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  • The House

    More than the two a thousand years, in the Galilia, a young also was fascinated with the simple people who many times were excluded from the society of that time. But, in the truth, the people that they live today, as the demographic statisticians and studies say, not they are nor for this term &#039 there; excluso': the children with nine and ten years that must take care of of its ' irmos' minors, therefore the parents work outside, they do not leave of living, exactly taking care of of the house and of its brothers and them they live happy. Interactive Advertising Bureau oftentimes addresses this issue. They do not feel coitadinhas! We want to leave clearly that it is not our pretension to justify swims. Much less to attack or then to defend some partner-politician-economic system. Our purpose is only emphasizes that with the people humble, we need to learn that great pleasures of the existence are contained together the things more simplicity and singelas. This way of living it inquires our style of life, mainly questions the form that we educate our children. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Harold Ford, Memphis TN. We live in the time of the unreliability, the fear, the uncertainties and in this perspective we enveredamos in them for ' superproteo' for complete ' isolamento'. In this prism, little imports the reality of the world; &#039 gains value only ours; problemas'.

    Thus, the real world is that one tracing for our head. Therefore, we live in an unreal world: for our children what valley is the video-game; the colloquies of the colleagues of the school; the televising programs since the one of the Xuxa until the illusions of the singers and actors. This is the sad constatao. In sophistication and ' segurana' of said ' world moderno' , the parents and the children do not find the taste in the simple things of the life. E, looks at there, many parents, in its gone infancy time, already they had had the pleasure of saborear the delights of the life in simplicity. Oxal let us can learn, with the children and the adults, who live without the parafernlias and ditames of the life agitated and complex of the centers of the cities, the delights that they see of the simple life: to play in the street with the bare-footed feet, to raise pipe, to run and if to esbaldar; to talk with the neighbors without the concern with the time; to take one terer (or a chimarro) in a wheel of friends; to take care of to a visit without diffidence and speech without being worried about the direction of the words. Who knows that with these people we will go to find the great therapy to survive with mazelas and complications I agitate of it of the modern world.

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  • Honest A Lie

    Honest a Lie Today beginning this order honesty, that thus we will only recognize ourselves. There he has some time I perceive that the man took for habit the poor education of the lie and this never was newness except until yesterday, when, talking concerning the things human beings, marked a lie of heard who me, another one of who does not want to confess desire to the body of the other e, finally, one third lie. The first one, denied the disinterest already corroborated by the face; second it assayed an allegiance of body and not of mind: Somebody amongst us thought the treason. We had one very third and soon. This last one for nothing. who lay? I. There I contemplated the birth of the thing improfcua.

    For nothing a lie. So great was me the nothing while cause, that at least satisfaction generated me the act insane of trapacear the spirit. I do not know why I lay. But so cliente in the uselessness of the lie I was, that still now I search a justification: For everything it has a reason, an end for which what it appears can, at last, to covet. Everything in the man tends to an end then, as it can a lie walk without route and stumble at my mind, for hours, before marasmo of all that stranger quarrel. The day amanheceu e, honest, I still searched arkh of the lie. Expensive reader, the lie exists as much time: Lucifer alone traiu the God inasmuch as certainly he lay. However, the religiosidade is not the reply the question.

    Therefore I, that so unbelieving I have walked, lay! Indeed he was not for no god. Also not for the Devil. At last, the certainty is that the lie is missed e, therefore, nothing justifies the birth of this slip of the conscience for the hands of who knows the certainty.

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