Bavarian Forest

  • Dates: from the 14th until we want to May 17 in Schonberg and from 21 to 24 may in Spiegelau dear ladies and gentlemen, journalists and journalists to two interesting press trips in the Bavarian Forest invite. The first trip will take place from the 14th to the 17th of May. Learn more at: Marc Lore. Topic: The market town of Schonberg – sporty and adventurous of the Bavarian Forest is a strong piece of nature, is situated in the South-East of Germany. Hikers and families well felt here ever. More and more, but also the active and adventurous vacation guest is attracted by the region of the Bavarian Forest National Park. We climb the 80 stations of one of the largest natural rope parks in Europe, build a bridge across a Lake, leave from original North American bison over the Willow Chase us – standing on the loading area of pickups and exercising at archery. Further programme points are a test drive with the Quad, schnapps tasting in a Barwurzbrennerei, kayaking, and much more. Second press tour will take place from 21 to 24 may Instead of.

    The topic is here: Spiegelau, the town to the National Park, close to nature and car-free. The Bavarian Forest National Park forms the largest contiguous forest area of in Central Europe together with the umava across the neighbouring Czech National Park. ise in this. At the edge of the impressive jungle have established communities such as Spiegelau on healthy, natural holiday. How beautiful is the early summer in the lower Bavarian Forest, we want to convince you in the frame of this press tour. After you have downloaded your neighbourhood, your car has holiday for the following days.

    Free Hedgehog buses were set up for the National Park region namely, the holiday guests in 30 and 60 minutes to the most beautiful places and attractions, as well as to the starting points of the loveliest hiking trails drive, huh. The trips can be interrupted any and return everyone safely to the place of origin. We walk on the Spiegelauer Hausberg Rachel and visit the Rachel Lake, which lies in the middle of a jungle. In the outdoor area of the animal of the National Park we meet Wolf, Lynx and bear and take a cross-border cycling tour in the neighboring Czech Republic. Spiegelau has a long tradition of glass makers. The nationally known glass artist Klaus Buchler gives us insight into his work. The complete call for proposals of the two press trips with all program points, please refer to the website. Through the site you can register immediately and quickly. Contact for the press: Alexander Frimberger Jahn-str. 13 94513 Schonberg Tel.: 0 85 54/28 63 alexander.frimberger(at)