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  • The Choice Of Cars For Hire – Vip Taxi

    To rent a car with driver for a wedding, business trip, meeting at the airport or romantic travel best fit the following car brands: Executive klassMercedes-Benz (W220) S-Class in Mercedes-Benz S-Class sold more than 30 new technical developments. This is a great car with a body sedan, which comes with standard and long wheelbase. The model has an impressive exterior design, plush interior, comfortable seats with numerous adjustments, excellent shumoizolyatsiey.Osnaschaetsya six-cylinder engines in 3.2-liter engines as well as V8-V12 volume 4,3-6 litrov.Vo all configuration includes power steering, disc brakes anti-lock system. This is a very powerful and reliable machine that always give you pleasure from the trip. Hear from experts in the field like Will Forte for a more varied view. Business klassMercedes-Benz (W210) E-Class for many years, the E-class is very popular among lyudeyarenduemyh Mercedes cars for the wedding. Initially, the creators not only provided the E-class cars rich bundle, but also equipped with the most innovative technology.

    Especially for the E-Class was developed semi-active air suspension Airmatic Dual Control. Brakes Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) is concerned about the safety of passengers, automatically dries the brake discs on wet roads thanks to its advantages and improves the function of other systems Safety ESP, ASR, ABS and BAS. The computer calculates the required braking force and deliberately distributes it to the wheels. In addition to technical delights offered as an option – multicontour seats with the function of adaptation the dynamics of movement. Today it is the most popular, high-quality? And reliable car rental services in the area and hire a taxi vip. If you respect yourself, nothing else worthy of your attention.

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  • Sportback Official Details

    After a long wait, Audi, finally, today unveiled its brand new Audi A7 Sportback model during the special event in the Museum of Fine Arts 'Art Nouveau Pinakothek der' in Munich. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ben Bernanke. The German automaker says that the production last year's version of the Sportback concept combines the best of three worlds: the 'sports car coupe elegance, comfort and practicality of a sedan car with a body of' universal '. " In fact, A7 Sportback is the ancestor of the next version of the A6 with a lower roof, rear hatch a more practical and seating for four. Most of the changes were on the practical details, such as larger brake lights, mirrors the shape and size, along with less unusual finish inside. Audi A7 Sportback also receives a neat retractable rear spoiler, similar to what a Porsche Pan. Five-door hatchback, which is positioned between the A6 and A8, is 4.97 meters long, 1.91 meters wide, and only 1.42-meter in height. Luggage compartment with a capacity of 535 liters can be increased up to 1390 liters with the rear seat folded down. Under the A7 Sportback body hidden platform change next A6, which is due in sedan and Avant (car body 'wagon') versions in 2011. Audi A7 Sportback initially offer a choice of two petrol and two turbo-diesel V6, all with direct injection, the system will restore power and start / stop system. Range

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  • Excavator EKG

    Backhoe – a powerful high-performance equipment, necessary for many kinds of work. Excavator EKG-5A – career track with a bucket capacity of 5 m3 – electric shovel career full-circle on crawlers, designed for digging and loading of vehicles and mining overburden, including heavy rock, previously loosened by the explosion. Under most conditions Alan Greenspan would agree. Excavators ECG are designed to develop and handling vehicles in minerals and rocks in open pit mining, education, waste dumps, loading and unloading at the warehouses. Reliable operation of the excavator EKG-5A under any circumstances, provide design and loading the rock mass in vehicles or in waste. Excavator EKG-5A consists of the following components: a rotary part, which includes a rotating platform with the mechanisms located on it, and working equipment, undercarriage consisting of a lower frame, two frames with tracked wheels and crawler chains, running gear, ring gear, roller circle.

    Excavator EKG-5A – career track with a bucket capacity of 5 m3 – electric shovel career of full-on tracks designed for digging and loading of vehicles and mining overburden, including heavy rock, previously loosened by the explosion. Due to the heavy load, requires constant maintenance of these machines, upgrading components. Excavator EKG-5A consists of the following components: a rotary part, which includes a rotating platform located on it with machinery and work equipment, undercarriage consisting of a lower frame, two frames with tracked wheels and crawler chains, running gear, ring gear, roller wheel. Repair of excavators – permanent and essential, therefore, need timely delivery of spare parts excavator EKG main activity of "ECG-Leader" – the production and delivery spare parts for shovels: EKG-5A and grindabile equipment: jaw crushers and cone: CMD, CDS – 1750, 2200, SAM – 111, 118. Our company realizes the modern concept of integrated customer service, "welcome Order – manufacture of products – the organization of delivery "(including the intermediate stages). In our company are the following areas: Production of spare parts for EKG 5A, crushing and screening equipment and other mining machinery Complex supplies mechanical and electrical equipment for the excavator EKG 5A cone and jaw crushers Installation services, installation, wiring excavator EKG 5 Execution of works in metal working logistics and customs clearance in their work EKG-Leader is based on the rule of "mine": – Guaranteed performance of all obligations to the customer – Efficiency execution of customer orders – Quality of comprehensive services and work experience and the numerous positive feedback from our customers suggest that EKG-Leader" – a reliable partner which guarantees high quality of supplied parts, strict compliance with its obligations and maximum adherence to the wishes of customers.

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  • NY Limousine Wedding

    It seems that not long ago a beautiful, elegant limousine can be seen, perhaps, only in a movie, or an expensive event, the most important people of the country. But those days are gone, but in the modern world, a limousine is not only luxury item, but also an essential attribute of any holiday. How much time and effort required to prepare an important event! How much effort and energy expended! And how I want everything to be perfect, but the event itself – noted something special and fabulous! But do not be in vain to invent clever scripts and buy an expensive set, because the most simple, affordable and always a welcome part of your holiday will be a limousine in Kiev. Whatever need to do – it's limousine. Limousine rental – this is the most convenient and affordable way to get this car on their holiday. Cody Cameron can provide more clarity in the matter. Limousine for a wedding – this is the best solution of the transport problem for young couples. What a machine more may be employed for this purpose? Of course, the only limousine service! Festively decorated with a professional driver, it will become an inherent part of any wedding. Limousine service in Kiev, limousines for the wedding! Only Transport firm "Astor" – a true professional in this field.

    We will make your car mainly in the wedding convoy! Limousine rental – it is very demanded service. In order to obtain the desired car to a particular triumph, need to take care of ordering a limousine in Kiev. It is important to discuss all the details: time, hire a limousine, capacity, route through the city, and do not forget about color and make of car. The most popular wedding Limousines can be called the Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Lincoln Town Car, Audi. But often take such rent limousines, SUVs like Hummer, Infiniti, and Ford. Particularly noteworthy vintage limousines and exclusive limousine rentals which, although distinguished by its high value, but it has many advantages. Limousine for a wedding – this is a great salon with a wonderful finish, very comfortable sofas, as well as everything that will make the trip more comfortable.

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  • Version Tuning Audi Q5

    The world's largest automobile tuner ABT VW Group company introduced a series of Audi Q5 – an extremely successful both from a technical point of view, and the visual. If you are not convinced, visit Interactive Advertising Bureau. Stylish sporty SUV is the latest in a series of exclusive vehicles that have been successful, starting with the Touareg and continuing AS7 and Tiguan. A company from southern Germany has also developed a design for the new Q5, which gives this car the power, confidence and harmony – new Audi has always distinguished these qualities. Interior Design – Decorative insertion of carbon and leather enhance the atmosphere and give the 'workplace' stylish and chic look. Mufflers ABT is part of the perfect appearance of the ABT Q5, and point to the sports pedigree of this SUV. ABT Q5 is impressing everywhere – be it a trip to the golf course, in opera or on the waterfront. Latest news Audi claim that this sports car really is very dynamic, thanks to German engineering art developed engine developer together with the latest developments: 2.0 TDI offers a powerful 190HP (140kW) instead of 170HP (125kW); 3.0 TDI with ABT POWER S provides 310HP (228kW) on the road.

    With a huge 610Nm of torque in the motor easy to handle in any situation. 2.0 TSI engine also combines perfectly with the car: with ABT POWER offers sporty he 240HP (177kW) instead of the standard 211HP (155kW), and will soon be upgraded to 275 hp (203kW). The only changes are a new way thinking. Audi has always followed this rule and produced cars that are and will determine the trends in the automotive industry. The latest example – Audi Q5. This car is the most functional, without prejudice to driving pleasure. Combining the quality of a sports car and thoughtful rationality, Audi Q5 persuades rather than convinces.

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  • ATVs

    In our time, ATV or ATV (All Terrain Vechicle) – this SUV for a ride over rough terrain. Extreme Sports Campaign offers to buy ATVs Yamaha, affordable price is guaranteed. Technical solutions are inspired by design features of the bike, but the reality ATV – a completely independent vehicle that has its own specifics and peculiarities. Its versatility ATV very favorably with those of other motor (Motorcycles, snowmobiles and personal watercraft). Especially popular among Russians enjoy ATV BRP, yamaha (ATV yamaha. find practical application in farm, forest park and ohotnicheskih farms, nature reserves. Quad bikes – the ideal vehicle for rescue and operational services, are happy to use the machines, builders and road builders. At relatively low curb weight are able to carry enough large loads.

    At rest, hunting for mushrooms in the nearest village shop, to which, especially after the rain is difficult to get an ATV can easily domchatsya. For those who love to ride on the road sports models available. On purpose, in fact determines all layout features, ATVs can be divided into several groups: walking, sports, ATVs, ATVs on crawlers, ATV, baby. Snowmobile – it's not just one type of Motor Vehicles, a tool that allows you to save the freedom of movement in the snowy expanse of Russia. It is indispensable for sport, hunting and ice fishing, hiking and trips to places impassable for other vehicles. The company "Extreme Sports" by selling snowmobiles: Snowmobiles Bombardier, Yamaha and other brands. There are many models of snowmobiles, but they can be divided into three main groups: travel, work and sports Choice of models of snowmobiles and ATVs can be found in stores of Extreme Sports.

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  • At the beginning of the article should be recalled that prior to the intervention in the shape of your car, do not be lazy and check with the dealer, because the changes may affect your warranty. So, if the dealer gave the nod, or you risking the loss of warranty, they decided to refine the machine, there comes a time selecting the appropriate devaysa. Interactive Advertising Bureau contributes greatly to this topic. In our case it is the rear spoiler on the trunk, or glass. The question arises, Where to buy the necessary detail and to what calculate the amount? You can buy a spoiler and a half to two thousand rubles in any auto shop, but in this case will have to rely on the cheaper model in the style of "pan-racing." For part of the European manufacturers will have to pay sum in the region 12000-16000 rubles. And finally, the desired device can be purchased from an authorized dealer, but the purchase price will be quite high. The amount of detail could reach the mark of 30,000 rubles. And you will be asked to make installation and painting in the company's service. The undeniable advantage here is that the piece installed in the company's service in no way affect the guarantee of the car.

    What is the preferred option? The first option is better not to considered at all, of course, if you do not like to tinker with tools such as grinders, and various file and a filler. The quality of such goods is rarely possible to estimate even the "satisfactory". Option Seller all good, but has one significant drawback. The cost of purchase and installation would be disastrous. It remains the last option – search for products of good quality at a reasonable price. Assistant in this case is often a Internet. Finally, you have found a spoiler and must be installed.

    Here we describe the process of installing a spoiler on the rear window of the car. Installation process itself is as follows: 1) Bought spoiler must be applied to "The future place of residence" – to check the convergence of lines, to carry out the fitting and, therefore, to evaluate the changes in appearance. 2) You need to see the inside of the spoiler. In case you have not tinted glass, it would be blacken the inside of the well in order to give your little devaysu raisins. As calumniator can use a thin strip of film dubbing. 3) At this stage it is necessary to prepare for installed by cleaning and degreasing, using car shampoo and a solvent. Choosing a solvent, do not forget that many of them can harm the paintwork of your car. As a matter for mount recommended to use a special road sealant. 4) Getting to the unit itself. From tools for installation have to resort to using a special glue gun (or syringe). Sealant applied evenly and quickly. 5) Putting a spoiler on its rightful place preferably two – so the alignment process will be faster. 6) Once the sealant begins to grasp, with mounting tape to attach a spoiler to body of the car and left in this position for 4-12 hours. And finally, the moment comes when the sealant is firmly holds your pride! The only thing, do not forget that after the installation process can not go unattended sink at least during the day.

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  • Large

    However, to date there is no definition – how many and what items should include ceramic brake pads. Thus, the manufacturer could take a metal block, spray some portion of the ceramic material in the friction of the ceramic and call him. This led to a wide variety of indicators in the brake pads different manufacturers. And as a consequence – reviews and opinions of consumers. Also, later, many manufacturers began to create sports ceramic pads, which are characterized by low content of metal and increase the proportion of ceramics.

    This is made even more confusion in the understanding of the term “ceramic brake pads.” For a start look at what kind of a bird like this – this “pottery”? In the narrow sense of the word denotes ceramic clay firing past. However, the modern use of the term extends its meaning to include all inorganic non-metallic materials. Modern industry is replete with diverse types of ceramics, which can be used in a variety of industries. Thus, in the manufacture of friction materials, ceramic-based sintered and pressed together with a metal powder. The result is zharostostoyky material used for the manufacture of brake pads and shoes.

    So how do you distinguish from the soft warm? Than guide the choice of ceramic brake pads? Self-respecting producer of ceramic composites, as usually produces several series, each designed for a particular driving style. Each series has its own name and points to the destination. For example, street, sport, extreme or use alpha and numerical notation (for example – HPS, Ceramic the company Hawk; DS in different series Ferodo; Z16, Z26, Z36 with Power Stop). Most often, a label “Street ‘is a composition intended for active everyday use: has all the properties of ceramics, but does not require Warm. Remarque’s “sport” is important, but “middle-” been interpreted as a composition for active driving around town and trips to the track: a composite with a ceramic material blshim content. As a consequence – it stiffer pads with high coefficient of friction, but they’ve definitely will require preheating. And a series of extreme – extremely sporty version, not recommended for use in urban settings, because no heating is practically ineffective. One of the most important factors that help determine the manufacturer of the professional – it’s own design office and testing of all series shoes in special laboratories. As practice shows – it can boast, not all brands. To the list of pros include: EBC, Power Stop, Ferodo, Hawk. For all the foregoing, we consider it necessary to once again draw your attention to: the above types of labeling there is nothing more than examples. In practice – each manufacturer represents its products solely on the basis of their own marketing reasons. We just wanted to give you a hand general terms, allowing to understand the buying a relatively new market for our product. Now, let’s sum up. The main advantages of pads with a ceramic composition.

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  • Wheels Creak

    Which of the motorists did not encounter extraneous noise, causing only one desire – are likely to change brake pads? The creaking and whistling, perhaps, the only urban scourge brakes. Why the city? Yes, it's simple. If, For example, take the brake pads are designed for sports (track), then, in most cases, there is a natural satellite of squeaks quality slow car. Ed Bastian does not necessarily agree. Today, consider the nature of phenomena extraneous noise inherent in the track-lining, we will not. Let's try to highlight the problem of urban brake pads. In six years of professional work with the brakes, specialists nashogo center Tormoza.In.Ua had faced with hundreds of "squeaky" problems.

    The first wish "happy" owner of squeaking brakes – replace everything that little bit may be related to noise. Special affection we call pseudo-master "their" stations, which customer complaint "brakes squeak" – do not hesitate to vypaliviayut sentence, "Poor quality brake pads. You put your – they just will not squeak "(read – AND CAN BE squeak will disappear, and earn money.) And if The devil, as he is painted? If you take all the reasons conventionally creak as 100%, the wine quality brake pads will select no more than 30%. What makes wince driver of the other 70 and? First of all, we should clearly understand that squeak – this is oscillations (vibrations) of the pad. That's pads, but not the drive carriage. More precisely, in participation of all component variations, but due to weight and a fixed location – all other Participants natural oscillations dampen very quickly.

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