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    Like most HTML tags, is twofold, ie requiring two anchor tag and. All that is in the middle is an "object" to be inserted. has the following attributes: classid, codebase, width and height. Width and height do not require further explanation, since they work like other labels, defining the object's size (width for the width, height for height) in pixels. Classid is a unique identifier that indicates the type of HTML object is. For FLASH, classid is always "clsid: D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000 & q uot;.

    Codebase allows, if the browser does not support it, you can download it from a specific direction. The latest version of FLASH, FLASH MX , has the following to download codename: "". If you see any site with FLASH may notice that the HTML code there are other numbers after 'version =', with that, could determine which version of FLASH was active when it was published that object. It is always advisable to check the latest version available, which can be done in the Macromedia page. also has two auxiliary labels and. In FLASH they are highly significant. Here's why: indicates the SWF file that will be displayed said that "quality" has this file. The possible values are low (low quality, loading raoida), medium (average) or high (high-quality less time to load) is optional and can put a background color to FLASH to define how the contents of FLASH adjusted to the size defined by width and height.

    The possible values are default (leaving "blank" space outside the dimensions of FLASH), no-border (which extends the flash until one of the dimensions is equal to the width and height defined) or exactfit (which FLASH size puts ordered width and height). This parameter is required only if the FLASH is ponendo in a different dimension of the original Tips: FLASH makes not run. FLASH makes only executed once. Compatibility is a label for those old days on which Netscape does not stand. Now may not be used, but several pages publishers include it, so I'll talk about this label too. has the following parameters: src FLASH for the origin of quality for the "quality" width and height for pluginspage measures to indicate where to download the flash bracket if your browser does not. The value is recommended "" type to indicate the type of content. The value must be "application / x-shockwave-flash" scale to indicate how to measure the FLASH when its original size does not match the width and height defined bgcolor to indicate a background color. Update: The latest version of Flash is available.

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