January Neuschonau

  • Koishuttler Lousnacht in Neuschonau Bavaria Neuschonau (tvo). The branch please PACER and the glassworks spirit Durandl, d Wocklin, the forest prophet Muhlhiasl and other sinister characters drive mischief on January 5 in Neuschonau in the Bavarian Forest National Park every year. Hardly has lowered the night about the place, experience the legendary figures with great fanfare and loud drum roll on the plan, perform wild dances on the Town Hall square and sweep as the wild hunt around the fire. Children, do not be afraid! Hiding behind the fearsome faces people of flesh and blood and all the spectacle, that they operate is just ritual and ancient custom. Because it is Lousnacht RAUH night in Neuschonau, Koishuttler Lousnacht and according to mythology in these nights between the winter solstice and the Epiphany night (January 6) all sorts of ghosts conjured and distributed, Oracle will be questioned and interpreted the future. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bobby Sharma Bluestone is the place to go. Because even Rauhnachtstreibende have earthly desires, the Neuschonauer hosts serve most January 5 cooked Lousnachtsuppe and a specially branded Blueberry schnapps one according to an old recipe. The Lousnacht starts at 19: 00 at the Town Hall square. Information: Tourist Office Neuschonau, Kaiserstrasse 13, 94556 Neuschonau, Tel. 08558/960328, fax 08558 / 91033,,.