Special Cable

  • Insulation is made of polyethylene and pvc plastic, rubber seal is sometimes applied. Control cable for transferring signals from low-power sensors to hardware control and remote control mechanisms for flexible joint. For the manufacture of copper veins used as insulation used polyethylene, pvc plastic, Teflon, rubber. All or some The conductors may be shielded. The cable jacket is made of plastic, and over it can be superimposed crustacean armor of steel wires. Control cables can be round or flat shape. Cable radio frequency used for transmitting and receiving radio signals, pulses and digital information in a range of meter, decimeter and centimeter waves. CEO of e-commerce helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. ld likely agree.

    The inner conductor is made of copper, insulation made of polyethylene, Teflon. It can also be poluvozdushnoy (porous plastic washers, Cordelia, etc.). On top of isolation imposed on the outer conductor and sheath made of polyethylene or pvc plastic. Cable Special used as a measuring, control, device to be connected to equipment on conveyor belts, transport systems, assembly lines, etc. Species isolated provodovProvod used for transmission of electricity in the air electric networks.

    For manufacturing reasons to use aluminum wire marks avl, and galvanized steel core wire is zinc coated low carbon steel. Wires A grade produced a nominal cross section of 16 to 185 mm2, brand speakers – from 16 to 240 mm2, mark ps – from 25 to 70 mm2. Wire assembly designed for interconnection of elements and details of schemes of electronic equipment. At its manufacturing apply copper or tinned copper wire, stainless steel wire, and fiber, plastic or composite insulation and Nylon shell. Heat resistant wire insulation made of xlpe polyethylene, silicone rubber, Teflon, as well as combinations of fiberglass with Teflon film. Winding wire is used to create windings of electrical machines, devices, and measuring, regulatory and other instruments. For its production is used copper, aluminum and nickel-plated copper wire and electrical insulation applied lacquer, enamel forming a solid film. Wire setup used for power distribution, as well as for connecting to a network of electric motors, lamps and other consumers of power. As materials for the manufacture of such cables are used copper or aluminum wire, electric insulating rubber, polyethylene or pvc plastic compound on top of insulation impose a protective cover in the braided from cotton or silk yarn, sometimes cover made from galvanized steel wire for protection against mechanical influences.