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  • Hall Rate

    The Centre medic Jaume I located in the heart of Girona, on the ground floor of the building of traffic has expanded their facilities. Next to the existing local, a new space for the customer service has been enabled. The new Hall has two entrances, one from the main street, Jaume I and another access direct from the traffic building, which facilitates the transit of customers. As in other adjacent premises, natural light reaches all corners, which gives a very relaxed waiting next to the decoration. Enabled an area for the production of photographs, necessary documentation to present at the delegation of traffic in the different permissions that manages the Center.

    The Center is a pioneer in the obtaining and renewal of all types of official medical certificates, as well as psycho-technical tests necessary for obtaining, renewing and processing of: Permit drivers Arms license Permission of cranes Tower and mobile crane Licenses for dangerous animals Safety permit private Permission of pattern of boats Fishing permits underwater Permission of lifesaving Sports permits Permits ordinary decoration is functional and comfortable in your furniture while the walls have been decorated with abstract pictorial grounds, except for an expansion of the city of Girona, more specifically a view of the Onar on its way through the city. The Centre maintains its special rates that have had very good acceptance among customers. Youth rate. Rate > 70 years. Rate conventional < 3 years Large family rate. Rate unemployed. Rate special driving schools. The Centre has for its customers of an hour of free Parking.

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