New Orleans

  • Secretly, Pizarro drank the blood of his enemies to fortalecerce, did so at the same time that invoked the protection of Andean gods, pretending to be in your geography these help him. It will have been with the help of these gods, or not; but he managed to consolidate his power in the ancient empire of Tawantinsuyo. Hear from experts in the field like gymnast for a more varied view. Public ensured that the Catholic faith had no competition; in private, his wife Agnes immersed it in a bacchanal of lust and paganism. That cristiano-pagano syncretism was their downfall or her Ascension to another Stadium.Andean rituals and unbridled lust joined greed. Almagro, one of his officers, he wanted his slice, excessive at its discretion. Pizarro was not willing to share such portion of the spoils with a rude and illiterate man. Be faced and triumphed Pizarro; his instinct was not failing, had become unbeatable. That night, while celebrating the victory, Pizarro did not hesitate when the idea of becoming immortal once again pierced his mind.

    Not the son of Almagro, who rallied the troops of his father understood it as well and ended up giving him death to the leader, with a wound in the neck. Pizarro was not wrong when he judged that the true death could not reach it. He was born outside the Church rules and practiced paganism, had spilled the blood of many innocent people and had died as a human in a violent manner. His soul was not raised, and his heart continued to beat slowly, with the weary rhythm of a body that is doomed to punish the world, wandering in search of that blood which already do not shed, but drink every last drop. Thereafter, the oral tradition relates it in different parts of America: the Buenos Aires de Rosas, late 19th-century New Orleans and who knows where more none of those legends narrates his final death. Original author and source of the article.