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  • Belarusian Coley Dynamite

    I'm such complexes do not experience. And I'm with my team really is ready to blow up Europe musically, because we are ready. Let them see that in Belarus there are hot people who are able to destroy them Multimillion stereotypes about our country. – What is the feature of the Belarusian Coley Dynamite? – At first it was a lot of options. Given the regular requests to present Belarus at "Eurovision" to the national color, we considered the possibility of costume show based on the glorious traditions of Belarusian partisans. On the scene with the shafts of the Belarusian beauties in their hands – a symbol of victorious battles for the harvest, and then there I was in the silk tunic and with a glamorous walking-stick instead of the PCA. There was another version of the song, which we urge all European housewives that none of seafood can compare the caloric content of the Belarusian pancakes. But in the end, analyzing the upcoming musical trends of the next year, we chose the song, I'm with you on our English language album in the style of R'n'B, which will be released very soon.

    I'm afraid to jinx, but to shoot video for this song gave agreement is one very, very famous all over the world the director. The figures of this magnitude has never been involved, even to show bizu in Russia, with its easy money. – Judging from your plans and targets, then you have clearly emerged inexhaustible line of credit with the help of a ubiquitous producer? – Yes, our producer is very famous and omnipresent. As soon as I first said that Belarus is preparing to dynamite to blow up Europe, my colleagues told me that with them to communicate via carrier pigeons out Osama bin Laden and offered his services. If so, now my producer – Osama bin Laden. Although in reality I simply overwhelms the desire confident, dignified and finally triumph to represent our country in Europe.

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