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  • Successful First Season

    Indoor soccer team ensures in the Hessian League sensation season review of the Futsalabteilung of the SV Darmstadt 98. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Tokyo Olympic Games has to say. Five years ago the average citizen with the term “Futsal” could start not all too much. This has changed somewhat since then and at least since this season the official FIFA indoor soccer variant asserts itself more and more. Through the establishment of national and regional selections have discovered the sport to the land associations and the DFB and force a speedy establishment of an own team through the promotion of talent. And yet, in this respect, Germany is a developing country that Futsal is a professional sport in many European countries already.

    The national champion compete already for years in the UEFA Futsal Cup, while the teams in European and World Championships pursuit of Fame and glory. It that a great club like the SV Darmstadt 98 now plays in the Futsal scene – and this is all the more gratifying with much success. Adil EZ-zaidi brings young people for years fast-paced soccer variant closer. At the TU Darmstadt founded an own Futsal force that 2010 for the first time in the Futsal Hesse Cup took part – and was unbeaten Cup the 27. To fully exploit the Futsal potential in Darmstadt, it came also thanks to the efforts of Martin Brehmer (former footballer in the lilies and today’s sports lecturer at TU Darmstadt who) and Annette Kunzendorf, to do so, that the students as a separate department within the Club and found a home. In the summer of 2010 the team for the season enrolled 2010/2011 the Futsal League of Hesse and launched in October 2010 without special objectives in the round. With Marc Reichert (previously America Latina Frankfurt coach) as assistant coach and Marko Mrdja (DJK Florsheim) as a goalkeeper, two experienced Futsal experts reinforced the former student team.

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  • Wigald Ambassador

    Three new Ambassadors support CSR brand of the SV Werder Bremen Bremen. With a home match against FC Augsburg, SV Werder Bremen gets reinforcement: a comedy icon with ambitions to the extreme athlete, an award-winning nutrition specialist and a striker of the German author team. Behind it, Wigald boning, Dagmar hide Freifrau of CRAMM and Moritz Rinke. “” “They are now the new Ambassador for the thematic areas: active, healthy” and helpful “the CSR-WERDER cursor over a lifetime. Together with Ambassador colleagues including Jan Delay and Matthias Brandt, they support the social commitment of the Bundesliga. As experts and role models, promote the CSR projects of the Association a total of eleven people nationally and internationally and accompany actions on the ground.

    TV star Wigald Boning is lifelong active’ new Ambassador to the theme. The native Wildeshausen is since childhood Werder-fan. His motto is: movement is always whether worth as health or Extreme sports. Gathers, which rusts.” He regularly demonstrates that as recreational endurance athletes and dont host of different take. He graduated from among a 600-km tour bike to Venice and played also a 100-kilometer race in addition to several ultramarathons. “With his panache, he wants to put future schools, clubs and facilities, the proven 100% Werder partner” insert for more movement and social responsibility in the Northwest. We must eat every day a great chance! The selection is vast: there it is worth, take a closer look what ends up on your plate and are also active. We can do something really good for us, taste and community”, Dagmar von CRAMM says as the new Ambassador for the area healthy for life”. The diploma nutritionist is the author of several cookbooks and nutrition Advisor, writes for magazines and is in demand as an expert across Germany. The participants benefit in the future from their knowledge of the Competition 100% fitter Werder partner”.

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  • Himalayan Help Freiburg

    After the construction of a nursery school with integrated primary school in the children’s village Bhakunde in spring 2010, the Himalayan help Freiburg E.v. 2012 new project plans. After the construction of a nursery school with integrated primary school in the children’s village Bhakunde in spring 2010, the Himalayan help Freiburg E.v. 2012 new project plans. Currently, we see new fields of activity for our work in Nepal. We care very much for it to bring exciting, pioneering educational projects on the way in the field of renewable energies. We are very happy so in addition to our intensive collaboration with the Freundeskreis Nepal help e.

    V. Check out Larry David for additional information. with the Freiburger Nepalese Association to have met a new cooperation partner, which pursues similar goals as our Club. The members of this Union, Nepalese students from Fribourg, will help us to clarify our ideas in the next few months. In the planned vocational training Institute of the Freundeskreis Nepal help e. V. in Kathmandu, we currently check building of the Business area for alternative energy (solar technology). The last project of the Himalaya help Freiburg E.v.

    was completed in the spring of 2010 the kindergarten with integrated primary school in the children’s village Bhakunde kindergarten provides an inspirational new Lernumgebung.Die children who are all characterized by traumatic events and abject poverty links the fate of 66 children, get a school and vocational training and be medically supervised. They are recorded in the age between 5 and 7 years in the children’s village. Through 3rd grade, they go in the kindergarten, where two teachers are supervised and taught in the morning and in the evening. Then, they then visit the Shanti Secondary School outside the village of children. The children’s village Bhakunde is located 6 km north of Pokhara and is under German management. Founder and Director, Alexander Schmidt, Chairman of the friends of Nepal aid, there a chance at a better life since 2001 over 100 children.

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  • Swimming Pond Construction

    Learning from the pros – workshops at the FH Geisenheim the tradition of Geisenheim swimming pond seminars is being continued in December 2010. Swimming pond industry professionals, experts and experts of adjacent areas of expertise discuss the current state of the art in the swimming pond construction. The seminar series starts on the Wednesday, 01.12.2010 expert training of DGfnB at the University of applied sciences Wiesbaden, site Geisenheim. This seminar specifically aimed at active experts to discuss the pitfalls in the swimming pond construction field with them. Thursday, 02.12.2010 belongs with the discussion tag building damage and contract drafting”the target group GLBau and experts and planners.

    The event is open to all interested parties. It disputes, building damage, are contract disputes from the different viewpoints presented, and released to the discussion. The speakers are experts, lawyers and mediators. The participants will receive information, such as legal disputes by means of a current Contract design, professional correspondence and professional behavior can be avoided. “Friday, 03.12.2010 is with the swimming pond biology topic relationships, understand, interpret, and use ‘ reserved solely for the members of the DGfnB. The topics are water plants: what Macrophytes for which SWT? Where feel Makropyhten? What care need Macrophytes? Algae: Nutrients down algae away? By due! The swimming pond under the microscope”to tell us the living beings in the water drops on the quality of water in the pond? Among the standard equipment of a swimming pond’s the microscope? Contact for more information on Christian Klute, press present the DGnfB. either by E-Mail) or by fax on 07000-7008786: German Association for natural bathing water When the Council mill 14 21335 Luneburg telephone 07000-700 87 87 fax 07000-700 87 86

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