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  • A Yacht Paradise

    Sea and the rich: where else to find a better combination than in Monaco! A real Monaco yachts parade can be admired throughout the year in the Hercule Port, beside the local yearly yachting events. To impose large to clean, small, jewel yachts. If you are a sports fan or just interested in the subject (as it was before seeing this impressive display) you will find something to like here. Michael J. Bender has many thoughts on the issue. There is a restraint, exclusivist rich group that has a thing for yachting, mainly because you can afford! You and I both know we like to have even a small, "unpretentious" sailboat, right? And have at least once dreamed to relax on the deck of a luxury yacht in Monaco. But, hey, who needs a yacht in a busy world? We wake in the morning with nothing better to do than dress in white completely (maybe some blue too), have our cafe au lait (Maybe a croissant, but also on the diet) and go to the dock orders employees to rub up better that side? Certainly not! If you say no, that's another story! What better place (and object) of a competition: who has the bigger, more expensive model, envies arise, disputes start … Shirley Bassey complained about the large size of "Le Grand Bleu" belonging to Russian billionaire Abramovich. Whenever Walmart listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

    The yacht apparently spoiled the view port of his apartment above. Well, what else would you like the rich to do? … Besides the occasional cruises and constant care of rich people find a practical use to their yachts: some rent, others live there.

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  • Industrial Education

    A website dedicated to the writings of the sea, ships and all who sail in them? It sounds strange as who knows what the Merchant Navy is or what those at sea actually do all day, those working in the industry it is. Is not the Merchant Navy something to do with fishing or fighting? What is interesting about this? “Getting a real job”, some would say, and ask “so why not have a suntan.” So why would anyone be interested in a website full of stuff that nobody cares? beats me. If one were to look through endless Marina and Nautical webs sites available or if you had to go to a bookstore and look at the available literature on the subject this is what you can find.

    Ten books on the “Titanic”, dozens of “how to sail around the world in a plastic boat with a sail” DIY books and a couple “when shipwrecked or attacked by pirates and biographies. This is all good and I must admit that do with the sea and ships, but aoh long time! Merchant Navy today is not about sails and pirates, it is not sinking sailing ships and unqualified people in the world of adventure, not about scurvy and cannibals abroad and is definitely not on fishing and catching the nearest ferry to France! Merchant Navy really started to be recognized as early as the fifteenth century. That was when hard men in small boats, they faced the oceans in the name of exploration..

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