Africa And Asia

  • It seems that to this race by " ms" to that it made reference in yesterday when it spoke of the highest hotel of the world in Cairo, has added the nature. In Asia and part of Africa the annular Sun eclipse could be visualized of greater duration, than it will not become to repeat itself until year 3043. The ring of light from the Indian Ocean, where it lasted his maximum, could be seen during eleven minutes and eight seconds. When the moon interposes between the Earth and the sun, as it does not reach to cover totally takes place it a luminous ring that gives the name him to the eclipse. Of greater concealment the moon at the time formed almost a complete ring that managed to hide the eighty percent of the sun. The phenomenon happened to 16,37 local time. From Burma it could be observed in almost all the country to the 16.59. Also it could be observed to a large extent of India where it summoned very many eager people not to lose the view.

    The people were many who had the opportunity to see simply through special glasses or using x-rays or slides of photographies. As always they did some it without no protection although well it is known the injurious effects for the eye that this phenomenon can cause. Teachers and professors prepared activities so that the children who concurred to class could contemplate the same through telescopes. They have made reference from the Astronomical observatory of Sheshan, Shanghai, China that many astronomers have invested to their day and its money to be able to observe this unique phenomenon. To whom it would not have liked to be able to observe it! Original author and source of the article