Senior Vice President Air Transport Group

  • Speech in a sentence rspp is merely to simplify internal moonlighting. If today it requires a free bet, half of which claim to an internal part-time, the rspp suggests moonlighting issue regardless, there is a bet or not. Here the interests of the employee and the employer will enter into conflict. Employee, as now, would be better to insist on overtime, and employers – to make out moonlighting. Nevertheless, the employer has certain advantages. The fact is that recycling is not always possible, but only under certain, as a rule, force majeure, under conditions established by the tc.

    And it is in any case very rare, so that the overtime required constantly. So, if an employee wants to regularly work extra time, it will still have to take an additional half-time. Sui prodest It seemed as if the rspp suggests to cancel overtime. This caused a sensation around the amendment on 60-hour week. "We still pay for recycling.

    I think that the proposals on the facilitation of this process is quite worthy of consideration – says Senior Vice President Air Transport Group of companies "Volga-Dnepr Sergei Shklyanik. – In general, the productivity of any employee by two thirds, depending on what conditions it creates an employer. In practice, this may simply lead to that the system will be implemented everywhere, and employees 12 hours will do what should have been in time for the 8 ". That is the main question is still: should we encourage moonlighting or raise wages so that people do not have work at half rate.