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  • Nail Care

    Healthy, well-groomed nails make your hands more beautiful, so try to keep your nails in perfect condition, following the recommendations below. People often ignore the beauty of nails, although this aspect is very important role in creating beautiful and stylish image. Please visit Arthur Melvin Okun if you seek more information. Hands are always in sight, so they attract the attention of others. Well-groomed nails make your hands beautiful, and it is a very positive effect on your whole appearance. There are many tips and advice as to strengthen and care for your nails, so for simplicity, we summarize all the basic rules for nail care, this very important part of the human body. Certain habits, such as washing dishes without a glove, wrong diet, obkusyvanie nails, improper use of nail polish and many others can harm not only your nails but also your health.

    So to benefit not only your nails, but the whole beauty of your appearance, try to drop negative habits and begin to change for the better. To keep your nails in good condition try to follow the following recommendations: Moisturize your nails and hands, using special funds to support not only nails but the skin is in excellent condition. To soften and moisturize cuticles, use a special moisturizer cuticle so that it penetrated into the skin as well as to protect your nails nogti.Chtoby as lacquer, and without it, apply a sufficient amount of a special topcoat nail polish that helps strengthen them. So your nails will not only be sturdier, but will look more beautiful, thanks to a lustrous finish that will allow you to enhance images on the nails for beginners to long-term vremya.Pridayte your nails beautiful form, sawed their nail files. After using the nail file, nail polish so as to iron out all nerovnosti.Sostavte healthy diet that provides your body with all the necessary nutrients substances. Foods rich in vitamin H is particularly useful for strengthening and health of nails, so be sure to include it in your daily diet. If you think you do not get all the necessary nutrients from food, Take vitaminy.Ne use too often nail polish remover, as it may gradually deprive your nails natural oils and moisture that can lead to weakening – they can begin to stratify and break. That avoid damage to the nails, cut the use of nail polish remover without acetone to 2 times mesyats.Postaraytes not use your nails to open cans of soda or anything else, since And your nails are exposed to stress and pressure that can protect them povredit.Chtoby skin and nails, wear gloves when using household chemicals means. Dry, brittle nails look asexually, so always when you use household chemicals, wear rubber gloves! Before you apply makeup colorless nail varnish base to paint pigments are not passed onto the nails and gave them a yellowish ottenok.Obraschayte more attention to the care of nails, as your nails – beauty is the foundation of your hands, take care of them as well as for the whole organism as a whole.

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  • Damaged And Dyed Hair

    Damaged and colored hair now is very difficult to find a person with intact hair. All women want to be beautiful and attract attention. And the best way to transform yourself? That's right, dye my hair into a new color or change the structure of hair – to create a romantic curls and perfectly straight strands. But we, women, non-permanent nature and we want to try on your hair options. Many advertising slogans colors Hair state, "covered with hair! And your hair will begin to shine brilliantly.

    " Perhaps that is partly right. Hair will really sparkle in the sun, but only the first time. Martin Neil Baily shines more light on the discussion. It is necessary to wash your hair several times, their appearance view would be worse than before staining. It can be expressed in the fact that they will split, crack, become thin and unruly. In general, become damaged.

    Different colors have different effects on the hair. The more resistant paint all the more devastating effect it has since penetrated very deeply. Conversely, bezammiachnye paint, tint gels, mousses and tonics (which are washed away after a few applications), more spare hair. But all of them, to some extent, affect the condition of hair, and not the best way. The negative factors affecting the hair, apply and perming. However, the "damaged" hair and can be influenced by other factors. Daily cleaning head, rubbing it with a towel, a fierce combing of wet hair, drying their hair dryer, and thus neglect styling products and even air conditioning for fear of overload hair.

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