• When we read this expression TO TEACH certainly TO TEACH, at the first moments, we come across in them with a interrogation point. What do you mean? What it wants to say this? One is about a well prompt question that I hear almost that comumente of the trainees of the course of Pedagogia in which I am professor: who goes to teach to teach to me? Therefore then, this is the point for which I write this text somebody goes to have that to help this pupil in walked its of construction of its profession. Reporting us it our former life, mainly in relation our profession of professor, at some moment we had that to be trainees. Liking or not, wanting or not, the profession demands this practical. It is also known of sympathetical people of the profession who leave of side its dream to teach in virtue of this stage that is a decisive and laborious moment in its academic life.

    This stage of periods of training it is of extreme value for that they are made use really to learn to teach and to place ' ' the hand in massa' ' properly said. In the college it learned the theory and needs to apply what he was studied. Theoretically, it was taught to teach. Only that, beyond the support that was given to it in its formation, it also he goes to always need other contributions, supporting itself in the idea from that well will be received and received at this so important moment for its qualification. This partnership/contribution stops with the trainee, it is not only with regard to the person who orientates of the period of training and the specialists of the schools had received that it, it is also with the professor of the room of lesson, or better, that professor group regent who allowed its entrance in its educative routine.