• Smooth hair, is without doubt the most sought-after look by the majority of women. Is why the hair iron, has become the best instrument to achieve that perfect smooth that all we want. Within the smooth hair fashion, there are thousands of options that can bring style and personality to our basic look. The plates are the perfect tools to obtain these hairstyles so we want, at the same time that help us protect it thanks to its technology. With the plates we can get different styles; It is only necessary to dare to experiment a little and we will thus achieve a custom look. How to can get a total smooth?, this classic look, that perfect thanks to the technology of the ion ceramic plates, which help us to reduce the static electricity in your hair and it keeps every strand in place.

    We may also obtain some soft waves, this look provides movement and freshness. We can do it in certain sections of our hair or simply in tips, it all depends on how you want to watch us. With the help of the best iron for the hair, the only thing we do is turn the iron in the direction that we want to obtain the wave. Turn it from the root to the tip of the hair. There look super cool, very funny. It is ideal for those people who have layers in your hair, or that are of short hair. It is a very quick and super simple perform option. Simply with the help of the iron, we passed it by the ends of the hair, angling it outward.

    Thus we get a how tripped effect. Another option that offers us the hair iron, is pass in upper locks of hair from the root, pulling up and then spend it. We got a look very elegant and casual at the same time. This is very used by the famous. And it is also very easy to make. At the end you apply a bit of lacquer to keep everything in its place. As you may realize, the iron is a tool that has changed us life. Before to make us all these hairstyles we had to spend much money on stylists and only hours. Now in a matter of minutes we can achieve this and without spending any money. That Yes, before all these hairstyles, you should use a cream or treatment that will protect your hair from the heat of the iron. And then if put to your imagination.