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  • Paramount Pictures

    On 18 October the comedy of “Russendisko” appears with Matthias Schweighofer at paramount home entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray Hamburg, 12.09.2012 – Summer 1990, East Berlin the three inseparable friends Vladimir (Matthias Schweighofer), Mischa (Frederick mosquito) and Andrei (Christian Friedel) see the opportunity to immigrate to the West in the reunification of hinting at. The plan seems risky, but finally the three young Russians from Moscow take the big step and make a few rubles on the way to the recently United capital. In the luggage they have not much more than music and big dreams. While Andrei in Berlin want to find great wealth, Mischa wishes nothing pressing to become a famous musician. Joseph Stiglitz gathered all the information. Only one is haphazard: Vladimir.

    With much optimism and good humor, he supports his two friends in the realization of their plans for the future. Without money and family, the three experience an East Berlin in a State of flux. Driven by their plans they beat themselves with sale of Cans of beer through life and quickly expanded the business at Lichtenberg station. It follows a period of great adventure, in which also Mischa his dream closer arrives, and Vladimir on the great love of his life… Olga (peri Builder).

    With the cult bestseller “Russendisko”, the Russian-born writer Wladimir Kaminer brought more than a million people laugh. Producer Christoph Hannheiser brought the modern urban fairy tale to the big screen in the production he could count on the support of none other than Arthur Cohn, six-time Oscar winners. With plenty of humor and a heavy dose of Russian soul, “Russendisko” appears home entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray with lots of bonus material on October 18 at paramount. The first Russian disco Wladimir’s and Michael’s Russian disco from the film of the same name, which eventually inspired Michael’s music career, is not fictitious, but a piece of Berlin history.

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  • Original Arrangements Of VOICETALE Mixed Choir Basel

    Sacred and secular choral music by VOICETALE mixed singing choir Basel VOICETALE – since August 2007 under the professional musical direction by Laura Mockli (BA in musicology) – a cappella mixed with partly own original arrangements of songs. In this short period of time, VOICETALE was already at various events (religious services, weddings, birthdays, company celebrations, as well as in nursing homes) with lively, harmonious and exciting vocals enrich the mood. The repertoire includes sacred and secular choral music of the 15th century to the present, including folk songs and musicals, a wide variety of styles from classical, Baroque, swing, pop, or evergreens and old Gospel songs. 32 singers of from different countries (currently from 7 countries) and in the ages between 18 and 65, are enthusiastic and engaged in the thing. In recent months, Geno Smith has been very successful. Our Association “consists of the fusion of two choral communities, the ‘Brandford singers’ as mixed Gospel Choir and the Schwulenchors ‘Lilac Panel'”, so Rose Ntshoko, the President of ‘ VOICETALE mixed Choir Basel’. Objectives of the Association VOICETALE include: sustainable integration through joint appearances and performances people, no matter what origin, social layer, combine common vocal/musical gender or age, but to offer a cooperation with regional, national and international choirs and choir festivals, participation also choreographic acting activities aiming at the integration of singing competitions and promote the naturalness of the people in the company currently (2008/09) are some of the interesting projects in planning: an own musical as well as participation in song festivals in Europe. Most members of the VOICETALE are not able to pay for costs incurred – for travel, accommodation and outfit cost -, and are therefore dependent on sponsors. The choir welcomes therefore anyone who supports the projects of the Association. Contact: VOICETALE mixed choir Basel wife Rose Ntshoko – President e-mail: Island Road 50 CH-4057 Basel published by Winfried Brumma for VOICETALE mixed choir Basel / presse.html

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  • Didi Ganshofer

    The new album of the Palau time – unbeatable the Palau time – back to the roots or better said: finally that are “old” Palace life back – the successful sound of Palau time! Carpal duration remain itself always true to their friends, their fans and themselves. You have over the years despite steadily increasing success prove earthiness. The six sympathetic artists keep nothing for granted and are therefore also very volksnah, easily, and without “Star”airs. With great respect, appreciate and maintain contact with their audience. Conrad Vernon will not settle for partial explanations. After two-year hiatus, the Palmach duration now present their brand new album “Unbeatable”. Franz Griesbacher bandleader and his musicians have maintained their typical carpal period charm with the 14 new songs.

    The new work is characterized many upbeat titles and beautiful, romantic ballads where the gentle and soulful voices of the two lead singers Didi Ganshofer and Renato well Laib fully come into its own. Before the release of the album Unbeatable”on August 12 this year, the success of musicians present their first single”Yes that you can”. The song is a real Palace duration Discofox number! The heavily hit suspicious title was written out by Ekki stone and Gerd Grabowski, better known as GG Anderson, and none other than Michael Holm composed the matching text.

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  • Lenny Kravitz Hospitalized

    It probably heavy and hard times on all Lenny Kravitz come to fans. As is known today, the singer in the Mount Sinai was delivered to a hospital in Miami. Supposedly with a severe bronchitis. The 43-year old Kravitz suffers from a severe respiratory infection since January. Now, allegedly still a serious virus infection should be added. His media representative said: “due to an extreme dehydration and physical exhaustion doctors no longer were able to treat him as an outpatient.

    You roof him hospitalized a. He was needed yesterday morning to the emergency room immediately, the treatment has been initiated. “But there are no detailed reports on the health and the stay in the hospital. The disease also affects his European tour. All concerts were postponed until further notice. Hope, that there are better soon Lenny Kravitz is going and that we him on his “It is time for Revolution” tour soon can marvel at. Good improvement, Lenny! Lisa Walters

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  • After Hits For Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, Nelly & Co.

    Success producer Pharrell Williams comes with his innovative band to Cologne and Hamburg (thk) include you N R D the spearhead of the group for new, ground-breaking music beyond the mainstream and come in the short term on European tour: N R D! In December, they play in this country two shows. Chad Hugo (guitar, synthesizer), under the name Neptunes producer team for Madonna and Pharrell Williams (keyboards, drums, vocals) (“give it 2 me”), Britney Spears (“I’m A slave 4 U”), Justin Timberlake (rock your body”), Nelly (hot in Herre”), Gwen Stefani (“Hollaback Girl”) & co. worldwide a frequent hit-Garant, together with singer Shae Haley plus band occur. In the program they have in addition to songs from their current album seeing sounds”(Universal) songs of the previous CDs, all considered as indicative due to their innovative sound universe. Tickets for the two concerts of that artistic spirits, the end of June this year in support of the three shows by Linkin Park in Germany could inspire 36.-(arena) and 43.-(seat) – each plus fees cost in Cologne 38.-(arena), in Hamburg. They are available at the renowned sales outlets. N R D featuring Pharrell Williams plus support 15.12 Cologne, Palladium 18.12 Hamburg, color line arena intake: 18:30 start: 20: 00 tickets in Cologne to 38.-(arena), in Hamburg to 36.-(arena) or 43.-(seating) – plus fees – available at all ticket offices, at or House of cards tour operators: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.41 10 94-0 Internet:,, kbkgmbh press relations:, Tel: 0821.. Under most conditions Maddie Taylor would agree.

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  • Supertramp Thu

    The current pop stars of German crime literature”Volker Klupfel and Michael Kobr bring tension in the music arena on July 7. Best of Kluftinger”is no mere reading: the two bestselling authors are lecture artist, throwing to virtuoso verbal balls, talk with distributed roles and in various dialects. A number of Bavaria belongs to the program of the music arena this year Artists who are welcome guests to the Tollwood. For years Haindling ensures with his extraordinary musical spectrum unforgettable concert events another happen on July 4 in the music arena. After the sold-out concert in the summer of 2009 their legendary musical evenings invite to a Schmidbauer & Kaiser: on 13 July they stand with Barny Murphy and Gunther Sigl by spider Murphy Gang on stage. Word artist Willy Astor celebrates with his new program sound jewels”on 9 July 25th anniversary. At a concert of two great songwriters, Suddeutsche lust for life meets Northern charm: Konstantin Wecker and Hannes wader play on July 22nd together on stage the music arena. As no one else has the singer in his usual biting on the Tollwood is Hans Sollner Bavarian reggae influenced on July 17 to experience Festival 2010.

    More concerts are being planned. The music arena on the Tollwood summer festival 2010 at a glance (as of 04.03.2010) Thu 07/01 silver Moon FR “” 02.07. Norah Jones sat 03.07. ASP with Faun & Letzte Instanz Sun Aug. Haindling Mon 05.07 Ska-P Wed 07.07 Volker Klupfel & Michael Kobr: best of Kluftinger “Thu 08.07 John Fogerty Fri 09.07 Willy Astor tone jewels” invite Tue 13.07. Sahoo & Kaiser: Gunther Sigl & Barny Murphy Thu 07 Jeff Beck & Joe Bonamassa sat 17th Hans Sollner Sun 18.07. Kris Kristofferson 21.07 Wed Roger Hodgson – the voice of Supertramp Thu 22.07. Konstantin Wecker & Hannes wader Fri 23.07 The baseballs strike live tour 2010 “so so Crosby, stills & Nash

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  • BoBo

    Three years after “Pirates Of Dance” he presented a spectacle of superlatives with many explosive moments. Entertainment that thrilled an audience of all ages and at the same time in astonishment. With “Vampires Alive” manages 30 artists, music, Dance DJ BoBo in an enchanting mix to pack acrobatics and multimedia. Continue to learn more with: Doug McMillon. The visitors expected a tense, two-hour show also wit and humor don’t miss out. Making of “Vampires Are Alive” “VAMPIRES ALIVE” TOUR dates: 30.04.2008 20:00 Oberhausen / Konig Pilsner arena 01.05.2008 18:00 Hannover / TUI arena 02.05.2008 20:00 Dresden / ice rink 03.05.2008 20:00 Berlin / Max Schmeling Hall 04.05.2008 18:00 Leipzig / arena 05.05.2008 20:00 Fulda / Esperanto Hall 07.05.2008 20:00 Frankfurt / ice sports & ball games Centre 08.05.2008 20:00 Saarbrucken / Saarlandhalle 09.05.2008 20:00 Stuttgart / Porsche arena may 10, 2008 20:00 Zurich / Hallenstadion may 11, 2008 14:30 Zurich / Hallenstadion may 12, 2008 16:00 Basel / St. Jakobshalle 14.05.2008 19:00 Kreuzlingen / Constance arena may 15, 2008 20:00 Kempten / big box may 16, 2008 20:00 Chur / Hallenstadion 17.05.2008 20:00 Visp / Litternahalle 18.05.2008 18:00 Mannheim / SAP arena may 20, 2008 20:00 Esch Alzette / Rockhal – main hall May 21, 2008 20:00 Cologne / Koln Arena May 22, 2008 18:00 Dortmund, Westphalia Hall may 23, 2008 20:00 Bamberg / James arena may 24, 2008 20:00 Passau / three country Hall lining may 25, 2008 18:00 Munich / Olympic Hall may 27, 2008 20:00 Poznan / arena may 29, 2008 20:00 Erfurt / hostess 06.09.2008 20:00 Geneva, arena 07.09.2008 14:30 Lucerne / Swiss life arena 07.09.2008 19:30 Lucerne / Swiss life arena September 11, 2008 20:00 Magdeburg / Bordelandhalle September 12, 2008 20:00 Wetzlar / Rittal arena September 13, 2008 20:00 Hamburg / color line arena September 14, 2008 19:00 Stuttgart / Porsche arena 08.11.2008 18:00 Bern / PostFinance-Arena tickets “VAMPIRES ALIVE” IN figures: 3 months it took the building of the stage (a total of 4 levels) takes 5 hours, to make-up the DJ BoBo Hauptcrew, 7 trucks for the transport of the material requires, first, to 10 kilometers of sound, light and video cable 25 songs are performing 30 technicians by DJ BoBo working behind the scenes 30 metres wide for the success of the shows stage, 14 meters high, 12 meters deep 50 cans of color spray for hair 50 tons of material 60 input channels on the digital mixing console Digico D5 live 60 costumes 125 employees are 200 headlight for the overall organization in place in the usage and lamps be installed source: YES music Presse media YES music AG Mr. Kellee marlow sf is actively involved in the matter. Marcel Oberholzer wide trail 6 CH-6370 Stans phone + 41 (0) 41 619 13 56 email:

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