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  • Straubing Tigers

    Cash and card solution by TCPOS and payment solution since the beginning of season 2013/2014 the Eisstadion am Pulverturm in Straubing has a new qualification: the non-cash payment. New POS systems by TCPOS and the electronic payment system of the goalgetter accelerate the payment operations since then. With the season ticket tigerscard and an additional cashcard mortgage based on the ice hockey club gives Straubing Tigers his fans one decisive advantage when buying snacks and drinks during the breaks. At the same time, the DEL Club expands his merchandise to the collector’s item card. A hockey game lasts 60 minutes. In total three game dritteln with 20 minutes game time, two approx. 15-minute breaks occur.

    In these brief interruptions of the game want to fans and spectators provide sausage rolls, pretzels and beer and then game kick-off on time back to your seating or general admission be. Biden brings even more insight to the discussion. To use the scarce time in the break is also the goal of the caterer. Because the higher speed is their chance for an increase in sales: according faster sales, their revenue is greater. Waiting on drinks and food stations in the third breaks for the Straubing Tigers shortened since the introduction of the tigerscard”drastically, because the payment card eliminates the cumbersome searching for change and the time consuming refund at the point of sale. Cashless payment after the cashier has captured in touch checkout the article, is just in passing, by holding the card a contactless terminal. To further improve the input speed of food and drink in the Office, the TCPOS POS system with direct keys. Treasurer – and payment process made with the new solution in seconds, so that the average revenue per viewer in the ice rink can significantly increase. The ice hockey club and its partners use the card also as a new communication tool fans.

    The first editions of cards were the Tigers with two existing partners market. The Straubing Tigers are an excellent example sure that the investment in modern point of sale and payment systems quickly is compensated for by the return of investment”, explains Dirk, CEO of TCPOS Saleh. We are pleased cashless payment is a convenient service in stages, which ensures good mood by his rapid transactions both visitors and the operators”that we Tigers for the first time equip a hockey rink with the Straubing with our system.

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  • CHP Plants

    CHP-consult established the planning of block heat and power plants (CHP) as the market leader for CHPS seminars belongs probably to the more complex planning activities of an engineer. A variety of aspects of planning is taken into account, because as a CHP system produces heat and electricity at the same time and therefore in the planning area is a variety of optimization options. Standards and a variety of different laws in the planning and are also to observe cost-effectiveness calculation. Particularly in the legal field there constantly changes. Training is vital therefore for planners. Now the Rastatt company CHP-consult has established in the area of the Planner seminars itself as market leader. Since 2004, two-day CHP planning seminars are offered in addition to conferences and workshops several times a year.

    More than 500 people attended the two-day seminar, whose Inhalte are constantly updated, in the meantime. This year a seminar in Koblenz held on September 21 and 22, 2011 once again. The subsequent seminar on The 25ste CHP intensive seminar will then represent 14/15 December in Nuremberg-Furth. In the spring of 2004, the speakers team consists of the two CHP planners Shahzad g (CHP-consult Rastatt) and Frank Peetz (MIDI-plan Bietigheim – Bissingen, Germany) since the first seminar. While Frank Peetz discussed in particular the planning, design, integration and cost-effectiveness calculation by CHP plants, Shahzad g is responsible for the legal framework and the technological developments.

    Meanwhile, the present in bound form seminar script is given out only to seminar participants includes 386 pages. Because this work is constantly adapted, none of the previous scripts completely resembles the other. For the September event in particular the section on the energy industry Act and the renewable energy sources Act (EEG) located in Koblenz towards the June event in the revision. Also, participants in the area of Micro-CHP units are up to 3 kW electrical power to see some new units get.

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