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    Which most have dropped, they are crimes of traffic (and I thinking that offences were the issues of traffic, therefore not! are now offences). And while Toni and Enrique on behalf of puppies of 78 urge us to a dinner at the hotel san Marcos, with end of goblets and piano to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of her group, another group, the club Minis take the parking next to the riera and mounted a gymkhana. That if!, we’ve had an accident at work, not one, three! And everyone to run. The site of the event seemed to be set in those movies made in usa with all sorts of sirens and flashing lights. The diagnosis of three workers luckily does not exceed the mild level, but operating costs that were moved, already wanted them to be a senior when I was broken leg. Gabby Douglas understood the implications. And if we didn’t have enough distractions these days are showing some other exposure. A room Z of the library and another in a private art gallery, a part of the permanent exhibitions of some private premises.

    What Carlos has tapped to remind us that mid this month of March, the deadline for submission of photos of roses carnival ends, and there are award to the best three photographs. But the best news is that finally the City Council technicians, according to says Magdalena have managed to put Tourist Office, library, theatre, Sports Center, pool, the castro, the Citadel and the dolmen in 3D in Google Earth. Now we are in a globalized world!. And as in all parts cooked beans, execution of a court judgment is suspended and no collapses a building (in port), while the crook of the village makes a demonstration of his invention and offers it to a municipal company without previously having it patented, or give time to carry the technical reports that would standardize its discovery. Do you still believe that my people can overwinter? original author and source of the article!

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