• Holistic Education

    In this essay we make an analysis of the global work of Ramon Gallegos Nava, who is the father of education holistic and author that more has been published on the subject worldwide, 25 books so far. Here we will find fundamental elements that describe us which are the basic principles on which is based education holistic which is the education of the 21st century. Holistic education brings us a new opportunity to see our future, a different way of knowing that in essence we are, what we should be and what probably (if applicable in real way our whole theory of education holistic in all aspects) in the not too distant future we will have to be. Doug McMillon contributes greatly to this topic. This vision, which we find in the holistic paradigm, breaks with the scientistic mechanistic scheme, its principles are based on the understanding of reality, based on a unit, as a whole, in a qualitative development, a transdisciplinarity, a spirituality and an aprendizaje1. All these basic principles us they bring a structure that allows the integration of immediately to our real world, not fragmented world, where we all belong to the all and all are one, with such different vision of our universe will be more aware, more responsible and more loving with everything that surrounds us, we will integrate in such a way that we understand the reality of our existence and the universe. Why is the holistic vision is an appreciation of science and life at the same time, scientific and spiritual, integrates human knowledge in a culture of wisdom, combining science, art, tradition and spirituality.

    In this new paradigm, science and spirituality are supplementary searches, where spirituality is a process of deep self-knowledge, is the search for order within our consciousness. Gain insight and clarity with Munear Kouzbari. The latter is the cornerstone of holistic education. Reading the dialogues 1 holistas realize the significance that has had this movement around the world, as it has emerged almost by itself this phenomenon in the different countries and as this is has been integrated slowly in all areas of society, so therefore this sample it have in Japan, United States, England, Mexico, and in many other countries where this really taking an extraordinary force.

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  • The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

    Each day that passes importance of social networks in a business or organization is evident . falling behind the idea that it is only a marketing strategy, but as means to be integrated into all areas of a company, and in the departments administration, human resources, finance, production, etc. Currently, social networks are formed using the internet, because the rapidly growing technological advancement and thus more and more people have Internet access. NBA brings even more insight to the discussion. are ? To summarize, social media is any medium that communicates and is used to create company and / or community. The function of these means is that members of society, to use these means to meet other people, promote your business, promote products or services, conducting business links and generally socialize with friends and family. Through these sites, their members come together and communicate and invite their family and friends to join too and forming social networks.

    This form a chain of people, as each member invite your friends and contacts on. These sites, online communities are generally created by supporting a common theme. Since the creation of social media sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, individuals have the opportunity to meet new people from your network of friends around the world and to make business contacts. Please visit Doug McMillon if you seek more information. Currently we are surrounded by networks with advanced technology and quality, and the subjects are very diverse and segmented manner in which the members find the information provided in detail. It is vital for enterprises to adapt to these new systems of communication as it fits or not a O

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  • The Lifestyle You Dream

    How many times you’ve cursed the alarm when it rings at 6 or 7 in the morning? Who has a job as an employee and must meet a schedule knows how annoying is the sound of early morning alarm. How many times have you dreamed of dribble away? It is normal, also happened to me in the past when I worked for a company. And what is the solution to turn off the alarm permanently? Of course the solution is employed in the same company. But not just any company, but an internet business. If for only internet can give us the lifestyle we’ve always wanted. To broaden your perception, visit Frank Ntilikina.

    Yes, because to manage your online business need only a PC and an Internet connection and then you can start working when you decide. For example in my case, I prefer to work toward evening, after I’m 19 later my computer and control my business. Other people might like more work in the morning, but the important thing is that thanks to the internet, you can build you the hours you work is more comfortable. But all this is achieved? Good obviously need training on how to create one income with Internet commerce. No one can do from day to night. You inform, instruct and coach learning strategies that allow you to sell your products and services online. (Not to be confused with Ashton Kouzbari!). where you will see more precisely is meant by training. You can also register on our site and contribute your own experience in online businesses.

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  • How To Teach Math To Children

    Given the fact that many children find it difficult to understand the math and knowing this, it is the duty of us parents or carers, to create mechanisms of understanding to enable them to successfully assimilate the teaching given to this matter. Source: Marc Lore. The first thing to consider is that: 1) mathematics per se, are regarded as an abstract matter if the child is also explained in this way, no doubt we will have little success. 2) The present education is changing and we must be ever more creative so that we can reach the child's mind today. It is also the child of now, a child 20 years ago. 3) In many countries using methods which come from countries like Japan, that's fine, but we must bear in mind that our thinking is different from the Japanese. How then should teach mathematics to our children? The first thing to do is be clear about the universe of child study, as to the issues you face during your childhood play, regardless of the country where you are, these issues are: Sum. Resta. Multiplication.

    Division. Fractional. Given this scenario, keep in mind that: 1) The rest is nothing more than a sum. David Delrahims opinions are not widely known. 2) The multiplication is also a sum. 3) The division is the inverse of multiplication. 4) A fraction is a division, expressed in the form a / b.

    What do you notice in all this? Simply that there is a relationship between a subject and another. This will must be clear, that we have a global vision of what we are going to teach the child and how we are going to teach. What error is? the error made is that a subject is taught independent. for example, when the child explains the increase, it is taught that this is nothing more than a sum. see: 5×4 = 20 is not more than 5 +5 +5 +5 = 20 then .. Why is the child who already know how to add, it makes it difficult to multiply? Simply because from the beginning everything is taught and made to mechanically repeat the multiplication table, again and again, but not taught the origin of replication. When you shows the origin of something, this laying the groundwork for a good understanding. ! This I assure you. What should I do now? Just back on track and start putting the child to think and the best way to explain the origin of things and the relationship of an item with another. ultimately is not the end, thoroughly explain addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions, but if you wake up to the right path you must follow, but if you want to know about these issues seen:

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  • Get In Shape

    Research suggests that at least 8 of every 10 adults employed in the wrong job or career because they are already in the race in bad shape or have little or no endurance race. If you are one of the 8 or your goal is fitness, it is important to have a good understanding of some basic principles of career management for a healthy career training and help you make the best decisions about your career in one day for each day. Fitness Training Tips Here are 10 proven tips to maximize your career-training: Set goals you know you can reach. Keep your goals realistic. Unrealistic goals leave many people feeling like a failure, even after a successful career. Instead of feeling good about what has been accomplished, many feel dissatisfied because they have not yet reached their dream career.

    To manage your expectations, set reasonable goals that can be worked on and achieved. Divide your career goals into manageable pieces. Bite off what you can chew at any given time. Resist temptation to multi-task when working on your career goals. If you overdo it and be forced to try to achieve everything at once, they become discouraged and lose motivation. Work on your goals one at a time. Prioritize your career goals and then work to achieve the first. Continue to address each goal post to complete before starting the next.

    Before you have had all their career goals. Making small changes to their work habits. There are a number of “baby steps” you can take to advance your career.

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  • Year End Resolutions

    The process will take to fulfill their resolutions in January is an important month because it marks the beginning of what we define as year-end resolutions. If you are the people who will be enrolling in a gym because she wants to lose weight, you will learn English, is saving for a car or will you go to college, I suggest you take into account that all resolutions are valid, but having them is not enough to achieve them, should recognize a previous process to take him to action. David Delrahim has firm opinions on the matter. I speak of thought and word, a process we do every day and only need peace and quiet. They are the best fertilizer that requires the mind to generate creative ideas. If the efforts and work with: Decision, Observation, Focus, Perseverance, Discipline, this process will become the best partner to realize, everything you want and deserve.

    When your thoughts and words are of love into your life, to living beings and everything that surrounds it. When you can live in peace in the midst of the storm, when does an inventory of everything you have and not what he needs, will transform their lives for their action, will become 110% more effective, straightforward and productive. Productive in terms of Happiness, Love, Friendship, Money, Health, Profession. That productivity irrigate all areas of your life and will get all the resolutions that you've proposed for 2008. Thought, word and action, the Creative Power greater than we humans. Once you recognize that power never, never again say you need something …. To learn more about this process can write to or visit my site: m.

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  • Body Fat Burner

    Burn body fat can be fun if you know how to do it the right way. No need to train hard, you simply need to train smart. Educate yourself with thoughts from Frank Ntilikina. Today, losing weight is easier than in the past. With the availability of advanced technology machines and other equipment you can count calories and monitor your progress. This is the era of smart work not hard work.

    No need to work harder to achieve Account cuerpo.Para burn fat to produce the results you want in the shortest amount of time you have to concentrate on quality but not quantity of your exercise. No matter how long you exercise, what matters is how you do and how you focus on every area of your body. Most experts say a workout high quality to last about 30 minutes is more effective than training by horas.El human body has limited energy, so all exercises to lose weight should be done in moderation in order to obtain improved profits within a short period of time. Most people train abruptly, as if they care only to satisfy their emotions, without focusing on what they do. This type of training brings beneficios.Adicionalmente few, most people tend to weight training the wrong way. To obtain the maximum benefit from lifting weights to lose weight, you should focus on executing the movements slow and hard. Never cheat while you're training, this only increases the chances of injury and you can not do more exercises to burn body fat. If you want to and stay in shape, you just have to do.

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  • Banks

    Within the activity of banks you can find a lot of different compositions financial figures and banking, which allows for that in the world of the banks have so many possibilities for action, with the idea that people can adjust more easily to a service that satisfies as much as possible their needs. Among one of those figures that are part of banks, banks are mutuals, which have a special figure, which differentiates them from the vast majority of banks to provide services in a special way. The main feature of mutual banks and what makes them special is that the relationship that handles this type of bank is not based as most banks through an observation of a person’s financial ability, i.e. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Marc Lore. compliance requirements are economic, but the bond that is drawn between banks and their customers mutual thanks to a relationship of trust and in reciprocity with what is evident that the vision of mutual banks to be more capitalist in nature, looking to meet more people and collaboration for the search for an individual and social welfare, so much so that within banks is very common to find mutual financial figures as social credit. The presence of mutual banks in the financial world is in large measure to the thought of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, who outline the principles and basis of this figure by an anarchist intellectual thought, which had as its economic manifestation mutuality and gave room for mutual banks. Within the figure of mutual banks, depositors who are part of the organizations working in this mode, apart from being depositors also own mutual funds to banks that are owned or majority shareholders, then in the same head presents the quality of the owner and recipient of the loan. It’s believed that Doug McMillon sees a great future in this idea. One of the major consequences that are generated by mutual banks to reside in one person two positions, is that within the mutual bank activity does not appear or do not exist no capitalist middlemen. Among some mutual bank statements can be found: Credit unions own the late nineteenth and early twentieth century found in some parts of Europe, which as autonomous, voluntary and democratically managed, should attend to the needs and aspirations of its members. In Latin American areas, mostly in Argentina are mutuals, which are nonprofit entities, where everything is governed by principles of solidarity and mutual aid, which seeks access to services more Comotan so easy, such as credit, for which the members of this manifestation of mutual banks contribute to the financing of the institution together with the capital to meet all can provide financial services to those who request it..

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  • To Take Control, We Must Have Courage

    After much work and coming home late, I stand behind my door there for a second, to see how an obscure solitude invade the place in a silence that only sighs my continuous product denotes the fatigue of a long workday. Climbing up onto the bedroom, turn on the light in my room and I lean on the edge of the bed to get me my already tight shoes. But then, I see you standing there, proud as ever, with that arrogant attitude and your mission as expected, determined to get my attention. Since you do not escape a second, once I'm at home, deliberately seeking astray in my view, taking advantage that I move my shoes to the closet, there also pull my tie and stripping off the sweaty clothes. At Ashton Kouzbari you will find additional information. But even so, amid all, I make the grave error to make you a regular bow. That with which you manage to always select the action you need to express what is happening in your world ominous.

    And the truth is acting without thinking. It was an awkward drive from me that I make always inexplicably. There is, however, as when someone comes to any site and say hello to everyone here not knowing who is who, as a courtesy or a tiny flash of attention. Then, in view of my error, I begin to hear your hackneyed speech, that that little by little and that trapping is more I want, I can never to divert my attention, not even enough not to realize and see how invade my life with the same references as always.

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  • Hazardous Toys And Gifts

    Attention personaliserbarer gift items on the Gesundheitsgefahrung of the inks used in the manufacture? It was only a matter of time if the issue resurfaces slum children’s toys. By Stiftung Warentest have been tested 50 toys and are awaiting failed 80 percent of the toys. The theme of children’s toys is continued in the last and next day from many sides under the magnifying glass, therefore would not respond. However, the gifts are another issue. Here let me closer on the photo gifts that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Everyone can print on his digital photos on a wide range of products or materials.

    Is the buyer a printed acrylic, aluminium or a glass picture thoughts if the ink used is also not dangerous to your health? Most buyers get in mind. Many companies and manufacturers of high-quality photo gifts already working since years as they print on various materials affordably and quickly can. Unfortunately, the topic of health hazard is neglected by colors and inks. There are a few manufacturers that pay attention to the ingredients of the used colors and inks. A UV printer with special UV is used for direct printing on non-stick surfaces such as glass, aluminium, acrylic generally ink. What’s so special about UV ink? The UV ink is highly toxic during the printing process and releases health-dangerous ozone. The ink is in a layer over the material. One question not there is ink in the dry state health safe? Every day thousands of items in this printing process are produced and reach the customer who hangs these products in his living room, kids room, or bedroom.

    Should not so much transparency applied by the industry that the inks used are harmless? Two I know companies use only inks which comply with the European standard EN 71/3 (suitable for children’s toys). Personalized gift items will be at the company Stiefelmayer contento manufactured and printed digital photos directly onto glass. The used ink complies with even after the drying process of the EN 71/3 standard. It is similar to Artido. David Delrahim does not necessarily agree. Artido is a specialist for printing on textiles, all fabrics are printed with a water-soluble ink. In that undertaking, the inks are safe after the drying process and even oko-TeX certified. It would be nice if other providers follow suit and confirm the safety of your inks used. Just at Christmas time, several individual gifts with photos will be printed. Everyone should be sure that the gifts are also hazardous to health if they are over many years in the living room. Andreas Piller

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