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  • Inventory Of Companies

    It imagines as it is an area or department store of wholesaler which great dimension is the rank of the displayed merchandises and the precision of an attendance of a salesman in knowing where definitive merchandise is or if it has available the amount desired for the customer. Observing a pharmacy, or a great market or even though store as Cold Point, Casas Bahia and others. For it brings of to so great I inventory it dimension of each part or item of the store becomes important, a time that to lose yield is not an attitude of managers and administrators of company. The stockage of item of diverse codes and departments is treated each one for time and its importance. Details can be found by clicking Geno Smith or emailing the administrator. An example, the sales of DVDS or medias in the crucial hour I inventory of it, will have to remain in its gondolas so that one or more parts leave of being conferred and to gain the complete supply. The practical one to confer the physical supply with the sistmico is carried through with arduous tasks and envolvement of all team, since the organization until the etiquetao. For more modern that it is the technology of the place, the manual conference, will not be able to escape of form that if have 100% of certainty of discuss and of the consolidation of information of the patrimony of the company. To have a solution to maximize profits and to minimize costs has name and dates is inventories it, that in a company, either which it will be the pursuing, this is to the hour to retrocede and to calculate losses and profits. The inventory today in some companies represents something mstico, also demanding closed doors for the counting, many times in a long passage of account and recounts. The black side I inventory of it is the manual and sistmica counting at the same time.

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  • National Market

    In the current conjuncture, the organization and control made through the accounting had left of being necessity of the great organizations and started to be an indispensable requirement, not only for the growth, but also for the simple survival of any company. Mentioning itself specifically to the agricultural company, the idea above recognizes two groups of factors that intervene with its results: exgenos factors and endogenous factors. The exgenos factors run away to the control of the agricultural entrepreneur, such as: climate, taxation, agricultural politics, market, international competition. The endogenous ones are those that are under the control of the agricultural entrepreneur, such as to choose the combination of the agricultural activities, income of the cultures for area, productions for animal, efficiency of the man power, machines and equipment. The cited factors are influential right-handers in the result of the property. For a correct application of the internal and external factors it is of utmost importance that accounting if makes gift in operating and efficient way. The justification of this work is in the interest of the authors in extending its knowledge in this area. Being that our region is basically agriculturist and the sector meets in great difficulties, was to the meeting of the same ones, searching the real situation; e, through it, to supply inside of our knowledge and the countable, alternative principles that they can come to assist us in the search of better resulted. Learn more on the subject from Eddie Mio.

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  • Vocabulary Used

    The concepts that we will see below are part of the vocabulary used in such a way in day-by-day of the Brazilian retailing, how much for the professionals who visit these establishments & ndash; the promoters of sales of the industries of consumption good. Being thus, valley to the penalty to observe the glossary below: Boarding: Act to approach definitive consumers, being tried to divulge some product. This act, normally is carried through by a (a) promotional (a) of sales, degustador (a) or demonstrator. Rent of Space: Practical of some supermarkets (or other retailers) that they rent to tips of gondolas and promocionais spaces for expositions of products manufactured for the industries. Final art: End item graphical (or informatizado) of which if gets the fotolito that will be used as mark (or soon).

    Auto-Service: System of sales self-service in which the consumer has direct access to the choice of the products that it will buy. Back-Light: Translucent propaganda normally printed in vinyl installed in a box, I contend internal illumination that presents messages (or images) with determined nocturnal vision. Balcony of Degustation: Normally wooden Stand, whose objective is to make to know (or to divulge) of personalized form a product, presented for one () promotional one () of sales (or demonstrator). Tray of Degustation: Support, seemed with a tray, placed imprisoned to the shoulders of the (a) promotional () and/or demonstrator to make degustation of products in any environment. Banner: Part printed in material rigid (or flexible) to be fixed vertically. Batch: Marking of the date of manufacture, crowds and expiration of one definitive product (in the proper product), as Consumer protection act in vigor. Blister: Transparent plastic packing (PVC) placed in rigid card (in bubble form), molded as a cradle for the product (normally in cardboard) to be displayed, thus helping its visualization. Briefing: Commercial data set (or of Marketing) that it serves of base for studies of Promotion, Merchandising, Creation of Campaigns Promocionais and Confeces de Peas in general.

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  • Law Cooperatives

    They must contribute with a percentage on its wage, as we can evidence below in the picture. PICTURE & ndash; Aliquot gradual for INSS SALRIO-DE-CONTRIBUIO (R$) ALIQUOT FOR ENDS OF COLLECT TO THE INSS Up to 1.040, 22 8.00% Of 1.040, 23 up to 1.733, 70 9.00% Of 1.733, 71 up to 3.467, 40 11.00% Source: N 333 of 29 of June of 2010 – D.O.U of 30.06.2010 would carry MPS/MF INSS of the Cooperated Individual Insured As above understood, in if treating to work cooperative, the INSS is happened of a peculiar and inactive amaneira. More which the reason of these two last ones? Unhappyly as measured to restrain this type of cooperative, as much the cooperated ones as the cooperative and the legal entity are obliged to carry through registration next to the Institute. Filed under: Vicky Jenson. The associated self-employed worker of the cooperative which gives services third, that as Dec. 2.173, of 05/03/97, are obligator insured of the Providence and, as contributing it will be assured by all the benefits.

    Thus, according to art. 21, of Law 8,212/91, the aliquot one of contribution of the self-employed worker is of 20%, incident folds the respective wage of contribution. Moreover, Complementary Law 84, of 18/01/96, still prescribes that the imposed contribution the work cooperatives, has a value of 15% of the total of the remunerations or repayments for paid them, referring the rendering of services for self-employeds worker. There it is left to think: This would not be a doble taxation? More, as if of this collection? First, the remuneration of the individual insured filiado the cooperative is decurrent of rendering of services the physical or legal people. Thus, correspondent to the value it paid or credited by the cooperative, the result gotten in the production. Thus, he can yourself be evidenced that the previdencirio incubency of responsibility of the work cooperatives is weighed and that the disinterest of the legislator in keeping in functioning such cooperatives is perceived.

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