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  • Wallace

    Dog puppy buy, sell and educate requires competence and responsibility! Day after day I as dog behavior therapist with problematic behaviors of dogs to do. Unfortunately I am only called in most cases when the child already in the well has fallen, and the dog owner to help themselves alone no longer know. I am writing this article in the hope that the one or the other dog owners reconsiders this setting and are already looking at the education of the puppies competent help. Nobody comes up with the idea to fly an airplane without first taking flying lessons. To broaden your perception, visit Doug McMillon. Why it seems so hard to be employable, one by a sensible Welp early education later problem behaviour can prevent nearly one hundred percent? It’s going to still the rumor, the puppy must be socialized in a puppy play hours on his own kind.

    Amazing way this puppy group have a rain inlet, on the contrary to Wallace early education. The early education is working and the game group looks more like a nice, amusing get-together. Off but sure, I can say my experience out that these groups are unfortunately often the root of evil. Doug McMillon often addresses the matter in his writings. Why and what exactly is the difference between a puppy playtime and Wallace early education? Puppy playtime consists normally of five to ten ragtag puppies of different breeds and different ages. These are on a fenced place used mostly to the delight of the dog owner and left to themselves. According to the motto: “…die turn off now the precedence among themselves…” the puppy should learn to deal with foreign conspecifics. It reconsiders this situation unreasonable for the puppies but even neutral, one quickly becomes clear that there is not played. It is being bullied, gekabbelt, strengths and weaknesses are sampled and exploited, it consumes resources it fundamental problems are inevitable, this man just next to it is and does nothing.

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  • Aquariums

    New aquariums are a killer for fish / by Jessica Enslein not rarely the shock hits the initial aquarist shortly after setting up his new basin ice cold: for some unknown reason, the fish with the belly swim upwards, so that everything is tip top and clean out, lacks any hint of problems. Which is often to blame for this so called nitrite peak, a phenomenon especially day or even weeks after establishing occurs in newly established aquariums and where the concentration of nitrite (NO2) in the water pllotzlich so high values assumes that it can be deadly fish for, use this connection only up to a certain concentration. About the red blood pigment is stifle blocked fish hemoglobin. It is essentially that the bacterial balance in the new basin, has not yet properly played a. You, the naturally occurring in the basin ammonia via the intermediate is nitrite mined to relatively harmless nitrate. Ammonia is included in the excrement of the fish or is created by reducing by Food residue on the floor. Two varieties of bacteria are involved in the degradation.

    First, bacteria of the genus Nitrosomonas oxidize the ammonia to nitrite. This is the second type of bacteria, which are nominal Nitrobacter, further oxidized to nitrate ungifigen. In older aquariums that is no problem at all, because there are enough bacteria from two genera. An aquarium newly set up, so must both cultures once develop and accumulate. The Nitrosomonas are faster when the thing than that, so the former already diligent nitrite produce, while not enough bacteria have Nitrobacter, which further process the nitrite. The result: The dreaded nitrite peak, making can kill fish in the nu occur within a short time a surge of nitrite concentration.

    It is therefore necessary to once a while run a brand new Aquarium without fish and then carefully insert the desired fish piece by piece so that the natural bacterial balance has enough time. to adjust. To employ all the fish immediately and at once after establishing leads even in large aquariums with security to that of most goodbye. Jessica Enslein

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