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    Perhaps one of the most common things that can be found all around the world is the well known and very widely present lawn. Lawn can be found everywhere in the world, whether you are going to the area more rainy world as if you go to most desert regions of the world will find grass everywhere. But by the fact that the lawn is something very common and well known around the world doesn’t mean that little thing or something without importance or value can be considered. What makes something as widespread lawn is precisely its great both decorative and functional value in the places where it grows or is arranged by the man. It is so useful and decorative lawn, which today has become something more than what simply grows spontaneously on Earth, where is that is allows to grow, and has gone on to become a widely marketed product lawn, so much so that has constituted a large market of the lawn at the global level.

    These days the grass is used for very different purposes, passing from the cultivated turf with functional purposes, the lawn that are grown for decorative purposes and the grass cultivated for sports and related purposes. Thus, from a decorative point of view many cultivated turf to organize a nice garden outside his home, others grow your lawn to make a beautiful park. From the point of view of the functionality, the grass is widely used to stop the landslide in areas with steep slopes. From the sporting point of view, the grass is used to make tennis courts for sports like football, golf, rugby, among many other sports. It is by its great usefulness and beauty, which many are interested in finding out the art of cultivating and making a good lawn maintenance. While the grass tends to grow spontaneously, not all turf are used for the same functions and there are some very special lawn requiring care and special protection so that they can grow initially and so they can keep in good condition then. Something that should be taken into account and that is very It is important to have a good lawn, to put special attention to the land on which it is grown. Since grow and maintain in good condition a lawn is not as easy as it seems, there are many tip and important tips that should be considered for good maintenance and growth of the turf.

    Let’s see some important tips for the proper maintenance and growth of the turf. One of these tip, is that so the grass can grow well and to keep it vital and in good condition, it is necessary to provide you with a good drainage system. Indeed, a flooded lawn tends to die easily, since excess will die and become arid land. To be able to drain the lawn it is important to make channels through which water can go. Another important tip is to pay the lawn with Earth with high vegetable content. Grass grows well and stays for long time healthy, strong and beautiful only when she is seated on this type of land, that is which provides the necessary nutrients for their growth and vigor. These These are just some of the tip that you should keep in mind when you want to have a lawn. This article sought only to you to allow general information you enter a little into the science of farming and lawn maintenance, we hope you have been helpful.

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