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  • Leadership

    CREATIVITY and leadership, two materials necessary in the education by Ernesto game Pedroza between requirements that large companies are asking applicants to occupy the most important posts are no longer a broad curriculum, high scores nor studies in top universities. What you are asking for is creativity, leadership, vision. Unfortunately these subjects are not taught in universities. The absence of these subjects contributes greatly to increase the unemployment of graduates from universities. The time that we live is highly dynamic, everything moves, everything changes from one day to another, but the education that students receive is paralyzing.

    We are educated with information which will be obsolete within five years. That sense is studying information that won’t have any utility? Excessive importance is given to the data, when the importance the creation of data has. Favors information and the creation of the data be set aside. Single information itself does not contribute to the training of men and women who are capable of solving the problems that will be presented in the not too distant future. Something that should emphasize is the observation, the approach to problems that has the student and of course, the solution of the same.

    This involves creativity, since it is the resource to solve problems in an original way. No student has the same problems as the others, therefore, would require different solutions. That’s where comes the personal creativity. Most of the students of all levels are studying according to the plans and programmes drawn up by a few academics who determine what students should study. No matter the differences that exist between students, plans and programs are designed as if all were the same. The concerns, aspirations, problems are not taken into account. Authorities, principals and teachers assume that students should know and implicitly assume that the students do not know. Is there someone who knows absolutely everything that others should know? A six year old boy who arrives for the first time to school already has lots of information in your mind, at that age has many lies which it operates to his very young age.

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  • Common Man

    How meditation can help the average person in his life? For each person the benefit of meditation is personal, because everyone is different and the way all too different. But there are some common things about them, we'll talk. The most widespread belief that meditation helps you relax and rejuvenate. With this statement hard to argue, but it's only just the simplest thing you can get from meditation. You can learn to manage their emotional state. Better manage their consciousness, control and monitor their thoughts.

    Screen out negative thoughts and cultivate positive. Learn how to sleep less and faster to recover their strength Develop their thinking, creativity and intelligence. Become more calm and balanced achieve new heights of spiritual growth 'which the goal is meditation? " – I can not speak for everyone. For me personally, initially to meditation had an opportunity to learn how to work with your mind that is a kind of ability to switch between different modes of consciousness, religion is the contact with God, in the esoteric teachings a fusion of its energy with the energy space represent all their different goals for meditation that's why everyone comes to this for their own reasons. 'What meditation can help regular, ordinary people in vain? " – For me it was a way to learn how to switch state. I know people who long ago that they zanimayutsya and retreats into a serious went for 2 weeks without all the caves, but this is quite a serious level that all is not needed. 'In ordinary life' ability to manage his condition is the first step to meditation. You after a day come home tired, sat down on medetirovat literally for 15 minutes and achieved precisely that state when you are much better than all the negative that you are in for a day received, passed through a reset.

    The brain is clean and you can continue to relax, read a book to work. You can meditate anytime, I know people who medetiruyut strictly in the morning, someone strictly night someone in the morning and evening. List the positive effects that regular meditation can be imposed to continue long enough. I must say that for once you learn that not even two, too, do not learn, but if you persist in their classes, then you will succeed. However, it will not only meditation but also in any other practices, especially in the spiritual. transcription of the seminar:

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  • Six Sigma – Learn To Lean – Minitab

    Current training catalogue of the Six Sigma Academy of current training catalogue of the Six Sigma Academy for 2013 has been extended to the areas of “Learn to Lean” (lean administration, lean production and lean six 5 S factory, Sigma, value stream design) as well as various Minitab training courses. Learn to lean”lean management means the systematic avoidance and elimination of any kind of waste. Lean management is lived for many years with success in the factory halls of many companies. It is therefore little wonder that the lean and gradually find their way from the factory in the offices of administrations, the development departments of the companies and the supply chain of logistics methods. With our practical and application-oriented learn to lean workshops experience the positive effects of lean methods and principles playfully. You take an active role in our model factory in the workshop and experience the transfer of theoretical knowledge in practical implementation.

    Our model factory the basis of our learn to lean workshop series is a sophisticated model factory with the name power world. Power world is a renowned manufacturer of wind turbines. However, the company struggles with the typical problems of many other companies. Poor quality unreliable delivery rising production costs and ever abound across the enterprise of waste. Be one day an employee of this company and experience how much fun can lean. Gladly we send the current training catalog). For detailed information, also see M + M Six Sigma Academy the M + M Six Sigma Academy was founded in 2004 by Prof. Dr.

    Armin Topfer and supports since mid-sized and large companies and corporations from manufacturing and services in the successful application and implementation of Lean Six Sigma. We offers everything from a single source you need, Sigma successfully to carry out an entry and expansion by lean six. We make the full spectrum of Lean Six Sigma levels of qualification of the yellow over the Green & black belt and master black belt out and prepare your executives by special Lean Six Sigma champion training on the new challenges ahead. In addition we have Sigma in your business by the QM system profound experiences in integrating lean six up to the coupling to strategy, controlling, and target systems. Benefit Sigma from our longtime lean six experience both in the production and the service sector. For more information see press contact: M + M management + marketing consulting GmbH Fritz Lechelt Dutch str. 198 34127 Kassel Tel: 0561-70979-11 fax: 0561-70979-18

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  • DFTA Symposium ProFlex Printing

    DFTA flexographic printing trade association and the Agency spirit of event already in the fourth year of work and reinvent itself yet again on September 10, 2013 the DFTA like every year on the occasion of the Symposium ProFlex to the social evening invited. But it was not as usual the DFTA award. For the first time, there was a ceremony for the best graduates of the education and training! “” The successful winners of the categories training “and College” formed the colorful highlight of the show, to the informal interviews of moderator scientists turned. The girl group of a Tubingen School of dance gave the show with fast-paced deposits from hip hop, swing, and Discodancing glamour. The art of mind? A combination of casual atmosphere and minute planning of the stage show when at the same time exciting communication. Because the addressees were executives and employees of medium-sized flexo printing companies, members of the DFTA flexo printing trade association and specifically to the DFTA Symposium ProFlex 2013. For this reason offered the location before and after the show enough potential for technical discussions and making contacts.

    Managed the balancing act? Very well implemented. Thank you for this!” Ulrich Buckmann, DFTA Prasidium member and responsible for marketing, was full of praise. The goal of our social evening was to honor outstanding achievements in the flexographic printing and to show that we are an industry with ample prospects for the future. Spirit has accentuated event of incredibly this content brought to the stage and presented with much speed.” “He adds with a wink: so we have a lot with spirit of event together: for both of us, it’s up the packaging.” “Birgit Lukidis, Managing Director of spirit of the event, adds: for me and my team, it is again a pleasure to collaborate with clients such as the DFTA flexo printing trade association.” It is addressed to Mr Buckmann: you actually have to tell your audience! And we bring exactly this content on the stage and convey a clear message to your audience including all important information. We are very pleased that we may implement the DFTA’s concerns over and over again in live communication.

    Thank you for this!” ABOUT SPIRIT OF EVENT the spirit of event GmbH was founded in the year 2000 in and is an owner-managed agency headquartered in Tubingen. Birgit Lukidis Halama leads the company and celebrates great success in Live Communications for Hewlett-Packard, carrier, WISAG, as well as for medium-sized companies in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Germany with your employees. USP of service provider is the result-oriented realization of events.

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  • German College

    Exactly “for this reason the course program active life after cancer” developed with a focus on health-enhancing physical activity in the framework of cooperation of the German University and the National Center for tumor diseases. The initial course active life after cancer”combines theory with practice units and offered starting fall 2013 by selected fitness and health facilities. Currently just the last pilot phase was completed, involved companies in the Saarland. German College: studying in the future market currently prevention, fitness, sports and health qualify already about 4,000 aspiring professionals and executives with a degree at the German University of prevention and health management ( for responsible activities in the market of the future. The Bachelor’s degree combines a correspondence course with compact periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide), a training in a company Austria or of Switzerland. In the wake of a Bachelor / diploma or Master’s degree is a Bachelor to master of Arts”prevention and health management.

    A study registration at the State-approved University or College can be done all year round. “” More active life after cancer”: alnk baths and Rehatour: Baden-Wurttemberg/de/content /6_Wir_ueber_uns/Unternehmen/Unternehmensprofil/Nachrichten/Rehatour/Rehatour2013.html charity regatta rowing against cancer” next Sunday for the fourth time the charity regatta is rowing against cancer on 8 September 2013 “held on the Neckar meadow new home in Heidelberg, Germany. This year is also the Olympic gold medal, decorated Germany aft at the start. This event is organised by the Foundation living with cancer”, the National Center for tumor diseases (NCT) of Heidelberg and the Heidelberg 1898 rowing society e.V. (RGH). The proceeds go the program of movement and cancer”of the NCT to. Among other things is the German College for prevention and health management (DHfPG) as a promoter on. for more information studied at the German University of prevention and health management (DHfPG) students to specialists and executives for the growth market qualify prevention, fitness, and health. “The Bachelor degree programmes: sports economics, fitness training, fitness economics, health management and nutrition counseling the College combine a training with a correspondence course and periods of personal attendance at study centres in Germany (nationwide) Austria or of Switzerland, and close with the degree Bachelor of Arts” from. In addition, a master’s degree in the study of prevention and health management is offered, connecting a correspondence course with attendance phases. In addition, there are College continuing education, with which professionals in selected subject areas can acquire practical knowledge. Professionally highly qualified people”can be approved without high school diploma/qualification to the Bachelor’s degree be. Personal requirements are met, a promotion through BAfoG is possible. Now already more than 4,000 aspiring specialists and executives for the industry of the future (as of July 2013) study at the University. The registration for the Bachelor’s degree can be done at any time, a registration for the master’s in for summer – / winter semester. All Bachelor’s and master’s degree programs of the College are accredited and State-approved.

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  • Papaya Diuretic

    Its high fiber content facilitates intestinal transit. * Ginger (Zingiber officinale): is very useful in cases of poor peripheral circulation and cramps associated with this ailment. * Guarana: Is stimulant, antioxidant, antiseptic, fortifying and reduction of fat cells. Its caffeine content accelerates burning of fatty bodies and increases basal metabolism of cells favoring the Elimination of fats. It is also energizing. * Hercampuri: Is a plant native to the Peruvian Sierra, widely used and recommended by their properties such as hepatoprotective and cholesterol reducer.

    It acts as diuretic and detoxifying, it burns fat by regulating metabolism. * Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis): acts as a stimulant for the circulation. * Swab: Digestive stimulant. It is used for dyspepsia and variety of gastrointestinal disorders. It contributes to better digestion, hindering the accumulation of fatty and toxic wastes. Its diuretic action detoxifies and its antispasmodic action decreases the sensation of appetite. * Karaya: Has a satiating effect.

    * Horehound: Is diuretic and inflammatory bowel, used also for the stomach, liver and spleen. Eliminates flatulence. Its principles activates the secretion of gastric juices and bile, causing a more complete digestion with a smaller amount of fatty and toxic waste. * Matt: Has a stimulating effect due to caffeine, as well as preservadoras and antioxidant properties of the organism. It is an infusion treatment that stimulates the burning of fats. Your daily intake gets regular appetite. * Orthosiphon: Facilitates the digestive and renal functions. * Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana): is often used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, inflammation and also in varicose veins. * Papaya: Plant of Central American origin, known and used for several centuries, usually consumed raw, without its shell or its seeds. It promotes digestive processes and is an antioxidant. * Plantago: Satiating effect, it increases its size to swell with water, is used extensively for intestinal slow, due to their high fiber content. It is effective as an adjuvant in the diets for its satiating characteristic and because it reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. * Pu-erh (red tea): it is an antioxidant and helps you lose weight effortlessly. This variety of tea also reduces cholesterol levels. It is detoxifying and cleanses the body by activating the metabolism of the liver. Strengthens the immune system, preserves infections and prevents reproduction of bacteria. It facilitates the digestion of fatty foods and stimulates the secretion of digestive glands. * Queen of Meadowsweet: is purifying and highly recommended for advanced and painful cases of cellulite. It has analgesic properties. * Green tea: produces a stimulating effect on the central nervous system by its high content of caffeine and is an antioxidant. Flattering of Thermogenesis, is highly recommended as an aid in diets for weight loss due to its reducing action of fat absorption. It also has a slight diuretic effect. Compounds Theophylline and caffeine increase the rate of metabolism of fats. * Mouse: Natural diuretic effect, helps to reduce the overweight associated with fluid retention. It contains umbelliferone, which is a substance responsible for stimulating hepatic activity and flavonoids, which have antimicrobial, anti-cancer properties, cholesterol-lowering, are antioxidants and help to eliminate fluids and mineral salts retained in the tissues. Source: More hints and tips from health encontralos in Salud.

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  • Water Osmotic

    Consumers don’t realize money who loses the use of bottled water. It is natural to buy bottles of 5 liters in sufficient quantity to ensure our basic needs hydration and nutrition. The fact that to manufacture bottles are squandering enormous amounts of water, possibly do that little ecological consumer not reject this type of water. But if we touch his pocket, who more and who pays less ear. We basically use water for drinking and cooking. Some more rigorous people with water from the tap water and give drink to your pets.

    And more, washed hair with bottled water. Let’s say that a family that are 4 people drink a quart of water every una(vamos a contar por lo bajo,muy por lo bajo) every day. These 4 liters enters the water for drinking, cooking, water infusions, etc. The price of liter comes to 0.30 euro. In a day are 4 litres or 1.20 euros. In a month 37,20 EUR worn. Year: 446,40 euros.

    There is no spending on gasoline, spending time, and by course, are not counted unforeseen or foods that need lots of water (paella, cooked, etc) themselves. The figure can be multiplied if we count them, easily. We also have food and children’s belongings that need boil so that babies are not sick. Here, moms and dads know immense spending on baby bottles and baby food. Nor have the fact that having water tap osmotic, it makes us have to worry about always having a full carafe at home. The reserve is infinite with water osmotic.Since we have said that we have about 4 litres a day with water bought and with osmosis have 180 liters a day. The cost of maintenance of the machines of osmosis is ridiculous, compared with water that we buy a year, again and again, year after year. And the benefits for the Pocket are evident. With Aquaheatlh Pocket is grateful. We earn on health, we won in tranquility, we won in free time. We won in life Aquahealth: water for your health, your well water. Juan.(Technical analyst in waters).

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