Brazilian Championship

  • In numbers, of the 33 trainers, who had acted in the Brazilian championship of 2009, 19 possess register in CONFEF/CREFS that is 57,58% they possess registered professional formation in advice and 42,42% do not posuem. After given collected and evaluated it was verified I number that it of departures where the members of had participated It to the group were in the total of 383 being superior to the one of the departures carried through for the members of group B in the total of 339, thus evidencing bigger participation of the registered ones in I number of games in the championship, Was evident also inside of the studies the high one I number of exchanges of these professionals during the evaluated championship, being for diverse reasons: Marturelli and Oliveiras (2005) had questioned on the main difficulties faced in the work of the soccer trainers and the authors had verified the trainers face diverse problems as calendar, interference of the direction of the club, the press and relationship with the players. But the professional instability, with 42%, was considered as the main problem of the classroom. CONCLUSION After to evaluate the data we perceive the evolution of the technologies that surround the Brazilian soccer currently, the Brazilian clubs continue contracting the former-athletes without specific formation in physical education, since many of them keep well next and strong bonds with the clubs that had acted while professional players, thus after its retirement starts to act with coordinators and technician of the categories of bases of many of these, where they develop what they had lived deeply as practises transmitting without no knowledge theoretical or supported in professional teams to multidiscipline where ha with this theoretical knowledge..