Advantages Pneumatic

  • Capability of “thick” layer in one pass. High performance. Do not Substrate priming is required “glue” composition. High reliability and long life of equipment. Easy cleaning equipment (air purge). Rare clogged hoses and equipment. Ability mode “start-stop.” The use of dry shotcrete: especially suitable for large-scale renovation projects, where you can organize effectively protected from dust and removal of rebound, which does not require high-quality finish surface and appearance does not matter.

    Wet gunned: wet shotcrete ready mixed concrete is pumped through a hose to the nozzle to the place of installation. In the nozzle is supplied compressed air, which is giving acceleration of the concrete mix, drags her onto the substrate. In a collision with the substrate is concrete sealing. The advantages of wet shotcrete: Reduced dust generation. Homogeneous composition of the concrete. Ability final grouting. Ability to work in cramped conditions.

    Minimum “rebound.” Minimum cost of protecting the work area from an environmental point of view. Can be used as torkretmashiny Concrete. Prepared for shotcrete concrete can be used for manual application. Raw components shotcrete. Pneumatic. Purpose Pneumatic: Pneumatic is designed to mixing and transport, semi-dry cement-sand mortar, fine concrete, keramsit fraction up to 16 mm. Pneumatic mixing and transports moist sand-cement mortars, fine-grained concrete, expanded clay lightweight concrete and other hard plastic mixture fraction up to 16 mm. Pneumatic may make the ground under a soft roof. The mixture is fed to a height of 100 m and 150 m horizontally compressed air without of Concrete. Principle of Pneumatic: Pneumatic Operation is that the solution is placed in an airtight container penvmonagnetatelya and under the influence of compressed air a la carte supplied and transported by the Delivery line. Pneumatic, in fact, is a versatile machine, and besides, it is absolutely ideal machine for the installation of concrete ties in the reconstructed and newly constructed buildings. German manufacturers of concrete pumps Pneumatic classifies as’ Machines for the application of semi-dry screeds. ” Advantages Pneumatic: 1. The tank is a mounted impeller, which allows preparing a solution of the components immediately before pumping, without applying separately for this mixer. 2. Pneumatic not crucial to the mix (cement-sand, concrete melkofraktsionny, aerated concrete, lime plaster, special waterproofing solutions).

    Pneumatic able to pump solutions with a slump 3-8 cm, ie solutions with low water content. 4. Pneumatic does not require connection of large electrical power. 5. The relatively small size and weight, as well as the presence of pnevmoshassi make it easy to move the machine on a construction site. 6. Simple rugged construction and high maintainability. 7. The unit contains virtually no wearing parts, which leads to long life. 8. Price Pneumatic incomparably lower than the nearest (to use) the hydraulic Concrete. Plastering station. Plastering station – is a versatile compact unit that is used to working with all plasters for the mechanical application of the cement and lime, gypsum and gypsum-lime basis for both external and internal work, as well as to fill the floors. The main advantages of stucco station: Works with all mixes for mechanical processing, regardless of the type of binder composition. Work with a unit can even be the same person. Simple and reliable in use. The use of plaster plants in the finishing process allows you to: reduce the time of finishing 3-4 times, 3 times to reduce the number of workers; raise the productivity of plastering up to 35-50 m2 per shift per worker.