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  • Information for Property Owners

    The legislature has decided that household services can now be made up to an amount of EUR 600,00 per year for tax purposes. This assertion, however, concerns only the work of the respective service provider. These companies need to create an account, from which both the work and the use of materials stating explicitly, for the use of building materials may not be sold here. In addition to the renovation of the bathroom or wallpapering services may also be sold that do not have craft background. Sun garden maintenance work are also deductible such as cleaning of the apartment by service providers (eg, window cleaner). The condition for the deductibility of such services is that they were carried out in Germany, referring to the household of the taxpayer. Likewise, also check the chimney sweep or maintenance expenses are claimed on residential lines. For property managers arising from the above-mentioned law also some Changes.

    For example, condominium owners. These communities have a right to sell household services. It must be ensured however that occurs, the total ownership as employer. Tax tips-picture tax-money-legal advisers, the house manager must therefore take into account in preparing the annual financial statement a lot. He has to create for each owner a certificate according to 35a Income Tax Act household service, which shows the proportions in which it is involved in the respective works. For regular work such as cleaning the stairwell must be also an identity in the accounts. Decisive here are, however, the advance payments. Also tenants are entitled to household services that are billed on the charges of making tax deductible.

    However, again, that the respective percentage of the tenant in the service charge must be expelled from the landlord. As with the property owners are also in this case, the advances eligible. To make household services at the tax claims qualifying tenant or owner must submit the settlement and certification of the landlord. Furthermore, the tax also requires proof of payment, for example through a statement. Property manager must inform themselves about the new legal requirements comprehensively, to create the annual financial statement correctly. Tax advice to the tenants or owners but should be avoided. The software Win-CASA considered all seven requirements of a modern property management – whether for apartment houses, condominium properties or mixed property. In the service charge will be household services – reported no extra effort – in a separate certificate.

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  • Real Estate Value of Gardens

    Many homeowners with a garden in which they may have are special plants decide to opt for a winter garden. Such a conservatory is an extension of the house, which also be used as additional living space – this is then the so-called warm winter garden, where you can keep good tropical plants with a constant climate, a heater, a sun and good ventilation – can. Alternatively, there is still a cold winter in the non-hardy plants at up to + 5 degrees can overwinter and the mid-warm winter, which can stand in cool temperature subtropical plants from the cooler regions of Asia. The conservatory can be built from different materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, a combination of stainless steel and aluminum, plastic, wood, from a combination of wood and aluminum and an aluminum-steel combination. A winter garden Wood / Aluminum has been a very special atmosphere, because you can completely relax between exotic plants and beautiful comfortably read or eat.

    It is important to plan in any case, the correct appropriate frame, proper glazing, a good reliable ventilation system for ventilation – to prevent mold or collect moisture – can be a good enough sunscreen – because such a conservatory but mainly consists of windows. The material combination of wood and aluminum for the winter brings the most positive of the two materials with them. From wood he gets the cozy atmosphere and the aluminum is virtually no maintenance. This combination shows even after a long time at the critical points and no weathering is largely weather-resistant.

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