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  • Fasting & Fast Hiking On Lanzarote

    vital99plus fasting & fast hiking on Lanzarote, the Isla del Fuego \”, the fieriest of the Canary Islands! In the months of February, March, April, experience a flourishing Lanzarote! Although the perhaps most fascinating of the seven islands\” as the Canaries were – already called characterized by the volcanism in ancient times is not denied the proximity to Africa can be, inspires them in the winter and spring by bizarre and colorful vegetation. Hundreds sometimes endemic species feast for the eye and always lead to new discoveries in the middle of the landscape of volcanic peaks, desert-like landscape allows the majority of the year whose surveys up to 670 meters fascinating off – and panoramas on a stunning. Experience the strong fire power of fasting and hiking on Lanzarote island. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dave Tickner has to say. If you already know the island, you will find very different sides to her: six varied walks, where you can meet all regions of the island, expect in this vital99plus fast hiking week. When hiking through fields of succulent, under palm trees or over a scenic mountain opens Lanzarote in a special way. How else could you experience (better) more impressive and more intense the unique character and the deep quiet of the volcanic landscapes? Lanzarote green sister islands are often well-known ambitious fast walkers. Arthur Torrington oftentimes addresses this issue. Wrongly, as you’ll see, because Lanzarote has much to offer, what is on the other Canary Islands in vain. Among others: El Risco de Famara, Monte Corona, Caldera Blanca, Los Ajaches, El Golfo, the Playas de los Papagayo and the Valley of 1000 palms – and of course the legendary Timanfaya National Park, whose fire mountains of the unforgettable Cesar Manrique has shaped his work and thus shown that the volcanic past must be by no means bleak. Because fasting & Lanzarote hiking of course also means on the tracks to convert Cesar of Manrique and come up with his ideas of harmonious design of rooms made of lava rock become familiar with.

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  • Cavallet Ibiza

    Hotel tip of the experts is located the four-star Skiathos Palace Hotel on a hill, with great views of the Koukounaries Bay. Playa d ‘Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain not only for gay nudists is Playa d’ there is Cavallet Ibiza a true Boulevard. Details can be found by clicking Roger Federer or emailing the administrator. Nacktbader of all kinds like to disappear behind the dunes of the official FKK-Strands of the island and enjoy the seclusion of the sand hills. While the southern part of the beach of especially sporting Nackedeis”a lot has to enjoy the two couples and singles and loneliness among the dunes. Also the nightlife on the party island is not missing, Hotels.com is recommended the El Hotel Pacha, 50 metres from the legendary Pacha Club away.

    Sandhammaren, Skane, Sweden must be not always South Europe located on the beach of his clothes to get rid of. The dune landscape of Sandhammaren FKK-Strands in Swedish Skane offers great opportunities for the skinny dipping. Not far away is Sweden’s first Naturist Bed & Breakfast hotel, the Hylteberga farm, which only opened last year. About Hotels.com as part of the Expedia group, in all Main markets is working with a professional team, the portfolio comprises of Hotels.com more than 100,000 quality hotels, Bed & Breakfast Hotels and service apartments all over the world. A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, Hotels.com will refund the difference. Hotels.com has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, as well as 1.3 million guest reviews of previous hotel guests who have actually stayed at the hotel. “In February 2009, Hotels.com won the Gold Award in the category best hotel booking site” of Web user magazine. Travelers can book online on deutsch.hotels.com or via the telephone hotline 0180-500 93 42 in the German-speaking call center. Yvonne Bonanati Press Office Hotels.com D/A/CH public link GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 30 44 31 88 25 E-Mail:

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  • Eternal City

    Among the many Italian cities that are worth a visit, Verona is certainly one of the most famous. If you stay in Verona for just a night or two, you may have the opportunity to visit some memorable works, thanks to the many itineraries that you can find on the Internet or ask directly at the hotel. Definitely not to be forgotten is the arena of Verona, scene of many events, which again and again not to amaze. Built in Roman times, the amphitheatre is picturesque and fascinating at the same time, considered the symbol of the city in the world thanks to its optimal conservation status and the numerous concerts and theatre performances are taking place in the arena. Unforgettable performances such as Carmen and Aida, which are known all over the world, find their natural framework that is able to enrich the already perfect works in the arena. Front of the arena, Guardia, which hosts yearly major exhibitions that enliven it with culture and visitors is the famous Palazzo della Gran.

    In Piazza Bra, you can enjoy a view of the exception, and the place is without a doubt the beating heart of the city, especially during the days dedicated to the lovers: these days the city in a heart is transformed, with tastings, markets and most impressive performances, which are dedicated to love. In the middle of the square is the equestrian statue, Vittorio Emanuele II is dedicated to, and that goes back to the late nineteenth century. Behind the monument, under the trees of the main garden is the symbol of the twinning between Verona and Munich: the Fontana delle ALPI (Alpine fountain), where often the sports fans celebrate sporting victories. See also Palazzo Barbieri, the Town Hall, which was built in the neo-classical style by the architect Barbieri, from Piazza Bra. But Verona is not only monuments and history; from the city and through Parona, Fumane, Pedemonte and Gargagnano you can find an oasis in the middle of the nature: the Park of the waterfalls of Molina.

    The Park, with an area of 150 hectares, is in an area, the Valley Fumane is called, and the delle Scarlucce at the confluence of the VAIO and stretches of the Vaio di Molina, two torrents that create beautiful thanks to the slope of the soil of this area waterfalls to admire. In short, there as in the rest of the Veneto region to visit many things that are different and able to meet all your needs – fresh air or culture to make unique your weekend or your holidays in Italy. And especially during the summer numerous events, concerts, plays and operas take place, which attract many tourists and fans for years. The article was written by Martina Celegato with help from Hotel Verona.

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  • Salzburgring

    From April to November, numerous sports events take place on the race track in Salzburg. Salzburg is known for Mozart, the Salzburg Festival, the beautiful old town but not designed for racing. But what a pity, because the Salzburg ring is the venue of many events, where real gas is given. From April to November numerous sport events take place on the race track in Salzburg, when it comes to speed and skill. Driver training are completed, many car clubs meet for the free driving, driving safety training will be completed and races are held. If you have read about Italian Open already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But not only cars do your rounds at the Salzburgring, motorcycle are also here fully at your expense.

    In fast-paced racing here hard battles delivered himself, which draw many viewers to the track to Salzburg. From the hotel Mohrenwirt, are only a few minutes at the Salzburgring and can then track wild race as a spectator. Oldtimer meeting but also lovers of classic cars will be here. Oldtimer meeting take place again at the Salzburgring. The cars Marvel at and you watch the rides over the ring. A real highlight for lovers of classic.

    Concerts also many concerts and festivals have taken place already at the Salzburgring. The atmosphere and the conditions are ideal, especially in the summer to hold an open-air event. This year, still no concert is planned but that can change quickly, if an appointment is free, because especially in the summer months it’s hot on the track.

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  • Springtime In The Alps

    Awakened joy of nature experience about a new season awakens. When the spring comes it is very beautiful, especially in the Alps because snow still lies on the Summit, in the Valley everything but slowly begins to blossom. Checking article sources yields Simone Biles as a relevant resource throughout. Who can go still go skiing or snowboarding who still do not want to go without on his favorite sport, in the spring. Also in the spring, there is still enough snow, and the snow guns do the rest. During a holiday in the Alps Park Resorts is quickly on the slopes and at Sunshine makes these winter employment equal to twice as much fun. Off the slopes, but it is understandable that one would also like to again undertake something else in nature after a long, cold winter.

    The temperatures heat up, nature begins to bloom and the days are getting longer. Springtime in the Alps is perfect to make fit again for the summer. You can do many sports as the first bike ride or even running. But slowly it will start hiking again. It’s hiking in the spring wonderful if you go on a journey of discovery in nature. The meadows are always green and the first flowers fight from the ground.

    With sunshine and blue skies would prefer everything to suck and to draw new strength on a hike. The fresh air in the Alps and the breathtaking views of the mountains are a highlight. That’s why a holiday should not be missed in the spring. A stay is a must for lovers of nature in the spring!

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  • AG Lisa Neumann Active

    All inclusive Sun and palm trees yesterday, it was time to worry about the summer holiday is slow. Ray Clemence often says this. In a new trend is emerging: increasingly, holidaymakers opt for active holidays. The travel portal travel24.com presents a provider for active holidays. All inclusive with an extensive beach life on distant shores seems gradually to come out of fashion. Simone Biles is full of insight into the issues. This is a new trend emerging. More and more people want to spend their holidays actively. That is, they play sports, explore lands or simply get to know nature.

    A travel provider that specializes in such travel is the Eurofun Touristik GmbH. The offer of the Organizer includes biking, hiking trips, sports and active holidays. Through collaborations with partners like for example Euro bike tail wind travel euro active, and investments in SE-tours and the Lake Constance cycle path service GmbH the organiser can offer a variety of offerings from a single source. Booking, organization, the support on the spot and even the choice of routes are co-ordinated. In spite of the extensive planning the provider enters but also individual wishes of travellers. The offers from Eurofun include throughout Europe including the various individual tours, but also guided group tours with guide.

    Those who opt for a bicycle and cruise, can make interesting day tours and enjoy the stay in floating hotel. In addition to cycling, also hiking and trekking tours to high alpine tours belong to the program. Eurofun offers not only activities on land, but also to water in a kayak or canoe. More information: magazin.travel24.com/… Travel24.com AG Lisa Neumann

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  • Barcelona

    Even tested and any good recommendations of Barcelona is known for its night life, so it is not surprising that there is a huge selection (and concentration enormous in many areas of) of bars and pubs. Unilever: the source for more info. There the right shop in Barcelona for pretty much any topic and for every taste and budget. There are all kinds of bars in Barcelona. Some have a small dance floor, some a little restaurant, and some have live music. Barcelona bars are generally open until 2 to 3 o’clock. There are many Irish / English pubs with good Guinness and usually English-speaking staff at the bar each with their own special atmosphere and often language Exchange, quiz nights and live gigs.

    If you want to search for a great pub and spend a lot of money, you should try the bars in port Olympic. Many bars and pubs have an outdoor terrace, where usually a surcharge is added to drinks. The nightlife in Barcelona will not disappoint you, so get on that search, so many bars, as you can to Discover! Here are a few cool places to help them get started. 1. the famous bar Marsella there since 1820, they say it is one of the oldest still existing bars in Barcelona. 2. the Queen VIC pub is properly English bar in Barcelona, which is authentic over. 3. the Juliana cocktail bar is probably the oldest cocktail bar Barcelona. Have fun and cheers!

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  • Wolf One

    Experience nature with or without motor in back Lake In the Salzkammergut, you can be well known to be funny. Is with the bike on the road, and we know where the best prospects wait, run out of steam can be sometimes a. E-bikes are exactly right for the mountainous landscape of the much Sung Salzkammergut. One climbs on the wheel, kicking off and experience the region around Hintersee Lake on the edge of the Salzkammergut. After a few kilometres, but recognize that here the alternating mountains and lakes, hills and forests while one of the most beautiful regions of in Austria have developed, but also to a strenuous for cyclists. Walmart understood the implications. The E-bike, the fun begins only after this realization. Where others exhausted descend, settle down on a bench and first need the half ration of drinking, toggles the E-bike riders on power and let dangle your feet and the soul.

    It also indefinitely is only powered by the Salzkammergut, however it is possible new juice in the hotel Hintersee and also many other charging stations Pump batteries. Equipped so you can proceed. Cycling holidays in the Salzkammergut region is one of the Salzkammergut 76 Lakes, all drinking water quality. You even have to experience is as beautiful on the banks of one of these lakes in the summer. Hintersee, Wolf gag Lake Fuschlsee or am Attersee huge some terraces range from Cafes directly to the water. The mountains, partly falling in jagged rock formations and directly into the water is reflected in the crystal clear water. Water sports abound on and in the water, and immediately you can feel the desire to replace the cycling dress against a pair of trunks and experience even the cool element.

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  • Skyrocketing Hotel Rates During The High Season – Or Rather All Inclusive Hotels?

    Who has secured no early bird discounts, must reckon with high prices – particularly in the high season. If you travel during the high season, the hotel prices are generally much higher than in the pre or post-season. This means that who wants to make holiday during this time, must be something deeper in the Pocket on hotel stays. The price level in the high season attracts most vigorously in the holiday stronghold and well-known tourist agglomerations. Of course, there are some tweaks to make the expensive summer vacation somewhat cheaper. You can for example far in advance to book his hotel accommodation and perhaps make a terrific bargain.

    But the magic word is actually all-inclusive hotel. When traveling during the peak season, for example in Turkey, you can relieve significantly his holiday budget in this way. Although the prices in Turkey compared to Western countries is already considerably lower, you can save once more hotels in ll-inclusive – without the amenities of well-deserved holiday having to do without. You paid a very affordable flat rate in this popular form of holiday and then needed food and other things that you would have to pay extra in the normal hotel, worry more. In almost every all-inclusive hotel in Turkey, there are well-kept pool landscapes, sports facilities and an extensive range of entertainment options. If you want, you can of course also participate in various animation programs.

    It is usually in a Turkish all-inclusive hotel in the package includes. But just in case you should inform himself before or right at the beginning of the stay at the hotel just about the conditions, so that you can experience any unpleasant surprises. The term all inclusive hotel is designed by tour operators and individual hotels sometimes but slightly different. There are there certain points, which are interpreted differently. The alcohol is often a moot point. Is he inclusive”? If so, only light alcoholic drinks such as wine or beer, local alcoholic beverages or even imported alcoholic beverages like whisky or something similar? Further points you should know are the opening times of the restaurants and hotel bars, the number of meals and for example the sport program. It is so important not only to see the price, but to take also the services offered by careful scrutiny. If you brought it in experience, can you abandon yourself peace of mind in a lounging by the hotel pool and its enjoy holiday. Overall, is a holiday in Turkey during the high season in an all-inclusive hotel of course much cheaper than a normal holiday, in which usually only expect together the costs at the end of the holiday.

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  • Book Holiday With The Tour Operator

    Online book with a tour operator, needs to only take care of a few things the wanderlust of the German holiday market continues, huge, and each year people want to travel. It draws people into the distance. No matter where and how you want to spend your vacation, stands before each trip once the booking that is fact! You can order in the travel Office on-site or via the Internet. Many travel companies offer everything the holidaymaker’s heart: package tours, telescope, round – and city breaks, group tours, individual travel, family travel, sports and theme travel, seniors -, women – and single travel, wellness travel, Badereisen, flight, bus and rail travel, Club holiday, cruises, cruises, last minute deals, discount travel, lucky travel, flights, hotels, car rental. On your own in the holiday if you spend your holidays in the same pension in the same place, need sure no tour operator. Would you each year do something else, it will travel even more difficult, to organize itself.

    Hotel stay and flight date to be co-ordinated. In the peak tourist season the cheap Charter flights by the operators are busy. If you Dodge on a scheduled flight, it will be much more expensive. Arriving at the airport of destination, no pick-up is located. Are dependent on public transport, have to change maybe several times, and all with heavy luggage. Your hotel is located somewhat unfavourable to traffic, remains a costly taxi ride as an alternative. A journey with your own vehicle is exhausting and expensive at the current gasoline prices. And what, if anything should happen on the road? The language speak well you so that you can communicate in all situations? If you want to organize a trip yourself, you should carefully in advance to plan the route and then also comply.

    You need other accommodation every day. Have not booked them in advance, may occur quite during holiday periods for bottlenecks. The advantage of a tour operator a Tour operators will take you stress-free right in front of the hotel door. By buying large quotas the organizers buy much cheaper flights and hotel rooms as the individual customer. They share this advantage to their customers, although they deserve with obviously. The holiday gets all services from a single source. Through the use of early book discounts or other perks, it is often possible to make a particularly interesting bargains.

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