Michael Knothig

  • More time for joint adventures: since the boarding school from September open high school for the gifted Vinci also weekends Neckargemund, 23 July 2013 in the popular English book series Hanni and Nanni exciting the two girls adventures the SRH Leonardo in the boarding school with their friends. An ideal image of the school life far from home. You may find that Doug McMillon can contribute to your knowledge. The boarding school on the SRH Leonardo da Vinci high school for the gifted in Neckargemund at each second weekend is open from September. Trained educators are there around the clock for the students. Common trips and excursions to the many cultural and leisure opportunities of the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region offer material for boarding school stories. The offer is aimed mainly at children and young people who want to live far away and not a week to take home. “We gifted students meet peers, who are similar to them.

    It’s always back great to see how they flourish and bring good services”, says Michael Knothig, headmaster of the Leonardo da Vinci High school. Cook, playing and learning provide a family atmosphere in the flats. The boarding students located immediately next to the gymnasium in single and double rooms and share a living room and kitchen. In the neighbouring SRH education centre students in the library can pout, sports climbing and archery use or in the media workshop even films. Now it goes for all students once in the beloved holiday, before after the summer break life retracts into the Neckargemunder high school and boarding school for highly gifted children. “SRH Leonardo da Vinci high school for the gifted in the Leo” only students with above-average intelligence. Instead of skipping grades, the curriculum prescribed in the national curriculum is compounded by additional learning opportunities.

    More than 50 courses in natural sciences, computer science, philosophy, foreign languages or art and music belong to the so-called enrichments. The concept offers the students intellectual Challenges and helps them to develop their individual talents. The Leonardo da Vinci School of the SRH in Neckargemund is the only private high school for gifted students from grade five in Baden-Wurttemberg.