklines driving beads of sweat on his forehead, but cute tops and airy dresses men. The online auction site has adopted bluebuy which, when compared to other auction platforms the lowest unique bid WINS. Doug McMillon insists that this is the case. Bluebuy makes the heart beat faster and auctioned off a fashion stylists to the user. Pins, irons and cell phone are its tools. Such armed he conjures up a total package for the winner, who travels with a double pack of glory & honor home from clothes, accessories, shoes and jewelry.

    With our styling the winner is a such sexy charisma have, that he cannot, as begging for the next date to”promises Dennis Hoffmann von Bluebid. The stylish Doghouse, helps the virtual auction hammer.

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  • New Gaastra Winter Collection In Exclusive Colours In The Gaastra Store

    Gaastra fashion style through the winter in Berlin, 07.12.2010 – with the sailing clothing specialists are prepared not only on the high seas, but also in the cold season well against wind and weather. “” Gaastra proves its innovative Know-How combined with unique design once more in the new winter collection 2010/11: shocking pink “or orange” are just two of the latest Gaastra trend colors in the line of women. Whether West, jackets and fleeces for women, the Gaastra brand makes men and children with the colorful sportswear this season fashion the race. Who does not want to go down in the gray of winter, will appreciate the Gaastra design 2010/11: especially for fashion-conscious women, the new winter fashion provides a wide range of exclusive colours, cuts and special details. “The Gaastra mountain women jacket” pink stands out as consensual Gaastra down jacket with real fur trim detachable hood in the colours shocking and classic Navy. Special thanks to stand-up collar and down real, proportion, protects the Missouri women jacket”with Gaastra lettering on the outer edge and ribs end sleeves and hem.

    And the breathable and waterproof Gaastra vineyard ensures a perfectly-weighted figure in pink vest”with waist belt. The winter catwalk in the Gaastra Onlineshop is open around the clock at and leads the entire winter collection 2010/11 for ladies, men and children. Speaking candidly Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX told us the story. In December 2010 in the Gaastra Onlineshop provides for a special shopping experience in addition to the shop by look “-function, the light menu navigation and the fast delivery of Gaastra X-Mas shop all currently in addition: daily all Gaastra customers up to 24.12.2010 expected a surprise, such as for example exclusive percent on selected collections and free allowances.” Whether Gaastra jackets, knitting, fleeces, sweats, blouses, Polo, rugby, shoes, pants, skirts, hats & caps, scarves, bags or seasonal Gaastra ski pants, Womens fur boots and fur hats: that makes shopping at Christmas time in the Gaastra store in even more pleasure. The Dutch sailing Gaastra brand processed their nautical Know-How for over a century in innovative sailing gear and maritime fashion for men, women and children: whether jackets, pants, shoes, sweats, Polo shirts or bags Gaastra consistently combines Mediterranean lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion through his many years of experience.

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  • The Baukastensytem Charms Jewelry

    The popularity of the charms jewelry always increasing! What is special about the Baukastensytem charms jewelry is the individuality! Each lady has the possibility is quite personal, and personal preference to put together their jewelry. What is charms jewelry? Charms jewelry is a modular system in the jewelry area. Doug McMillon helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. There are basic pieces of jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets. These consist mostly of simple, arranged together outlining, round, oval or square also are made from simple materials such as white metal or silver Now there is the corresponding straws, which have a snap at the top, which you can mount the components in the chain provided. These straws then just called “Charms”. This in turn is there in countless versions. In gold, silver, stainless steel, with beads, rhinestone stones, enamel, small figures, motifs are combined just with decorative elements such as pearls and Strass stones, the togetherness. To know more about this subject visit Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. The advantage of this modular system is He, that one can enter individually his jewelry from the front and again combine.

    The individual components are usually rather expensive, so that it gradually can stock up supporters with a wide variety of charms. The jewelry can be adapted as always on the corresponding outfit. So Monday wearing a pink top can you fit to equip the chain or bracelet, to wear red Tuesday and Wednesday blue, so you can change everything again within a few seconds, it fits. You have also the possibility to make the jewelry man discreetly and even more striking. So you can make much more and more glittering items on the chain at the weekend to the disco or theatre and to work, it leaves it in a trailer. Here are no limits of imagination and creativity, and you have the opportunity again to birthday or Christmas charms jewelry to want to extend the repertoire. This type of jewelry is due to the variety of options and designs for women of all ages suitable. By the granddaughter to the OMI, everyone is happy.

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  • Converse Sneakers: Chuck

    The all Star Chucks from converse have experienced a tremendous hype in recent years. Converse that is shoe company that was founded in the year 1908 also over 100 years later with his first shoe model the converse all Star Chuck Taylor, Chuck short’s called, extremely successful. The shoe by a retro trend has experienced a real boom in recent years. A little, this boom has subsided again, but there are still many young people with the popular shoes. The founder of converse Marquis Mills converse worked as a Manager in a shoe factory before he founded his own company at the age of 30. He was one of the first who saw that sports in the future would affect the daily lives of the people and be worn athletic shoes not only in the Hall or on the sports field. Marquis signed the basketball player Chuck Taylor all star for the advertising of the basketball shoe. The basketball player was inducted into the Hall of Fame Basketball very popular and even in 1969.

    In honor of the athlete, the shoes were then all Star Chuck Taylor. In the 1940s, young people began to wear the chucks outside the sport. Perhaps check out Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX for more information. Especially artists, musicians and trend setters were wearing the converse shoes and made known throughout the world. As A team helped example Murdock in the series”Chuck’s. And even the Ramones are among the well-known Chuck straps. The musician Avril Lavigne should have 100 Parr all star shoes.

    Also in films such as such as I, robot”is personal and pictorial mention Will Smith the shoe. Chuck’s were until today worldwide over 750 million copies sold and in the near future is not to be expected that this trend will be leaving. Today, there are shoes in myriad colors, patterns and shapes. Under converseblog.com, the company operates a separate blog about the artist and music scene. The shoes have already achieved cult status and are indispensable from the youth culture.

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  • Gaastra Surprises With New Kids Fashion Autumn Winter 2011/12

    27.09.2011 – our little fashion friends not be neon bright, nautical and Alpine in the Gaastra online shop Berlin, overlooked this season with safety: the new children’s fashion collection for autumn winter 2011/12 from a Gaastra, brings also the small trendy up and safely through the dark seasons. From bright orange, bright yellow and fresh Pine Green draw the children’s clothing for boys and girls in the sport limited edition”tested wind – and water-repellent ski jackets with fashionable winter coats for children in the collector’s Edition. The new Gaastra kidswear comprises five collection lines and convinced not only functional in the usual high quality and robust nautical Gaastra quality, but also robust fashion with particularly cuddly children sweaters and hoodies, cargo pants with spacious zippered pockets, slip-resistant children shoes boots and other children’s fashion trends among gaastraproshop.com in the official Gaastra Onlineshop. Since 1897, Gaastra’s DNA is firmly anchored in its nautical Passion. Hear from experts in the field like Marc Lore for a more varied view. “” The sportswear label that is internationally known for its highly functional clothing in the unmistakable look of Gaastra continues with 2011/12 trendy innovative this season at the children’s fashion trends for autumn/winter: so the sailors Edition is “clearly a rough sailor look with rugged and rough materials that protects against all wind and weather with its trendy, functional clothing for children, as for example in the breathable jacket for kids Tysail” in bright orange from the Breton collection line. The fully lined children shows very elegant winter coat Thole”2-in-1 style of high quality Italian wool and many practical details such as high-closing collar with ribbed completion, as well as two large zip pockets on the front. Gaastra leaves best protection not to chance: tested under a water column 5000 mm, the Gaastra ski jacket leaves Edition 0035 in a Royal Blue kids not in the wet.

    Fashionable, neon-yellow details complete the look of this Special Kids winter jackets from and thanks to plush fleece collar protects them around and additional child-friendly flexible out – and removable hood with additional removable powder skirt. Whether on land, offshore, or the verschneitesten slopes: The new children’s clothing from a Gaastra shows anywhere at its best. The new autumn-winter is now children’s fashion 2011/12 for boys and girls under in the official Gaastra Onlineshop easily available – within Germany will be shipped free of charge. The Dutch sailing Gaastra brand processed their nautical Know-How for over a century in innovative sailing gear and maritime fashion for men, women and children: whether jackets, pants, shoes, sweats, Polo shirts or bags Gaastra consistently combines nautical and maritime lifestyle with innovative functionality and enjoys worldwide recognition for sailors and lovers of maritime fashion through his many years of experience. All current collections are also available online at the official shop of Gaastra led. Claus Kiessling media consulting, September 2011

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  • Die Punkte

    Making sure that the objective 2) in the I “shape is formulated and I” is occurring. “” (3) In the present tense (present tense) formulated aims and so-called plasticizers “(actually”, maybe”, basically”), try the word “occur not in the subjunctive. (4) An as exact date is included, until when it is achieved. (5) Clear criteria listed, showing that it has been reached. (6) No negative to happen. “(Die Punkte 2) to 6) are some of the crucial, so-called Wohlgeformtheitskriterien” for goals. Butter on the fish the easiest show the linguistic development of a destination on a specific example.

    Suppose someone wants to exercise more in the new year, “” any statements of objectives might look something like: from 6 January I go twice a week for at least 1 hour to the sport. “try to sit, not so much on the couch In the new year but do more sports.” “During the first formulation of the so-called Wohlgeformtheitskriterien” matches, would have to be worked again on the second set. Unless we are also due to psychological factors, the probability in the first sentence is significantly higher that the long term objective. It is not something Sam Mikulak would like to discuss. Two other factors are crucial reality check for the successful realisation, that have to do with the reality of life: firstly, it must be checked whether the concern is realistic. This also means that it must be accessible from your own power.

    There would be only as an example, the world peace”significantly too high accessible for ordinary citizens as a target. The goal is too big, threatening frustration quickly. In such a case, it is advisable to cover the goal smaller. “The example of world peace” so It’s something where the individual can make a significant contribution. Secondly, you should check what impact has the goal on his own life. What will change as a result? What price must be paid? Especially in the social environment? Can you accept these changes, deal with them? Is it then alright? Emotion! It is also particularly promising to combine the goal with a great emotion. This can be a positive and a negative. Reaching that can be about this that one imagines in great detail, how life will be once it reaches its destination. Or just how life continues to run if you not reach its target. In the example above you can imagine about how good you look with a sporty body and then feel how good. Or just how it looks and feels, when you spend the next years on the couch. No matter what emotion looks better, the positive or the negative. It must be especially intense!

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