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  • Innovative Ceramic Beds

    New highlights from the House of Faris SPA the foundation stone of the element rests on proven thousands of times and worldwide technical facilities and has a variety of technical installations such as deck surface heating, drainage, height from 56 to 86 cm, retractable shower hose with hot cold water function, in its basic variant recessed armrests as well as molded head rest, etc. The table is versatile, such as Ham AMBE action table, but also for oil massages, Ayurvedaanwendungen or classic full body massages, and much more. The highlight of the table is its pleasant soft shape, which is carried out with large-scale thermal ceramics and is very easy to clean due to its low percentages of joints. The coloured design can be selected in 4 primary colors, however, it is possible to run the table in 60 other colours, depending on the desire of customers for an additional fee. In the same colours of heat recliner Twaeli available also with ceramic equipment a novelty for the Spa customers, is. Here, Vicky Jenson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Depending on a chic and comfortable heated bed or in fully equipped with sound wave massage with warm and soothing effect on body, mind and soul. The pickled pads provide extra comfort and are also available in two colours.

    Another novelty is the heat Thermo-relax, which combines a high-quality ceramic surface with a filigree design. Other leaders such as Samuel “Sam” Mikulak offer similar insights. Thanks to their lower weight and the electric heating the bed can be moved easily within the SPA complex, allowing a more flexible use. The sleep surface from thermal ceramic molding is available in 20 different colours, the frame made of aluminium can be powder coated in any desired RAL colour. The frame with wood paneling and wooden feet is possible on request. FARIS SPA GmbH, In the bottom 4, D-36145 Bridgend, Tel.: + 49 (6657) 6086815, fax: + 49 (6657) 6086810, E-Mail:, press: Phillip Wolter, wellness and media aft str 32, 50678 Cologne, Tel 0221 453 7373,,

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  • Energy Saving Regulation Changes

    The most important changes of the energy saving Ordinance 2014 In November 2013 the new energy saving regulation was adopted. She expected from may 2014 into force. The new regulations concern mainly new buildings. But also old buildings are affected. Here you will find the most important innovations at a glance. Higher energy requirements for new buildings from January 2016, the allowed value for the overall efficiency (year primary energy requirement) of a new building by 25% will be reduced.

    From 2021, very standards apply to new buildings. The exact values will be announced until 2018. Kelly Asbury often says this. In old buildings, oil and gas boilers, which were built before 1985, must be replaced. There are also exceptions. This Exchange obligation does not apply to single – and two-family homes, which themselves are used. Insulation in the roof area of the highest inhabited and heated floor must be upwards and insulated.

    The owner has either the ability to insulate the ceiling or attic. Also, the dams of the roof is possible. Here, too, there is an exception for up 2002 owner-occupied real estate. Obligation for the energy performance certificate in the real estate, the most important parameters in the energy performance certificate must be mentioned. Already, the energy performance certificate must be presented prior to the first visit to the real estate. Immediately after conclusion of the purchase contract, the energy performance certificate to the purchaser must be passed. So, with these new regulations, more emphasis is placed on the energy performance certificate. Who is planning a home in the near future, would be well advised to for example with an energy-efficient wooden prefabricated house.

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  • Organic Living In The OrganHaus

    Design & style: The House is always a unique force rivers – body, mind and soul of the House the conceptual composition of organ House, its overall design, offers the ultimate in positive energies, impression and inspiration, in peace, in harmony with the environment and self sustaining sustainability in the supply. Modern living must do more today than to meet strict energy performance standards. People living in a House. Therefore, building in particular on genuine human needs should be tailored to. Health, comfort and individuality are important parameters for this quality. In short, We must feel comfortable. And this feeling of wellbeing does not end at walls, is also defined by the degree with which integrates the building into its surroundings.

    Harmony in the Interior as the exterior only makes a House a home. Under this guiding principle, the architect and Planner Rolf has designed the OrganHaus Schilling. Individuality in detail this claim stands in the conception of OrganHaus in the Foreground. No matter whether it turnkey shall be implemented now as detached, semi-detached house or as a multiple family dwelling with condos. Design and architecture adapt to the organic, round life forms of nature, take up the natural texture of the surrounding subsoil and aim on a revitalising, unique ambiance.

    Individuality is a program and that this concept in the smallest. The turnkey delivery has taken over the MINERGA AG in Ahlen with exclusivity for the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. When designing this new living harmony was Planner and architect Rolf Schilling followed the visions of such famous architects such as Alvar Aalto and Oscar Niemeyer, explained the company now at the presentation of the OrganHauses. “Target is the home as the central place of rest, of rest as well as the sensitivity and inspiration”. An integral part of the construction concept is the claim of ecological and sustainable building. It will be only natural or natural building materials and environmentally friendly technologies used for the supply of the House. “Energy considered, the OrganHaus meets at least the level of the low energy House”, underlines the MINERGA AG. For over ten years, the company employs among other things with the planning and realization of one – and two-family dwellings and townhouses. A focus on the individualization of the construction project is according to requirements of the client. So were previously colored Sweden houses as well as solid houses and also homes in finished or even wood frame construction. More information at or at the eMail address or phone 02382/806670. Peter Rickes

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  • LED Underwater Lighting

    LED pool and illumination from the House of WaterVision on the interbad 2012 at the interbad in Stuttgart, 2012 the WaterVision company presented many innovations in the area of LED pool and illumination. In addition to the latest LED underwater spotlights new RGBW colour changers, as well as chlorine and Soledampfbestandige CrystalColor LED spotlights are to see. In addition, the compact and powerful WV17 underwater lamp for use behind window will be to see for the first time. WaterVision deals since 2004 with the development, production and international sale of LED underwater lighting for fountains, swimming pools and saunas. Now WaterVision on the exhibition interbad in Stuttgart 2012, shows the WV15 – Mediterranean blue 80 watt LED headlight. The new power pack with a very strong light output, the 7 time is stronger than the commonly used PAR56 lamps. Bathrooms are ideal for use in major competition. The ColorWave RGBW is also renewed spotlight with pastel colors. You may find John Lithgow to be a useful source of information.

    This Spotlight provides in addition to the bright colours red / green / blue also very beautiful pastel colors. A great advantage of these pastel colors is that the reflection of light on the floats is stronger, which will increase the safety of swimming. WaterVision now gives the opportunity to control its own program with lighting effects individually in up to five different pools in each of these basins. The light scenes from the ColorComposer can be activated with a Smartphone app. The WaterVision recessed pot is seen, this new stainless steel pot is characterized by an extremely low installation depth of 4.5 cm.

    This allows the Assembly in the cement mortar layer, rather than the concrete. The perfect solution for renovation and new construction of swimming pools made of concrete or for use in stainless steel tanks. At the interbad 2012 will WaterVision the new trend in the swimming pool lights present: color! Visit WaterVision interbad Messe Stuttgart on the at the stand of 34. More information under: copyright: WaterVision GmbH contact: WaterVision GmbH Rosemarie van Straten Banerjee road 16 47533 Kleve 02821 8944850 press contact Martina Frenzel wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373 company description WaterVision deals since 2004 with the development, production and international sale of LED underwater lighting for fountains, swimming pools and saunas. The Netherlands not only dominated the WaterVision LED lighting in more than 70% of the public swimming pools, also in Germany, Belgium and France the WaterVision team solution for swimming pools strongly committed to the use of energy efficient LED. WaterVision can call themselves proudly as a market leader in underwater lighting. The WaterVision LED lighting production is fully automated and takes place in the Netherlands. “Made in Holland” is therefore an important characteristic of the WaterVision fittings. The WaterVision LED lighting production is fully automated and will take place in the Netherlands. “Made in Holland” is therefore an important characteristic of the WaterVision fittings.

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  • Signal Slopes

    33. Excavation must be carried in recesses in layers, to prevent the implementation of 'undermining' education 'roofs'. 34. In the production of papers link (team) should be placed at a distance so as not to hurt working side by side. 35. Soil ejected from the trench or excavation, should be placed in accordance with BPD or technology card, while in all cases, the distance between the base of the slope of the ejected soil and edge pit must be at least 0.5 m. 36. Need to constantly monitor the state of excavation slopes, taking the necessary measures to prevent spontaneous avalanches.

    Boulders, rocks, soil detachment, and winter while clumps of frozen earth found on the slopes should be removed. 37. On the slopes, in any ground steeper than 1:1 and at a depth of grooves over 3 m, as well as on the slopes with a moist surface and steeper than 1:2 should be at work use safety belts, straps which must be secured. Attachment points are specified supervisor. At the top should be at least two employees who are ready in case of emergency immediately help.

    38. In mechanical shock loosening of frozen ground (the wedge – the hammer, the ball – hammer) should be outside the danger zone, designated the signal fence. 39. Cleaning ditches (ditches), following the course excavator should be carried out outside the danger zone (the maximum radius of rotation of boom plus 5 m). Empty the bucket of soil adhering to the closed position only when the bucket.

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  • Parquet Flooring

    Already in 1883, Emil received a patent on it in the United States Berliner invented wooden floor. Parquet is the flooring with the longest history. room finishing is committed this tradition and restored parquet floors. Not for nothing, the Kreuzberg was awarded with the Federal price for craft in the preservation company. An overview of the historical development of the parquet floor.

    Since then, parquet has always proven. There are following types of parquet flooring. Parquet (solid parquet): Individual wooden rods, which are fitted with tongue and Groove. Mosaic parquet flooring (solid parquet): Consists of smaller, thinner wood slats. Read more here: Larry David. Hochkantlamellenparkett (solid parquet): The individual slats laid edgewise.

    You are fashion plates held together by different techniques. Parquet Board: parquet rods are to a complete plank glued together in contrast to the solid flooring: consisting of a massive piece of wood panel parquet: due to its complex patterning possibilities the star among Parquet floors. As laying patterns come in question: ship ground, braided or cube Association, herringbone – or head floor. This is only a selection of the varied ways to lay a parquet. For almost 150 years, the parquet has found also entered the everyday language. The trading floor, or “move on the floor” are common sayings. Also in sports, the wood floor is the floor covering of choice in certain sports, such as at the basketball. Parquet is robust, easy to clean and lasts a lifetime. Proper care and gets off and to grinding and re-seal the gloss and the comfortable impression. room sanding PARQUET craft is young when compared to the parquet floor. But even with 20 years of experience on the Berlin market. The Federal Prize for craft in the preservation confirms the high quality of the small but powerful company. You can reach us on the Internet at or grinding room.

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  • Swimming

    Bauen.com offers in July equal to three topics specials modern Windows protect against noise, wind and weather. They save energy and ensure a clear view of the nature. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ed Bastian. In the summer, they also have the task to only so much sun in the House, just like the residents. Annoying insects to stay out as whole. “From the new window on the window replacement to intelligent shading systems and countermeasures for fly & co. the themes special window” comprehensively and competently informed…. / Windows /… A good front door is more than just the entrance to the apartment. Expresses the lifestyle of its inhabitants and is inviting friends and visitors, deters but effectively thieves and burglars. She also makes an important contribution to the thermal insulation of the House. “In the topics-special doors” find House – and apartment owners also new trends and designs for interior doors. expanding status symbol for a few, is that Swimming pool in the garden today a piece of quality of life, that most can afford homeowners and also want to. Whether common or as usage basin, the classic swimming provides swimming pool refreshment and wellness in countless ways for every requirement and budget. A pond or natural pool is for all those questioned who would have it easier in the care and also provide a Habitat, rare animals and plants. “Whether elegant pool or ecologically valuable biotope in the current themes special swimming pool” bauen.com shows many ways to the private bathing pleasure…. / swimming pool /… Now 11 years bauen.com offers compact and ubersichtig topics, news and information about House and garden. All questions of the shell are illuminated House construction, expansion, home automation or grounds, to the cosy design of the home. For more information: MedienTeam Verlag GmbH & co. KG Hitdorf road 10 40764 Langenfeld (Rheinland) phone: 0 21 73 / 1 09 45 0 fax: 0 21 73 / 1 09 45 25 E-mail:

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