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  • New: Taga – Bicycle And Sport Buggy In One

    The multifunctional urban vehicle Taga makes life in the fresh air parents with your child, ensures more activity and movement in everyday life. Woudrichem/Netherlands, 11 March 2010: Taga b.v., a Dutch company has a new innovative means of transport for parents with child developed: the Taga, a bike that can be transformed into a sports buggy with just a few hand movements. The modern vehicle offers more flexibility and mobility in everyday life parents and their children. After a successful launch of the product in Israel, England and the Netherlands, Taga is now on the German market. “The Taga needs two young families at once: it is practical and it is an ecological alternative, especially for urban transport”, Jeroen de Schaaf, Europe explains manager of Taga B.V.. In bike mode can take parents their child quickly from A to B and can continue shopping after the simple change in buggy mode in the pedestrian area, shopping at the Mall, go into the subway or relax in the Cafe. No bike or trailer must stay out, no heavy purchases must be carried in the restaurant.

    Diaper bags, shopping bags, jackets and rain gear can be stowed easily in the carrier of the Taga. The multifunctional urban vehicle for one adult and up to two children fits effortlessly into public transport in buggy mode. Even elevator ride and climb stairs is easy with the Taga. And because a tour with the Taga offers so many possibilities, the modern parents child vehicle provides many positive common experiences. Both look ahead while driving, can talk about seen while driving and thus strengthen your emotional connection. Each excursion with the Taga is a joint tour for parents and child. The Taga is available available already in over 40 shops from Munich to Hamburg or. Price: from 1.495,-contact person: Salloa long-Ronnau agency RoNNAU Wrangelstrasse 10 24937 Flensburg T: 0461 430 77 00 M:

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  • Dorothee Raab

    Interview summer holidays with Dorothee Raab of the timpani in the holidays finally. For students, it is now called: relax, relax and forget the school. But these six weeks can be no better use? For example, default to catch up, to close gaps in knowledge or to consolidate learning? Many parents are insecure. You want to give their children enough time to recover from their busy school day. They also know that future stress and failures can will be spared the children, when cramming in the holiday school material. Perspective: Education wanted to know by the well-known author and therapist Dorothee Raab, whether there is an ideal recipe for the successful planning of holidays for parents and children. , This week the summer holidays start the most important and longest recovery time for children Ms.

    Raab in some federal States. But many students cramming in the holiday – is it even advisable? Dorothee Raab: School is just work and stress for the children, how it work for us is and that is why it is very important that the first half of the holiday for the children is absolute leisure. The children must just recover from stress as we. In addition, that plenty of work and exams are written just in time before the holidays. So a very labour-intensive time behind the students. That’s why my opinion: the children in the first three weeks of the holiday should be left alone.

    And in the last three weeks may then be learned? Dorothee Raab: Ideal is of course, if you say my child must not learn during the holidays, the services are so that it fit’s into the next school year. But if gaps there are, then you can use the second half of the holiday to learn, so the fourth, fifth and sixth week. This kind of makes curriculum, man best jointly with the children what should be learned.

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  • Important Rules

    What is the education of children. Earlier, grandparents and other appropriate people were often welcome Advisor in matters of child-rearing. But the world in which children are now born, turns faster and faster – and with it the demands on the individual. This is one of the reasons why parents are often unsure of themselves when it comes to education. With what rules can you prepare your child well into the future? How can it be happy and find his place in life? Suggestions offer a wealth of counselors and child-rearing experience reports. You may find Walgreens Co. to be a useful source of information. But their advice and rules vary widely and can further confuse parents. The Tiger mother ‘, which argues for strictest discipline without clearance for the child up to the proposal, only to accompany the development of a child, almost anything can be found. What is to do? Advance a tip for those who would like to based on a guide to the topic: take for example on the basis of the blurbs a picture of the pedagogical orientation.

    And if you’ve found something for you suitable, they read only this a guide. Marc Lore may not feel the same. Parents anxious by opposing education instructions confuse their children. Nevertheless, two principles are represented today by the vast majority of educators and can make a guide for parenting: 1 children need rules let you play a toddler unattended on the street goes without saying. However, even in situations that are not so clear, children need guidance. Who decide leaves for example his child, as it uses media, risked serious aberrations. Children who spend hours sitting in front of TVs and computers, Miss a lot. The time will be scarce for playing, climbing, arguing and reconciling.

    But these experiences form an important basis for the cognitive development of a child, which can under no circumstances replace much restricted learning before the screen. What applies to the use of the media, applies as for other areas of life. Parents should be responsibility for fundamental decisions. Avoid this, others will fill the gap not always to the best of the children. 2. children need open spaces even when parents should provide basic orientation, so children need but also open spaces must stretch further with increasing age. Certainly one can a child of five years let not the decision, whether it would like to be enrolled. But in a protected environment it can try out independently themselves, for example, in the choice of his hobbies. Because of course children are there not to fulfill the dreams and expectations of their parents. They are only themselves and their future.

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  • Online Fashion

    What nicer in the life of a young couple, as the birth of a long-awaited junior can customise the joyful message of a birth in the online convey what there could be better in the life of a young couple, as the birth of a long-awaited junior can convey. Today’s modern times allows to share the different ways that joy with relatives and acquaintances. On the one hand the Internet is one of the most popular varieties the joyful message with others to share, but is still the traditional birthday cards are the best way. In the most diverse variations of maps to the birth, one finds provider which specializes in personalized birthday cards on the Internet, a birthday cards. The design of the different thank you cards to the birth or cards to the birth can be about a Configurator quickly and simply beautiful. The joyful message of a birth in the online fashion not only for the parents is the birth of a child of one of the most beautiful moments in life, but also family members, acquaintances and friends have shown towards this moment with voltage.

    Therefore, thank you cards are one of the probatesten means in a wonderful way to say thank you. The unique diversity of individual design possibilities in the Internet allows one to decorate thank you cards to the birth with a first picture of the newborn, and to submit a personal verdict as the culmination of giving thanks for the helpful support of pregnancy during the difficult phase. Making a birthday card or thank you card in just a few minutes using a birth card Designer on the Internet greeting cards can be born within a few minutes birth, birth or thank you cards cards. A huge selection of designs and colors are one available, there are also different types of paper for the birth of a boy, girl or twins to choose. So the thank you cards can be individual sayings or poems given birth, where the luck as proud parents perfect in their own words can be understood. No limits are placed also the own creativity in the form of an own poem and so are cards thanks to the birth to a very special thank you for the acquaintances, relatives or friends will. The coronation by greeting cards birth, is the real star of this event, a fascinating first photo of the newcomer as the focal point of Thanksgiving, which can be easy, in the truest sense of the word baby easily in the layout position, of course is the heart beat faster.

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  • Baby Swimming

    Water gymnastics for children as a special experience of baby swimming is water aerobics for our youngest guests and is fully in line with the trend. This involves, above all, to get the baby into the water, and to promote their movements. The innate love of the baby they can live out properly when baby swimming. It is however very important that both the baby and the parents in the water feel. The question of when is the baby swimming for the child is possible, but not so easy to answer. This depends on various factors. Hear from experts in the field like Marc Lore for a more varied view. It is certainly important that the child is a joy of movement and is healthy.

    The right time is difficult to determine, however, it can be said that one very early can go swimming with the baby, because it feels very comfortable in the warm water. Most also know that a baby has the innate ability to about the 6 month automatically not to hold your breath under water it thus, as many fear, just panicking, when it appears under water. Important criteria before beginning the Especially the complete healing of the navel and the structure of the neck and head muscles are baby swimming, so that the child can hold the head already alone (approximately from 3rd month). You may want to visit Walmart to increase your knowledge. First delicate attempts can be ventured first in the bath, which can be set, how the child responds to water. Baby swimming should be that water has a temperature (between 32-34 degrees Celsius) and that the teacher or the teacher acts professionally and sensitively geduld – sure especially. Many spas or swimming pools to now offer swimming lessons for babies, so that it is not too difficult to find the suitable facilities near. It is also important that parents give the child enough time, to get them used to the unfamiliar environment and they get well rested on the new thing.

    Baby swimming is reflected in many areas of positive. For example, baby swimming has a positive influence on the physical development of the young child, can prevent postural and mutual trust and promote social development. Baby swimming may be particularly important for the development of the baby, but is a gentle run up essential far from pressure for the baby. (Susanne Tara Brucksmuller)

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